Word from the Holy Spirit, April 25, 2003

…give thee an everlasting love. And I shall give thee a blessing that cannot be EXHAUSTED in no way by the evil realm. And I shall TOUCH thee from the very crown of your head to the very soul of thy feet that thou might be a profitable vessel, that thou would walk the streets of glory, and thou would be MY child. And I the Lord thy God shall KEEP thee this way if thou shall condense thyself unto ME. For I AM calling those that will dissolve themselves, the old way, the old path and come close to ME.

For MY way is easy and MY yoke is light. But I say the way of the transgressor is very hard, it is very treacherous, it is very terrible, and it is very unfitting, MY Name to be upon those ones. For I say many that have MY Name have left their first estate. And they are walking that low road. They are walking that low road that will take them into a devil’s hell.

MY people, that is NOT MY will, saith the Spirit of God. For I LOVE thee MY ones. I created thee for MY glory, that MY people should be arrayed. And I made Heaven, and I have made a place for MY ones, and they do not see this. They see only these few days that they shall live on Earth, that they have thought out a way to, as they did in the way of Babel, in the way when they built that city, oh trying to come to God, to ME saith the Spirit of God.

And I say MY people, I have a plan for thee. I know best for thee MY ones. Call upon ME and I will answer thee and I will show you great and mighty things that thou knowest not.

[A few minutes later a second word came by the Spirit of God.]

Be not afraid of the things that thou shall face through this life, because I say perilous times are here. There is problems on the left, on the right, on every direction. And thou cannot compass, thou cannot find a way within thyself. And I say many try, many venture off and get lost. And I say multitudes are lost this day. They started well, but they went in a wrong direction.

And MY people need to wait upon ME. They need to call upon ME. They need to be instructed by ME, saith the Spirit of God. For I AM to HELP MY people, that they might be justified by MY blessing, by MY love, by the atonement of the blood of that ONE, that won that cross, the cross of Jesus Christ the righteous One, whose propitiation of our sins, not for our sins only, but for the sins of the whole World.

This blood that has washed the sin’s stain. It was sin that has stained. MY Beloved has cleansed them that THAT sin no longer was a stain, but it become WHITE, that MY ones become whiter than snow, because of the blood of MY Son, saith the Spirit of God.

For I AM coming to grant MY love this day, to bless those ones that will come to ME. Those that will cast all their cares upon ME, I the Lord shall help them, and I shall bless them, and I shall minister to them.

And I say for the “natural man” cannot find the way. I say it takes the “spiritual man.” And MY people need to realize this last days that they must FEED the “spiritual man.” They must bring that food to that one. Thou must study to show thyself approved unto ME, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

Thou must pray without ceasing. And I say when thou doest these things it feeds the inner man. It feeds that which will grow, that that inner man might be STRONGER, that that inner man might be the BLESSING, that inner man would do the speaking. That that inner man would be the holy one.

For I have called thee that thou might be a temple of the living God. For I say what agreement hath the temple of God with idols. For ye are the temple of the living God. As God has said, I will dwell with them. I will walk with them. I will be their God, and they shall be MY people. Therefore come OUT from among them, and be ye separate saith the Lord. And touch NOT the unclean thing, and I shall receive you. And I shall be a Father unto you. And ye shall be MY sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. And I say, therefore having these promises dearly beloved, let US cleanse ourselves of all filthiness of the flesh, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

MY people must realize that I want to occupy the lives of those who I save. For all those ones that I save, those that have been cleansed, have made themselves WHOLE before the feet of the Saviour, Jesus Christ, that they have committed their lives to ME. I want to FILL them, and I want to live IN them, that I might be a BLESSING for them, about them. And when they walk, when they talk I would move IN them, in a glorious way. And MY people would receive POWER. MY people would receive JOY upon HIGH, that they would receive peace. And no longer would they toil from the fractions of wondering, in the part of unbelief because they would KNOW that I AM with them. They would have the power of ME when they would FEEL that faith. They would FEEL that anointing. They would no longer struggle as MY people.

I see MY people this day, oh foolish ones, who are STRUGGLING because they are doing it within their own framework, within their own selves. And I say, PASTORS have CAUSED this awful, awful thing to come to pass, saith the Spirit of God!

For I say they have kept MY people down, where MY people become starved out, the spiritual man. And they have allowed MY people to lose their vision. They have lost that first love. And they all in the natural man has taken over. And the natural man figures out everything. He is going out for GREAT teachings. And he is still doing MY work. He is still in MY place of worship. He is at the sanctuaries. He is at the church houses. He is all these places. And he becomes the leaders also in these churches.

He [the natural man] is the one that promotes the pastors. He is the one that does ALL the work. He is the one that does ALL the offerings, and all the things. And he does the prayers. And he does ALL those great things, that are supposed to be done through MY people.

But I say though, the spiritual man has died. And I say no longer does the spiritual man speak. And I say when a man comes in and is spiritual, they put him away. They come against him, because they do not know that Spirit.

I say the Spirit of the Living God, that lives within MY people is a GLORIOUS Spirit. HE has a loving attitude. HE has a loving power within HIM. HE has the JOY. HE is honest. HE is just. HE is walking in faith. HE is walking in hope. HE is walking in MY love. HE is walking in the presence of MY voice. HE KNOWS MY voice.

But I say through that they will not allow HIM to be in their presence. And I say as they PUT OUT MY Son, years ago. HE came to HIS own and HIS own received HIM not. But I say as they exhausted HIM and had HIM crucified upon that cross, I say this day they are removing those within their own churches, in their own ranks that are walking and have the Spirit man. And HE, the Spirit man, is alive within them.

And I say it takes the power of the Holy Ghost to keep that Spirit man alive, saith the Spirit of God. I say it takes the power, the anointing of the presence of God to re-unite that which was once bad, to bring it back into a blessed state. And I say it takes the Spirit of God, saith the Spirit of the Lord, to do these things.

But I say MY people have not learned to profit. They have not learned to GROW in the admonition of the Lord. And I AM here this day to re-instate that MY people must be re-instated by the power of the Spirit of God, that they that walk in the Spirit would be the ones that I can use these last hours.

For be careful, be careful MY ones. For I say be careful of the advice of those that give you advice. I say MY people need to call upon the Lord their God. They need to put their trust in the Living God in this hour, because I say many, many, many that are in MY Name are walking in their own natural ways. And I say through that they are following MY Word, but MY Word says, does not MY Word say, “the letter killeth, but the Spirit brings forth life?” And I say it [the letter of the Word] will bring you down. And I say, many, many, many believe MY Word. They have KNOWN MY Word, but they have not LIFE because they have put down MY Spirit.

And I say they can use MY Word, and take MY Word, and it is FALSELY! I do not cause MY Word to be used that way. But I say there is many that has used MY Word as a tool, and as wrong doings through MY Word.

I say MY church needs the Spirit of God. They need revival this day. They need to be anointed from the very crown of their head to the very soul of their feet, the old time power, that the presence of MY Spirit will be upon them, and re-indoctrinate them, re-touch them, re-forgive them, re-unite in them. MY blessings would be upon them forevermore, that MY joy would be FULL within their lives.

And they would cast all their cares upon ME, because I care for them, that they would seek MY face in a new way. They would care NOT, and they do not even have to KNOW what someone knows about them, or IS to them. That they would want to know their Saviour, and HIM only, saith the Spirit of God.

For I say MY people CARE for the things of this World more than they care for ME. And this ought not to be, saith the Spirit of God.

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