Word from the Holy Spirit, March 20B, 2003

My people, MY ones that have known ME do not want to humble themselves. They want to place theirselves up on pedestals, places of importance. They want the eye, the attention of their congregation, of their FRIENDS. They want the admiration of those round about them, showing who they are and who they stand for. And they place themselves in the place of VERY much importance.

And that importance: I say they are children! And their churches, which is their children: I say if I would tell them to do something, saith the Spirit of God, they would not take MY word as important. But they would be important to the one that they follow.

My people love to have attention. They like to have the address of those round about them. And I would say, yes MY people that many, many if I would speak to them and their pastor would speak to them they would listen to their pastor. And I say this is VERY true. It is happening every day, saith the Spirit of God. It is happening!

You get a man from Heaven and gives a command, and the church does NOT hear that! But I say they say it is NOT even from ME! They say that is from the enemy! But I say it is NOT from the enemy, saith the Spirit of God! It is NOT from the enemy! It is from God above! And you do not believe it, saith the Spirit of God, but it is TRUE!

And I say this day, yea, yea, many, many, many believe in the way of men. And I say that man gets up in the front and he predicts and uses MY Name, that he is in the Spirit of God. And he commands all these things and even prays for the sick. He does great and many things. But yet he comes against MY Spirit!

What would you say if you was in MY place, saith the Spirit of God???? How would you deal with this, saith the Spirit of God??? Oh man, oh woman, HOW WOULD YOU DEAL WITH THIS that there is someone of no estate giving commands that they don’t even know, don’t even understand, and they have NO comprehension what the completion is, or what is from the beginning, or the ending. They DO NOT KNOW NOTHING about that and yet they DO NOT listen to the *ONE* that knows *ALL,* the *ONE* who is *All,* that HIS glory made the very foundation that thou art standing on, oh man, oh woman. That I even gave you your pulpit! I gave you the pews! I gave you that facilities that thou resteth in. And I gave thee thy home. I gave thee thy wife, thy husband. I have given thee thy children. I have given thee ALL things.

You come in MY Name. Yes, you come in MY Name, but you say that you know all things, oh man. Do you KNOW ALL things, saith the Spirit of God??? For I contested. NO! NO! NO! You know NOTHING!

And that is why I say in this last hours MY people need to come in the knowledge of following the Spirit of God, being able to hear from Heaven, being able to understand that God is glorious, saith the Spirit of God!

The glory of God will never fail. Man WILL fail, HAS failed, will ALWAYS fail. But God NEVER fails! GOD NEVER FAILS! God IS faithful! God is LOVING! HE is everything important! HE is ALL!

WHY DO MEN WANT TO KEEP PROMOTING THEIR OWN WORKS, their own problems??? They have done a great work of FAILURES, saith the Spirit of God! They have failed COMPLETELY, many times. But they do not know and they do not understand that souls are going out into a lost eternity because of them!

HOW WOULD YOU JUDGE THEM THEN, oh man, oh woman???? What would say when you should see what I see, says the Spirit of God???? Why not am I able to speak to MY people??? Why can’t I do what I wish to do, saith the Spirit of God???

For so long people have thought good is always good. But I say if you could see reality what happens in the later end of it, you would say it is NOT good, when you see souls going out lost for eternity!

In the Name of the Lord they came. And they came into MY sanctuaries. They was in MY presence. And yea, I say through ill advice, through wrong words, not led by MY Spirit, they were led down to that slaughter, that pathway of eternal death. And I say, many, many, many, have caused this problem to take place, saith the Spirit of God.

[Brother Freedom was very sick for a number of months before God miraculously raised him up. During those dark days Brother Freedom was escorted through Hell by an angel. He not only saw those in Hell but they saw him and began begging for help. They said, “We know you! You are one of those Christians. We used to be Christians but we backslide! Help us! Help us! Help us!”

After that glimpse of Hell Brother Freedom was overcome by how many backsliders were in that place. He determined to re-evaluate his life and judge himself more strictly. And he warns believers that God expects growth]

I say it takes **MY SPIRIT**, saith the Spirit of God! I do not know why MY people do not want to grow up! I permit these kind of things in the children. But I wish MY people to grow up to a depth that they understand, that I, and MY Word speaks about it: they that are led of ME are the sons of God. [See Romans 8:14] Is not that plain, saith the Spirit of God???

But I say I know that people may not even understand what is being said. But I the Lord thy God, even though they don’t understand: IT IS TRUE, saith the Spirit of God!

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