Word From the Holy Spirit, March 18, 2003

For I would say unto thee MY ones, I AM the Way. I AM the Truth. I AM the Light. And I have given a path that is very sure, very lighted by MY Presence. And I say those that are in darkness can come to this light. And they can come OUT of the problems they are facing.

I say “DARKNESS.” There is so much darkness in this Land. And I say where darkness is people go and they hit one another. They do things that they cannot handle because they cannot see. There is no sight. And I say MY people, MY churches, even, have lost sight. They have lost their vision. They have lost the Way. There is no light in their path. Their path has grown very dark. They have no way to measure what is before them. They have no comprehensions what is before, beyond, or height, left or right. They do not understand because there is no light.

And I AM the light of the World! And I AM that peace that passes all understanding. And I say that light will comprehend the darkness. And that light that is in MY people, that they would be a light before this World, that they would shine, that light would shine. MY church should shine in this last hours. MY church should shine with victory. MY church should shine with love. MY church should shine with the glory. MY church should have the joy of the Lord within in their bosom, within their body, in their WHOLE being, that they would be JOYFUL, evermore!

Oh, does not MY Word say make a joyful noise all ye lands? Serve the Lord with gladness. Oh I pray, oh this day, I PRAY for MY people. I PRAY that they will come. I *PRAY* for MY people. Remember, I pray for MY people. I **PRAY** for them, that they might be discouraged no longer.

I say, for GREAT discouragement has come into MY beloved. I say those who have known ME, I say, for many years they have fought that good fight of faith. They have kept the faith. And they have encouraged theirselves through MY Word. They have been faithful in attending MY services. YET, this day, I find them very weary. I find many of them exhausted. They have lost the way. They have forgotten how to pray. They have LOST their first love. They have LOST the concern about their mankind that is round about them, for those that are going into a devil’s Hell. They have lost that vision. They have LOST that which I have called them to take up their cross and follow ME. They have *LOST* that image. They have forgotten that I have called men and women that they might present MY Gospel to a lost and dying World.

I did not tell them it was going to be an easy ministry! But I said I would BLESS them. And I would be with them. And I would take that burden from them. And I would move upon them and with them. And I would be by their side. And MY love would be so saturated within them that they could carry forth the works that I have given them. But I say, even at that, MY many have LEFT ME! And I say they desire the PRAISE of this World.

Many of MY people who have carried that torch, many years, have loved the praise of men. And I say with the praise of men THAT has robbed them of their victory, has robbed them of the glory, has *ROBBED* them of the love that I have placed within, has *ROBBED* them from having communication with the ONE that loves them, has **ROBBED** them even from their brothers and sisters: there is no longer that love preferring one another. “Brotherly love continued”: [Hebrews 13:1] that has been LOST of MY people.

And I desire MY people in this last days to be so furnished by MY Spirit that they would be **FULL** of MY love. They would be *FULL* of MY peace! They would have the joy of the Lord within their hearts, within their souls. And they would converse with ME daily, hourly, momently. Secondly, even, it takes place.

I want MY people in this last days **to be led by ME**!! I have been calling forth this message. And I say, many, many, many do not hear this. They think that it is impossible to ME to speak through someone. Or, because of this they WILL NOT LISTEN. They will not even take a first glance of it. And if they do hear they put it DOWN as from the evil one.

But I AM saying THIS is impossible. IT IS COMING FORTH BY MY SPIRIT, saith the Spirit of God! And there is a great need in this last hours, and if these don’t change, these ones that have thought this from the enemy, they are already with the enemy, and they have been deceived in a GREAT, TREACHEROUS trap! And that trap shall bring them down to a devil’s Hell. And they shall meet that one, they will spew by the side of that one, that TERRIBLE one.

But I have VICTORY for those! I have a promise for them! I have MY keeping power! And I have MY saving power! And I AM able in these last days, if men shall take heed to MY Spirit.

Is it not reasonable saith the Spirit of God? AM I asking too much? I say the World has learned what the word “computer” means. They have learned all about it. AM not I able to come up HIGHER with MY callings, to a greater degree, to bring a balance to that, oh man, oh woman, oh one, oh sluggard, [to] the ones that believe that I do things??

But I AM above everything! I was beyond that computer before it ever came [to be]! And I AM able to transfer MY Words into MY ones, into MY ones that LOVE ME. And I AM able to move through them. And it will be MY will. It shall come forth even [if] you like it or not! It shall be MY will. And I shall do a work in this last days, saith the Spirit of God.

Don’t come against MY work, no longer, MY one!! COME join yourself, and I the Lord thy God shall bless thee! And I shall strengthen thee! And I shall bring down that feeble arm, those arms that have lost their love, that have lost their praise.

[Brother Freedom later pointed out that the Lord pulls down those “feeble” arms that need heavenly repair that they might be raised again. They can arise again, maybe even still feeble, but with a renewed heart driving them. And healing strength then able to replace the weakness.]

Lift up those feeble arms! Praise ME and I shall touch thee! And I shall glorify thee! And I shall move upon thee! And I shall complete that work! And I shall keep thee in the hollow of MY mighty hand. And MY all-seeing eye shall be upon thee! And thou will NOT be able to MISS OUT on ANYTHING that thou desires!!

Because the things that I will give you are so much greater than your old junk that you have, MY ones. You have played with those little toys too long! And they are NOT going to last, either! I AM able to give **GREATER** things, and **GREATER** joy, GREATER BLESSINGS, and MY BLESSINGS last FOREVER!! And those things that you take from this World are only for a second and they are gone! And they will bring you DOWN to a devil’s Hell, saith the Spirit of God.

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