Word From the Holy Spirit February 24, 2003

For I would say to thee MY men this day, for these that hear these words. I have come that thou might have life, and [that] thou might have a more abundant life. I have given thee MY grace. I have given thee MY pardon. I have given thee forgiveness. And I have given thee the Land that thou walkest on. I have given thee MY strength. And I have heard thy cries day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment.

I have known the things that thou has faced and I have been with thee. I AM mindful of the things where thy foot has trod. And the things that thou has heard, I have heard them also. And I have witnessed many things that has taken place in thy life, oh man, oh woman.

I have seen the courses, the heartaches, the tooth aches, the aches in thy body that thou has, and all the sickness thou has faced. I have seen and know all about thee MY ones, and through that I still care for thee. I love thee MY ones.

Remember before thee, very shortly, there is going to be perilous times, even greater than thou has ever faced before. And that time is going to be a time that has never been, very shortly, saith the Spirit of God.

And I speak to your hearts this day not to be afraid, not to be discouraged, not to be dismayed. For I the Lord thy God, if thou shall call upon ME, it will be MY delight to keep thee through those times that will be before MY World, and before this time, before thee MY ones.

But thou must remember thou art like the grass that fades. And with thyself, day by day, thou fades away. Remember, day by day thou will need MY spiritual manna. And that spiritual manna comes in seeking MY face. And that spiritual manna comes by calling upon ME and believing, through FAITH, that you know ME, that you WILL be with ME, and you will NEVER doubt that.

I have not given thee the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. And I say does not MY Word say whatsoever is not of faith is sin? And I say from this day forth thou must walk in faith. Thou must walk believing the things that are before thee are set up of ME, that I order the steps of thy feet. And I have ordered the steps of a good man. And I shall keep thee through the times of oppression.

And I say before thee this day, if thou could see what I see, saith the Spirit of God, yea thou would be AFRAID! But I say there is things before this World that I can share with thee if thou will KNOW that I AM the living God!

I say before the World there is problems that you have never seen, that man has never seen. I say there is heartaches beyond heartaches, that you cannot understand.

But I say there is problems through the World that cannot be stopped. I say sin has come into MY people. And through that sin explosion, I say, many, many children that are born shall be born to do evil. And I will not tell you what the evilness is. But thou will remember that thou shall know that there is evil in many of the unborn, and the born that is already, and the ages up to ten years old, saith the Spirit of God.

There is an evilness in them. And they will be compelled to do things that thou does not understand. And the judges will not understand. And the counsel holders will not understand. It will be because evil spirits have crept into their lives. And evil spirits have come into the womb. The evil spirits are there and they cannot be denied that they are there. And they are going to bring problems to this Land beyond ALL the other things that thou shall face.

But this is a new wave that they have never heard of. And it shall come forth! It will be like an epidemic when it hits this Land. And it will not be stopped. The only way that these things can be stopped is MY people to have a rally for ME, and they will have revival. And they will come and believe that I AM the HOLY ONE. And MY people must abstain from *ALL* appearance of evil, because I say there is very tainted lands out before thee. And I say thou can come into a place that thou does not even understand.

And I MUST lead MY people. I MUST guide thee. I MUST help thee. And I MUST shelter thee from the powers of the evil one, because I said he is out to take those out from MY hands that are MINE.

And I AM here that thou might regain those who have been taken, that MY people might pray, MY people might move upon. And MY people of the United States must pray as they have never prayed before. They must assemble themselves and call upon MY name. They must seek ME. They must seek ME because there is great, great atrocities that is going to take place. There is problems for this Land.

And I say many, many of the World hates this Land, saith the Spirit of God. And they have intentions to do away with this Land. But it is only through MY grace that I have saved thee, that I have protected thee, that I have kept away those whoredoms of wrong things that want to destroy this place that thou livest in.

For I have called forth America as a chosen one. And I have used America in MY country [Israel] and My beloved. And thou has supported “good.” And I say that “good” has offset this evil. But I say the time is short! The time *IS* short, when I cannot erase these problems that this Nation has done, these atrocities they have committed.

And I say there is WHOREDOMS of wrong spirits. There is PROBLEMS! There is problems beyond imagination that is coming forth. And I tell you this day, MY people, thou must pray. Thou must get on thy knees. And thou must call upon MY NAME. Thou must go forth as a warrior for Me, that this Land might be FREE, and set free from the powers of darkness, because if NOT…[abrupt pause] this Land will have her days shortened saith the Spirit of God.

[Brother Freedom stopped abruptly because the Spirit would not let him go any further. The Spirit knew that we could not bear to hear any more details.]

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