Word from the Holy Spirit, September 1, 2001

I would say to you this day MY people. For I have called thee, this day that thou would not be afraid, thou would not be fearful. But, I say, thou would have that peace, that MY people would have that joy, that MY people would be continually looking to ME, looking and searching for ME, continuously, that they might know that fulfillment, that river of life that comes from Heaven’s shore.

And I AM here this day to touch MY people, to encourage MY people, to move upon MY people. And I AM able to keep them as WISE, that they will walk in MY presence, that they would know the God, their God, the ONE that they serve.

I AM here this day to HELP thee, to strengthen thee above all things. I said the World is looking for those who are beautiful, to those who are most fit. I say, there is programs upon this Earth that puts competition of people, of the ones that I have created. And I say, but I the Lord thy God chooses, yea, even though they are handicapped, I choose those who have no might within themselves, those that will decrease, I will increase upon them. And I will BLESS them. And I shall help them. And I say, those who will refuse their own strength, who will refuse to be alienated and moved upon by this World, yea, I the Lord thy God shall use them in a very special way, that will call upon ME this day.

For I AM here to strengthen MY people, to help MY people, to encourage MY people, that MY people might be a blessing in this last hours.

For I say that MY coming is soon. MY coming is VERY soon. And I say, MY churches, MY ones who have even been filled with MY precious Spirit have lost that vision. They have lost the anointing that I have given them. And I say, they have shamed themselves into going into another area that has not been moved upon by ME. And they have lost MY anointing. They have lost MY blessings in their life. And they are walking now within themselves. And I say, troublesome times are before them. And I say [in] the later end they will lose out with ME at that Day.

For I AM calling forth a peculiar people, a zealous people that will walk before ME. And I will choose to use those that will call upon ME, that will refuse to be as this World. To those that will be different and trust ME, and know ME, I will BLESS them, and I shall strengthen them. I will move upon them in a mighty way. I will enhance their lives to a greater direction, to a greater depth than they have ever thought of. And I shall call upon [others] as those. I have called to many, saith the Spirit of God.

I have called THIS World! And I say, many have not chosen to be followers of ME. I say, I have given that call. And that call is for whosoever shall call upon MY Name shall be saved, saith the Spirit of God. In that Name of JESUS, this World can be reclaimed, and be set free, and should receive forgiveness. But I say, they have NOT, and they willfully do NOT hear that message. They have put it off as a light obligation. And I say, many believe that [if] they shall believe just on ME that is all they have to do. And I say, at that Day, they will become wanting in that Day. They will become in the MINUS.

I say, MY people must have that touch from Heaven. And I say, there is NOT a half-way decision, or a half-way experience with ME, saith the Spirit of God. I say, either you are for ME or you are against ME. And MY people must realize, that I AM calling for those that are totally FOR ME. And I say, in MANY of MY churches this cannot be preached. But I say, it is by the TRUTH, by the Spirit of God! I AM calling for a people in this last days that will mean BUSINESS, and will re-arrange their life, that MY Spirit shall be upon them. And I shall use them. And they will no longer be operated under a mortal body, as they have, as they possess. They will find that they are living in the supernatural.

And I say, this last hours it will take a strength that is beyond thy strength. And MY people must have a faith that is BEYOND the faith that they can have in this World. They must have a faith in ME that departs NOT. A faith that they can trust ME through every day of their life. That they can trust the living God, knowing that MY eyes run to and fro to show MYSELF strong on the behalf whose hearts is made perfect toward HIM. That they can have that trust in the Living God that I will not leave them, and they will have JOY. They will have PEACE forevermore, and they will be BLESSED by ME. And they shall KNOW that I AM their BLESSING, that I AM their Savior, and that I AM their keeper, that I AM their JOY, that I AM their HEALER. I AM their WAY-MAKER. I AM HE that liveth in them. And they will not, no longer, let their hearts be afraid. They won’t have to be troubled with the things that they face in this World because I AM their KEEPER!! And I will move upon them gloriously, in this last hour.

MY people must have that joy that is in ME, forevermore. And I will not leave them. And they must have that trust in the living God. And MY people need not to be satisfied with those lean, lean experiences. I have GLORIOUS things to give to MY people. But I say, many places, this day, I say, MY Spirit is very lean.

And I say, that leanness does not make healthy brothers and sisters. I said, it produces WEAKLINGS. It produces those that do not know. And pretty soon those ones, that they worked so hard for to know MY Name, they have NOT that blessing because they do not have THAT blessing to touch that one in the first place.

I say, when MY people need to get saved, after that MY people must realize there comes a work of keeping those young ones SAVED! And there is some, in some of these places, MY people, saith the Spirit of God, that are not at that place. They need to be saved THEMSELVES, that then they can save OTHERS. That they can walk in that deeper walks, that deeper truth, because, I say, very shortly the elements are not going to be the same as they were from the beginning.

I say, these things came to pass. And I say, they have slipped through, but I say, very shortly there is going to be a DIVISION of MY ones! And only those that mean business with the LORD, JESUS CHRIST, for those that KNOW that spiritual strength shall be able to survive!

And, I say, MY people must pray that THAT Day would be shortened. MY people, here this day, YOU SHOULD PRAY THAT *THAT* *DAY* WOULD BE SHORTENED, that THAT Day there would be no gatherings left upon this World when you leave, that you would be READY, at that moment, that MY people may be READY. Because, I say, it is the most glorious event that is going to take place. [Referring to the “twinkling of an eye” departure.]

But I say, MY people must realize that they will not have that spiritual day of death, that they must die out NOW. NOW is the day of dying out. NOW IS THE DAY OF DYING OUT, MY PEOPLE, that [if] thou would die now, thou will live and be left from these atrocities that shall come upon this Earth!

MY people, for it is MY delight to remove MY ones who have sought MY face. And I say, if I was to come now, would I find grace in MY people? MY people must come and TARRY, must come to seek MY face, must come to call upon MY Name. For, I say, there is very busy times. And I understand, there is hard times upon this Earth. Thou must prepare NOW for the day is going to grow hard. The day is going to grow heavy. And thou needs to be ready, NOW, that when thou face the Day.

If you cannot contest with the rivers and the swelling of the Jordan now, what shall it be when that ragging thing comes out of the banks, saith the Spirit of God??

For I say, MY people must be READY! Take HEED to the things that thou has heard, lest at any time they would be hindered, or destroyed.

I say, before thee is a GREAT opportunity, saith the Spirit of God. For, I say, they that invest themselves in souls is wise. And I say, when thou seeth the need, take heed, do it with all thy heart. And I say, I have given thee strength, in this room, that when a need comes your way, that you are able to cope with that which I give to you. For I want thee to grow, MY ones.

I say, when a need comes your way, do it heartily as unto ME. And, I the Lord thy God shall BLESS thee and I shall help thee. But, I say, REMEMBER, I SAY REMEMBER: that Day is very close. And I say, the church, I say the World does not see this at all. But, I say, MY church-world does not see this day either. They have lost that Day. They have learned. Their hearts have grown hardened. Their hearts have hardened themselves because of that Day. And now they are preaching within that hardness. And I say, they [the ones] that they are touching are receiving the hardness that they have in their hearts. Because, I say, whatsoever a man haveth in their heart, and he sows it out, shall come forth a harvest.

MY people, when thou sowest from thy heart, thou must have sweetness. Thou must have the anointing. Thou, when thou speaketh, thou needs to realize “by your words you are justified, or by your words you are condemned.” Let the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart be acceptable in thy sight, oh Lord, my strength and my redeemer. And I say, to MY people, THIS is the ONLY way that thou can keep sweetness to thy words that thou speaketh, is keeping thy soul right with ME. Realize that when you refuel you have to pray, that you have to read MY Word. You have to seek MY face! And, I say, dry services will put you down! But I say, MY anointing will lift you UP.

And I say, pray for thy sanctuary! Pray for thy Pastor. Pray for revival. And I say, revival is NOT just getting those off the street. Revival is reviving the SOUL!! Revival is, if MY people would be full of MY Spirit they would automatically HAVE revival!! And souls would be saved, saith the Spirit of God.

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