Sermon Poured Through Brother Freedom

The Bible says, “…we are more than conquerors through HIM that loved us.”  [Romans 8:37]  But I really believe the strongest tool that we have, that any of us has is, basically,…of course our number one step is knowing the Lord Jesus as our personal savior. And that KNOWING Him! He is your friend. He is your close, closer than your husband, your wife, your brother, your sister. HE is THAT close! That closeness, that fellowship.

And with THAT God the Father loves you through Jesus. And HE allows the Spirit of God to come to be your helper, to be your way-maker. And that ONE that God has sent to help us many times, shame on us, we put that ONE beside us. And we have even said, “We don’t need YOU.”

But, I am here today to say, “I beg your pardon! We do need YOU!” We do need God’s Spirit, because [Jesus] says, “it is needful that I go away, for if I go not away the Comforter will not come.” [John 16:7] And I believe what the Word says!

Jesus is setting on the right hand of God making intercession with groanings. That is JESUS. Jesus, in turn, sent the Spirit of God, oh the blessed Spirit of God, that has been put down, that churches have argued about HIM. But, He is SPECIAL! And HE moves in that special place. HE moves through that simplicity, humbleness that comes as God ONLY has! God knows! We don’t even know what humility means. We don’t know what these TRULY mean. God does!

And as we grow in the Lord, HE moves upon us in our inward man our inward woman. HE moves upon us and shows these areas where we need to grow, where we need to let go and let God have HIS way, that God would have a beautiful bouquet in each one of us that is strictly gorgeous in the eyes of God. That is beautiful in God’s eyes.

And God says, “This is MY child! Satan, you know how he came. [And God said], You can just do…to MY servant. He will not fail ME! God had that MUCH faith in Job!! Isn’t that something wonderful! Isn’t that wonderful, how Enoch…it says that Enoch walked with God! What a blessing! There is only two that basically and there is another one that walked with God. It was Noah.

It is quite an honor to be chosen by God Himself. And HE says, “They walked with ME!”

Do you know what to walk with someone means?? It means that you are walking in step. Many of you have been in the military. If you walk in step you all take heed to the command that is given you. “About face,” you go to 180 degrees, and go the other direction. Or, “Right Flank” you go right. This is marching cadence.

But in the spiritual it is the same way. God wants HIS people, every day of their life to be led in such a [way] that you go where God tells you. And [would] you go without that permission?? YOU DO NOT GO!!!

You choose to take heed to the things of the Lord. And that is a decision that God leaves openly to us. As we grow into it, pretty soon, it takes over within itself. It is not a problem, no more, because this vessel has learned it is no longer operating under the human endeavor of a command given from the head knowledge. But, it comes through a spiritual following of the Spirit of God that starts directing this body. And you don’t even know why you are doing it. But, you know it is from the Lord. You know exactly when God says, “Stop,” you are going to stop! When HE says, “Go,” you are going to go! And you have that peace that passes all understanding. You have the joy the world does not know. And you have the Word that God gives you.

You know, in this last days, it doesn’t change. From the very beginning, God spoke the elements into being. He has chosen us that we take the position of God. And I am saying that humbly. But, that is where it is. We do the work of God while we are upon this earth, for a short visit. God literally puts HIS whole responsibility upon you and me!

And that is why we need a corporate power beyond our imagination, our understanding. It is by the Spirit of God that God moves upon us SPIRITUALLY! And we cannot even take any credit!!

I don’t even know what I am saying! I know it’s good!! I know the Spirit of God is glorious. And I know HE is able to bring you up from where you feel totally incapable to where you are more than conquerors, that you ARE capable.

And this is what God wants in the churches!! We are too many times, we’ve been walking in the flesh. We have to have certain music, certain calm. And you know, we don’t go by what we feel, either! God is just as strong upon me when I am feeling bad as when I am feeling good! HE only lets me know how HE feels about me.

And, that is just a short term lease that is upon this life. That is sad, but we walk that way. But, most of the time in our lives, brothers and sisters, we are going to have to walk by FAITH!

Without faith it is impossible to please HIM, for HE is a rewarder to those that diligently seek HIM, to those that will call upon HIS Name. [Hebrews 11:6] God chooses that we have to put self back. And we have to use our spirit-man to come and to be the leadership. And the spirit-man has to say, “Brother Freedom, quit doing that! It’s NOT by the Spirit of God!!”

Many times we say we want our pastor to stop us from doing this when it is NOT his place. He feeds us! And how he needs to feed us is by the SPIRIT!! We need to all be fed through the Spirit of God. And then, God, increases our walk with HIM. I believe this!!

We only bring tutorship up to [a certain point]. That is what I was just talking [about] to you outside. There is a place for each one of us to come to bring certain people to a certain level. But, after THAT, they are ready to get weaned on [to] the Spirit of God. They are ready to go off [milk]. Paul spoke upon it! We are come into the SPIRITUAL!! No longer in the milk! Come in the Spirit of God that you will no longer be lean, but you will be powerful, that you will be moved upon BY GOD’S ANOINTING!!!

It is not just [some prominent evangelist]! It is the Spirit of God!! It is not Oral Roberts! It is the Spirit of God! It is not by might, nor by power but God’s Spirit, saith the Lord! [Zech. 4:6] And, it comes as we occupy, that this vessel will be FILLED with God! And God has just shown me that God has allowed me to work the way I’ve worked to be able to prove this theory out. And it is reality. It is true!

We don’t go by what we feel. We go by what the Spirit of God says! We are more than conquerors through Him which loved us. [Romans 8:37] We must OCCUPY until the Lord comes. We are in a short lease situation. We don’t know how long. We might make it until another twenty minutes, another ten minutes, another five minutes, another minute. We cannot know. There are no guarantees on this life. Our guarantee is we know by trust: I believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. And through HIM I’m going to be saved. And by HIM, I am going to be IN that day. I am going to stand before HIM SPOTLESS; not in my cleanliness, but because of HIS forgiveness! That God says HE put our sins in the Sea of Forgetfulness, never to be remembered, no more, because that is WORTHY….WORTHY was the Lamb. Worthy IS the LAMB! Worthy is JESUS, that set us free!

Glory to God!

And, when you get set free, that is just the beginning! That is a time that you let the Spirit of God come upon you, that you will be blessed, that you will be touched upon day by day, that you know the direction of the Lord.

A man was in the shop the other day. And he says, [Brother Freedom], is God still touching you?” And I said, “He sure is!”

I learned to take God practically, and I have had a lot of pastors that still don’t like me. But that is their problem. That is not my problem. They tell me, “[Brother Freedom], you can’t do these things! You are not a pastor!” I said, “Well, I love God anyway.” And I have had them rebuke me. One said, “You are doing things that we can’t even do!” And I said, “That isn’t my problem.”

Like R______; he just died. [He] and I were on this caterpillar and we were getting it running. I put the gauges on it. And I was praying in the Spirit of God. I HAD DONE MY HOMEWORK, before I was there. I prayed the night before. You pray and pray until the glory comes down! People don’t know that this day! We need to come down to the altars until the glory comes down, THE GLORY!!! Hallelujah!

We used to pray THROUGH! You have got to stay prayed through, now, ALL THE TIME! The load comes on your shoulders because that is mandatory that you come and pray. It is for your betterment, for your blessing!

So, that morning, it was on a Saturday morning, he and I went to breakfast. And he needed this cat [taken] down [south]. I felt the presence of God. I had about four gauges, four or five pressures that I needed to observe. And something told me! I hit the throttle and closed the engine off. I had been getting the engine into a full load position. And [my friend said], “What’s wrong?” He was always kidding me. And I said, “There’s a rag going into the pump!” I said, “What did I say?” I never said that before in my life. And I said, “Well, I’m sure going to take [a look]. It was quit a bit of work. I had to get some wrenches, take that line out of there. And sure enough there was TWO rags going into that pump! It would have stopped that engine, [and] broke that shaft off, generally.

But, I can take you time after time, after time. God is moving in these last days, through PRAYER, through the obedience of PRAYER!

Someone told me here a while back, “What about this certain situation?” I said, “I will have to pray about it.” If we are slow, as I read the Word of God, God does not condemn us a bit! It says be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath. [James 1:19] But, we get too far out in front of God, and God has a hard time slowing us down. It says, “they that WAIT upon the LORD..” [Isaiah 40:3]

God knows if I am waiting upon HIM. HE realized that I am waiting upon HIM. And I am not taking any other’s assignment. I am not doing anything until God SPEAKS! Otherwise, I am just waiting at the stop light. But I am not moving out unless that light changes GREEN for [Brother Freedom]. I am NOT moving!! I would rather wait! And God has blessed me in that!

And Brother C___ has been with me at times when I have had to literally choose to be at a good place and I had to obey the Spirit of God. Brother C___ and I was in a prayer meeting, when I first knew Brother C___. And God spoke to me just as clear as we are here. HE says, “[Brother Freedom] you leave!”

And I hesitated for just a moment, because everyone was praying. And the Spirit of God came back. HE says, “I told you to leave!” I got up. And I was so ashamed, because I didn’t want God to have to tell me…HE had to tell me twice! It was just a few seconds. But, I hesitated! We need NOT TO HESITATE.

I can stand more on what God says than what man says! Men lie! Sorry to say, but they do, even Christians sometimes have a tendency of changing the truth. But, God NEVER changes. HE is always faithful. He is ALWAYS ON TIME. HE is always available! HIS ears are open to our cries. WHAT A BLESSING!!

“I will bless the Lord at all times. HIS PRAISE shall continually be in MY mouth. My soul shall make her boast in the Lord. The HUMBLE shall hear thereof and be glad. Oh magnify the Lord with me. I sought the Lord and HE heard me and HE delivered me from all my fears.” [Psalm 34:1-4] “Oh blessed is the man who walks NOT in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the way of sinners. Nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.” [Psalm 1]

How much of the world, this day, are FOLLOWERS. The are FOLLOWERS of people. God wants followers of HIM! Jesus calls me! I WILL follow! Jesus calls me I WILL follow! Follow, follow, I will follow the leadership of my Jesus. And there is a different Spirit.

God was speaking to me this week that Daniel had a more excellent spirit! [Daniel 6:3] And many times our fruit is not really, sometimes, very beautiful. Our spirit is NOT where it should be. We have sort of a hardness. We have, maybe, [but we] just don’t care. Maybe we are not concerned, when God wants us to be concerned. HE wants us to be understanding. We might have a hatefulness. We might be [full of] jealousy, and [thankfully] it is not in this room. And I am saying these are the things that we must guard [against]. And if [this message] is just to me, I’ll take it! I’ll take everything that God has.

God told me one time that I was a pig. And I said, “Lord, I’m sorry.” He says, “Your a pig, after ME.” So, you know I want everything that my God has. I wanted EVERYTHING. And I still want what HE has. And I’m sorry when people don’t want anything. I cannot make my fellowship with them, because if my God is left out, how can I go anywhere, where my God is not willing, [and] can go with me? HE shall be with me.

And when I go to work, I can take HIM with me, there. HE is my covering. HE is my peace. Shamefully, there are a lot of churches that won’t allow the Spirit of God to move. And if [the Spirit of God] does move [HE] moves on [only] a few people.

I was in a church a few years back. And God had led me into an endeavor of praying for the City [where I live], every Sunday. Brother C___ remembers that. And God says, “I’ll give you TIME.”

And I [would] go down to my old shop, and I took a friend of mine, L____. And he would sit down. And God gave me the sign. All the birds would come [into the rafters of the shop], and it got to be hundreds of birds. And when I would pray they would just be chirping away. Brother C___, you seen them. The birds would come. And how God blessed. And I prayed for the City.

But I went to a church. And there was a little lady, and I knew her. She gave a message out by the Spirit of God. I gave the interpretation. And there was an evangelist there and they both (the evangelist and the pastor) put me as [an] “open shame” before that whole church, which is alright [with me]. But, it just taught me that people go more by what people are than what the SPIRIT does.

God could send a messenger from Heaven. Would we really hear him??

The Bible says, “Take heed to the things ye have heard, lest at anytime you would let them slip.” [Hebrews 2:1]

This Word is powerful! This Word (the Bible) is the anointing of God!

I don’t remember how many years it is now, but I was on my way into [a city] and God spoke to my heart. “I want you to make a covenant with ME.” And here I was wanting to really be used by the Lord. And I said, “All right. I’m open.” And the Lord says, “Shut your radio off [the two-way radio on] your truck.” So I shut it off. I was right in [that city], right through the freeway. And the Lord said, “I want you to tithe ten percent of your time in reading this Word!” And I says, “How shall I read that word?” And HE says, “Just eat it!”

*[Brother Freedom reads massive quantities of the Word of God. For example he read the entire books of Romans and Ephesians seven days a week, 365 days a year for perhaps a decade. Those books became a part of his being.]

So, I have not purposely remembered how scripture goes. People will say, “you must know where it is from.” But I learned that we are all different. God is not going to teach it [to each one the same way.] But that is the way HE taught me. I ate the Word.

Through this Word I realized later that God can speak back through that, because of the WORD. We are that way; we are sort of like a computer: WHAT WE PUT IN COMES OUT. If you put in time with God, you are going to be where God has you. If you don’t put in any time with God then you don’t really have a right to say, “Lord, I want your blessing. I want all your best.” [You come up short] when you don’t put time, when you don’t include God, for that special time.

We have a special time with God. And that special time is when no one else is there. It’s that intimate time when you can call upon God and say, “You know all my problems.” And the Lord says, “I know all about you.” And HE let’s you realize that you are worthy, BECAUSE of HIM! And it gives you that strength, that abiding hope, that abiding peace that the world doesn’t know anything about.

And [there are] people that are suffering because they don’t know where they should be. They don’t know where they are at. They have lost the vision. And it is sad to say there is many, many, many people that have no vision.

The Bible says, “Without a vision My people perish.” [Prov. 29:18]

We need the vision of God today, that HE is satisfying, that HE will satisfy our needs, that HE will strengthen us. He will keep us. He will incorporate HIMSELF in us, intertwine HIMSELF in us, that it is NOT us, but it is HIM, upon us!

And you know, anything that God has is going to stand! It is just mathematics! Something that God has is ALL RIGHT! It is well! It is going to be well! But something we do that doesn’t have God’s approval: we don’t know what is going to stand! There is no [knowledge]…it doesn’t have a lasting knowledge! BUT WITH GOD YOU HAVE A LASTING KNOWLEDGE, lasting knowledge with God.

Sunday morning I had a chance to, and I’m going to leave that with you. God showed me as I was preaching, that is the best time that I have had in a long time. [He showed me] that when it talks about a vapor, that our life is like a vapor. The Lord started showing me, as I was preaching, that we are as a vapor. We ARE the vapor. [James 4:14] Whatever is in us comes out, and the world sees that you have hatred, it is going to show you as a hater. If you have love…we are transparent. We are like a vapor. And, we are like Humpty Dumpty, that egg that can fall apart. We can fall apart without God’s aid, without HIS support because we are just that vapor that houses the Spirit of God.

And we have no power. It is WHAT is in us that counts. It is that connection that we have with GOD! We are VAPOR! We are VAPOR!! We are not [Brother] C____.  We are not [Brother Freedom]. We are not [Brother] J___. We are not anyone…we are the VAPOR of God. We are just here for a moment!

When God gets us to Heaven we will have that glorified body, then we will have something that is of God! But, right now, HE has loaned us here, and we have been made up of dust. It is a proven fact that after we leave here that we go right back to dirt, ashes, nothing! We are like that vapor.

And, truly, this day when we see it, that way we cannot MOVE, we cannot FUNCTION. And truly we cannot get….I don’t see how ANYONE can get a message, unless they truly have the Spirit of God in the whole thing. I believe it takes the anointing in this last days!

In Isaiah the tenth chapter and the twenty-seventh verse it says, that the anointing of that day shall break the yoke of the devourer off. We need that anointing of God!

[It says that]”…his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder” This is the burden of the enemy! He shall be removed from those that will put their eyes to the Lord Jesus Christ. He [the enemy] will leave you, and [you will be] set free!

The Apostle Paul said HE [the Lord Jesus] came to set captives free. [Ephesians 4:8] And we [see] this day that the enemy “shall be taken away from off thy shoulder and his yoke off of thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.” [Isaiah 10:27]

Because the anointing [is] here today we have a blessing. Praise ye the Lord!

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