Word from the Holy Spirit, July 28, 2001

For I would say to thee, MY people, by the Spirit of God: many of MY people are falling, in this day, in their own wiseness to their own hearts. They believe they are beyond mistakes. They believe they are holier than their God. And I say, much of the World, the Christianity in this World, has come to a realm, that they are GREATER. They know ALL things. But I say, within their heart, it is hard as stone. Their heart is HARD with stone. It is deceitful and wicked. Can no man know this, but by the Spirit of God.

I say, I wish for a one that will know nothing, but know *ME*. And I shall instruct that one. And I shall keep that one that will abide in *ME*. MY love abides in him. I shall make them GREATER than the highest star, because they trust in ME, the living ONE that lives forever.

And I say to those that will come to that place of HUMBLENESS. I say, MY people must humble themselves before the mighty hand of God, that they might be humbled in the presence of ME.

And I say, MY people must realize I AM using those that will call to ME. I AM looking for those who will trust in the Living God! I say, it has been that way through the whole context of MY Word, even from the very beginning of Adam to this day.

I say, I have given people a chance. I have given them MY Word. I have blessed them, as I sent the Children of Israel from out of Egypt, yea I say, it wasn’t long, because they started speaking back, against ME. They became a problem! And I say, for many years they traversed [traveled] through that times, through the desert. And I say, for a few weeks they could have made it through! And I say, the same thing is taking place in MY church in these last days.

I say, they have forgotten I AM the leader. I AM the strength! I AM the ONE….I AM the Holy ONE! And, I AM able to cover those ones that will come to MY council. I AM able to direct those who will call to MY ear. For MY ears are open to the cry of MY people. I AM listening, patiently. But when I listen and I do not hear that word; I do not HEAR that “I need YOU.”

They tell others that they can do it for them, that they are great prayer warriors. But, in reality they do not even touch MY throne! They don’t come CLOSE because of pride has taken out the savor. The pride has taken out the goodness. Pride has taken out that blessing. Pride has dissolved that love. Pride has dissolved that helpful hand. That pride has made this one being judgemental, judging their brother, judging their sisters when they should have compassion. They should have concern. They should have dedication, believing that they would put themselves down, that their brother, their sister might be lifted up.

And those that will do that, I the Lord thy God, shall BLESS them. And I shall anoint them. And I shall give them favor, if they will not be selfish in their own intent, in their own desires. They will not have to be the head. But I say, MY church is full of heads, and there is very few tails. In MY church there is very few that want to take that position of HUMBLENESS, of LOWLINESS.

And through those, that ones that will take THAT place, I the Lord thy God, shall establish them. And, I say, the church may not see that. The leadership shall not see that. But, I, the Lord thy God shall see it. And I shall institute MY blessings upon them. And they shall have a worth that is beyond measure. They shall have a worth that is beyond the powers of banking systems. They will have a worth because MY worth shall be IN them. And MY power, even though the World says “they are nothing,” I, the Lord thy God, say “they are EVERYTHING,” because MY all is within them. And they have dissolved themselves, that MY glory should rest upon them. And with that, I, the Lord thy God, shall undertake them, and I shall bless them. And I say, if they should leave this World before the time that I come, they shall automatically be in MY presence, however it is, if MY people shall come to that place they SHALL be prepared. And they shall be READY for that Day.

For I say, that Day is VERY SOON: MY Coming. And I say, the World is saying that THAT day is not coming. But, I, the Lord they God predict that IT IS COMING. And I will move upon MY ones that are moved upon by MY Spirit.

But I say, I shall have signs within MY people. And I say, the true sign: they will have humility. They will have love. They will care. And, they will not worry what others say about them, because they know that The Living God IS their strength. The Living God, above has called them. And they are Abraham’s seed, they are Isaac’s seed, because, I the Lord thy God, have grafted them INTO MY house.

And, MY House, there shall be a blessing that dwells with them forevermore. And, at THAT time they will not be an ORPHAN, as they come unto MY table. But, I, the Lord thy God, shall enlarge that one. And I shall put a garment of praise upon that one. And they shall be WORTHY !!! They shall be WORTHY! As they say, “worthy is the Lamb,” but I too say, through the Lamb, THEY shall be worthy. My bride shall be WORTHY, because of MY Spirit!! MY Spirit grants PEACE unto MY Bride. And, MY churches have it WRONG!! They have forsaken the Spirit. But, it takes MY SPIRIT to UNITE the Bride with the Groom, that they might have that wedding time, that time of intimacy, that is so special. And now, they have that time, that time of enjoyment with the SPIRIT of God.

And I say, MY church is saying, “Why?” Many prayer lines; they are discouraged. They are failures. But I say, it is because they have LEFT OUT the POWER. And I say, unless they receive that Power, again, there is NO WAY! I have NO WAY of reaching them!

Do you understand this MY people?? I have NO WAY to reach them, only by them taking MY SPIRIT! For, HE is MY POWER. HE is MY ONE in this last hour, that shall direct thee, shall strengthen those ones!

And I say, the World says those ones that go in THAT way are derelicts…they are CRAZY, even. But, I say, this day, I know their hearts. And THOSE are MY true people. MY true people are NOT what they [the World] say they are! They are MY ANOINTED! And, I, the Lord, have chosen them to stand up to be DIFFERENT. And, that is why the World cannot stand them, because THEY ARE DIFFERENT! It is ME, that they [the World] are coming against.

Did not in that day [it is said] they will hate you because of ME? It is THAT reason that you shall be hated: because of the Spirit that remains within you. It is [the Spirit] part of ME that shall remain in you. But you MUST realize this: every day of your life must come. And you must have a confrontation: a time of talking, that I should order thy steps. That everyday would be a profitable day.

I say, DO NOT GO IN THINE OWN UNDERSTANDING, NO LONGER! Lean NOT in thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge ME, and I WILL direct thy paths, saith THE SPIRIT OF GOD!

Be NOT afraid of this World! But, walk in the Spirit of God that I, the Lord thy God, shall have a representation of MY blessings, that I can show the world, THAT I COULD SHOW THE ENEMY: this is MY ones that I trust and believe!!! CAN THOU NOT KNOW THIS AND UNDERSTAND THIS MESSAGE THAT I AM PLAINLY SPEAKING THIS DAY: THAT I AM *WITH* THOSE ONES THAT WILL SEEK MY FACE !!!!!

And I say to thee, the bottom line is those that walk and speak in that heavenly language “one on ONE.” And through that MY people grow!! THEY GROW to higher realms. To those…and I say, the enemy will try to dampen that time. But I say, thou must break through. Thou must PRAY THROUGH, DAILY!! And I will BLESS those ones that will dare trust in the living God. And I shall strengthen them, for I AM an inheritance that fades not away.

I say, the enemy realizes that if he can take away the joy out of the heart of My people, that they will lose out in the last hour. But those that remain, the JOY, MY JOY is your *STRENGTH* !!

Do *NOT* let anyone take THAT joy! Do not let anyone, any foe, anybody take THAT joy [the Holy Ghost], for IT is MY JOY, MY peace. For I loveth thee this day! I loveth thee, saith the Spirit of God.

[A second word was given by the Holy Spirit later in the meeting.]

For I, the Lord, witness this, THIS day. For I say, IT is MY blessings, to bless that one that will come to ME, to seek MY face. And I, the Lord, shall arrest that ones that come against them, with MY ARMY. For did not I say that I would pour out MY Spirit upon all flesh that would bless ME? And I say, for those that would bless ME, I, the Lord, thy God shall cover them with MY angels. Are not MY angels ministering spirits, to minister for MY saints, this day? And thou shall pray this day, that I shall. Pray this day, in the Name of Jesus, that I would bless MY people, as they call upon ME. And let them really feel MY presence with them, with MY angels forevermore. For I loveth thee this day. Be not afraid. Be not afraid, for it is I, the Lord thy God, that keeps thee moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, week by week. But I say, there will be a day that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. I say, at that time there shall be a judgment. But, I say, this time MY people need to be REMOVED of those problems of fear. MY people no longer have to worry about tomorrow. I will keep them forevermore, saith the Spirit of God.

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