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Word from the Holy Spirit, July 28, 2001

For I would say to thee, MY people, by the Spirit of God: many of MY people are falling, in this day, in their own wiseness to their own hearts. They believe they are beyond mistakes. They believe they are holier than their God. And I say, much of the World, the Christianity in this World, has come to a realm, that they are GREATER. They know ALL things. But I say, within their heart, it is hard as stone. Their heart is HARD with stone. It is deceitful and wicked. Can no man know this, but by the Spirit of God.
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Word from the Holy Spirit, July 7, 2001

I the Lord thy God shall re-erect thee. And I shall establish thee that thou will be a profitable people. For I say, MY church this day has lost out, that Way. They are walking in confusion.
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