Word From The Holy Spirit, October 6, 1996

…be not afraid of the evil intentions that would come upon thee. For I say, the enemy walks very freely in this region. I say, his controls have not been stopped. They have not been diminished. He is gaining! And I say, I AM seeking for a people that would walk to the degree that I have chosen for them. I AM looking for a people that will walk in MY presence. As MY Word declares, as MY Word speaks, so many times: that I have chosen those for the battle that is before them.

But I say, the battle has not been won. I say, many of MY people have been, rather, defeated! They have lost that heavenly calling that I have laid upon their heart, even when they were young. And I say, [in] their older days, they have lost that calling. And they have told others that: “It’s not nothing to it,” that I have always forgiven, and I will forgive them, and if they just believe this, that I AM well pleased! But I say, THAT IS A LIE, saith the Spirit of God!

For I choose MY people to come into MY presence, into a greater degree, a greater direction, a greater calling. And I leave MY people time, that they might grow! I AM not a hard taskmaster, saith the Spirit of God. But I AM gentle. I AM loving. I AM always concerned about MY ones. I AM always there taking the place of sheltering MY ones.

Even when they are wrong, I AM there loving them. And I say, even when MY ones have forgotten ME, I still answer their prayers. And I say, even though they say wrong words, I AM still very concerned.

And I AM very wanting [desirous of good things for them], and very loving for them, that they might come into MY presence, into a greater direction that I have called them, that they might know MY Spirit; that they would pray in MY Spirit to such a degree, that in that prayer language that they would know MY thoughts, that I would be able to translate MY heart to their heart. And as they would pray and seek MY face, and desire, and realizing that when they pray in MY wonderful Spirit, in that heavenly language, that it builds themselves up.

Does not MY Word say that, “building up themselves in the most holy faith, praying in the Spirit?” And I say, I AM not slack concerning MY promises, as some men count that I AM slack! But I AM long suffering, not willing that any should perish, but all should come to repentance.

But I say, in this last hours there has been a deception by the enemy! He has come and brought great deception to the hearts of MY believers. He has allowed MY people to believe that they can live very loosely, that they can live in the presence of the World. And they can leave and live in the commanding and the leadership of the enemy of this World and still have MY grace, and have MY loyalty to them.

And I say, is that asking too much, saith the Spirit of God: that MY people would no longer walk in the leadership and the tutorship of the enemy??? But, they would be so set free by MY Spirit they would walk in victory, they would walk in MY covering, that I might instruct MY ones.

But I say, this is absent in this last hours! I say, very few want to walk in MY presence. They don’t want to take time to pray in MY Spirit. They don’t take time! I say, their time, their day is ALL full of things about this World. And they forget about *ME*. They forget about the ONE that created them! They forget about the ONE that loves them!

And I say, the attention is all given to the Son in this last hour. And it is given to ME [the Father] also. But I say, to MY Spirit, I say there is very little attention put upon *HIM*, no longer.

And I say, *HE* is the force that I have chosen, saith the Spirit of God, to move upon Earth in this last hours! *HE* is the ONE that lives within MY people! *HE* should be the Governor of *MY* churches. HE should be the *ONE* that speaks! But I say, HE is left outside! And HIS presence is *NOT* wanted!

It is only as they would see it, as they have touched and read *MY* Word, so many times. But I say, even with that, their eyes become blinded. They cannot see the importance of MY wonderful Spirit, *MY* SPIRIT that was given after *MY* Son left. And HIS presence is there and it will be there until I take MY church home.

And I say, at that time when I take MY church home, that many would not know the difference because they have been absent from MY Spirit while HE was here. And they will think, in that time, that things are still okay. But I say, very shortly, that things will unfold. And I say there will be a presence of the enemy that will unfold upon this Earth.

And I say, at that time, I say, MY Spirit will be withdrawn. And I say, MY Spirit will be moving in a different area. And I say, at that time, people will cry out; souls of men will cry out. And they will ask for the rocks. They will ask for their hearts to fail them. But I say, they will seek death and they will not find it! And I say, judgment will come! And judgment will arise!

And at that time, when they have all laughed, and they have all trusted one to another, and they have argued one to another, and they have compared one to another, they have thought as men, they have thought as women, and they have thought in MY Word, they have had many debates in MY Word, and they have forgotten MY Word said: MY SPIRIT WOULD BE THE LEADER…that MY Spirit would be the active, the force that would direct and bring out, set captivity free!

But, they have forgotten all that! And they have arranged MY Word to complete and be completed as their instructions, that they instruct their people. And I say through THAT there will be an avalanche of lost souls! There will be an avalanche of many that will suffer loss at that time!

And I say, if you would go through this Land today, you would see multitudes, multitudes, of many, of monuments unto ME. But many of those monuments will not allow MY True Presence to be there.

I say, I poured out MY Spirit upon this Nation, almost a hundred years ago, [1906 Azusa Street movement] saith the Spirit of God. And through that process I have lost almost all of that power, that strength that had been moved upon, so long. And I say, in areas I have men and women that are strong. But I say, “in areas” ONLY!

I say many are strong in the gift of healing. Many are strong in other gifts. But I say, with the WHOLE MAN many are lacking, many have forgotten that MY Word is powerful. And MY Word is to be moved upon by MY SPIRIT! MY Spirit is glorious! MY HOLY GHOST is the Spirit that moves in this last days. And MY Spirit is here to direct MY people, even as HE directed the SON, MY SON, saith the Spirit of God!

That same Spirit that lifted HIM up shall lift up those, these last days. And if MY people shall rally this day, and call upon MY Name, and come back to old time holiness, come back to a presence of MY Spirit, yea, I the Lord thy God shall do glorious things. But I say, if MY people rebel, they will lose out!

I say to the South: “There is revival going on now!” But I say, to this Land: the days are shortened! Your days are limited! Your DAYS are limited, saith the Spirit of God! Your DAYS have been hindered by the enemy! And they have been dampened to the degree that there is no power. I say that I have a few that have power, but very few. There is a limited power upon this Earth. And I AM here to direct thee this day, to instruct thee this day, and that thou might corporate thyself in MY Presence, that I will never leave you.

For I AM a just God! I AM a God that loveth thee, MY ones. Be not afraid! Be not afraid what thou seeth. Be not afraid of thy numbers, for I AM with thee. And I shall touch thee. Come! Seek MY face. Call upon ME, while I AM near. I AM here this day to help thee. I AM here to help thee. I AM here to help thee. I AM here to help thee, saith the Spirit of God.

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