A Word From The Holy Spirit, September 15, 1996

…very difficult times, saith the Spirit of God. I have caused thee that thou would be born in a time when there would be much opposition, saith the Spirit of God. I say, in a time when the enemy would walk at will, and he controls many, and he controls many, many of MY subjects, MINE that have been Mine, he has the controlling power within their lives today.

But, I wish for MY people to come to a place that I would be the center of their life. That as they come to ME, through THAT, that I would expose darkness. And I would bring a change to those that come for deliverance, for those that need MY help, to be healing. I would be there, that I would change [them] and I would help those that would call upon MY Name.

I listen, saith the Spirit of God. I LISTEN, saith the Spirit of God. And I say, few that call upon MY Name believe that I AM able to do great things. I say, they see the ministry and the work in their own denominations, within their own flesh. And I say that flesh cannot produce spirit. All flesh has to be indoctrinated by MY Spirit to be anointed by ME.

And, I need a people that would be counseled upon, and walk in MY counsel, and they would dare to trust no other, that they would DARE; that I would have a people in this last days that would not trust, no longer, in denomination, that would no longer trust in a man’s imagination. But, I say, they would go beyond that. I say, for so long I have allowed this [lack of trust] to take place. But, I AM looking for a people in this last days that would be directed by MY Spirit, saith the Spirit of God.

For I have counted many and I have lost many. I have sought for those, and they are not from ME this day. But I AM seeking those in this last days that will call upon MY Name. And I say, I WILL HAVE A REMNANT, saith the Spirit of God!

For I have chosen THOSE, and I have brought THEM from the byways. And I say, even from the low places I have lifted these up and I will elevate them as they come and denounce their old pathways, denounce their own suggestions, their own intents within their hearts, and denounce the detestable things of this World, and pronounce *ME* as the center of their life, as their lover, their friend. And I, through those [things], will keep them. And I shall sustain them. And I shall give them a ministry, even though things become very difficult.

I say MY people, wrong elements are coming in [to] this World. And I say, MY people do not even understand this. I say, there is much confusion in the World that you live in. I say there is much unanswered questions that I say even the wise cannot answer. I say, they cannot answer the problems they are facing. But I say, they that seek MY Spirit, MY Spirit will teach them. And HE shall guide them! And HE shall deliver them! And HE shall move upon them in a mighty way.

Yet, MY church will not hear this. MY church will not hear this. They are influenced by the intents of the hearts of men. And I say, they will go where they listen to a man, but they will not go where they listen to ME! They will not here MY voice. They will not come and sit under MY tutorship, under MY leadership, under MY calling.

For I AM the ONE that will grace MY people with MY presence. And I say, doesn’t it sound reasonable, saith the Lord? Why would a man want to come into Heaven without knowing ME first?? Why would a one be suggesting that he could live a life of a harlot and come into MY glorious [habitation], what I have called for My people?

For I have given thee MY Son. And I say, HE paid in full, that ALL could be redeemed, that ALL could come. I say, does not MY Word say as Israel lost their first love; did not I say in My Word that it is possible for even MY church to lose that same love?

And I say, MY people must be about MY business. And I say, how can MY people know MY business within their own flesh, within their own self, in their own self-centered way???? I say, NAY! It is impossible! It is only possible to those that believe and come and lean not in their own understanding, but acknowledge ME. And I say, if they shall take time to pray, and take time to have ONENESS of heart in *ME,* [they can know].

I say, MY people are walking double minded. They are walking in two forms. And I say, they read MY Word, but they do not hear MY Word. My Word is a part of ME. And MY Word is part of MY Spirit. And I say, thou must take on MY Word. [“take on” like a ship takes on fuel] Thou must take on MY Spirit. Thou must take on prayer, in talking, communication with ME, that I would REPAIR the brokenness that is in the ranks of MY people.

I say, the ranks of MY people: if you could see the attack of the enemy. He has broken down ALL resistance, saith the Spirit of God. He has broken down MY people that were strong. And I say, this day, they are actually strongholds for the enemy!

But I say, the enemy knows how to attack MY people. He has thought out how to destroy MY church. And through THAT he has come in with a great wave. And this wave has brought down the importance of holiness, the importances of MY Spirit. And they [many believers] have lost THAT. And through THAT he allows a cover-up, he allows it to have a cover up. And I say, on the outside it looks very glorious. But I say the inside is TERRIBLE to MY people.

I say, MY people are covering up the enemy. And he has control. He has the leadership. He has the signs. He has the wonders within himself. But I AM calling for a people that will denounce all of that activity of his former ways, and the former ways of MY child, that ye have all been partakers of, the evil. But when I delivered thee, MY ones, I called thee to come into sanctification. I called thee, MY ones, to come into holiness. And I say, MY people cannot hear that! They cannot hear that!

Yes, I have given eternal life. Yes, I have commanded! That was the only beginning! And I say, did not I tell MY children of Israel to go to the Promised Land. Did not I lead them? Did not I guide them? Is that why MY Word is so difficult of many [to understand]?? I say NO, it is NOT difficult! Nay, it is not difficult!

If thou shall expand thyself in MY Word, and look to ME and call upon ME, and walk in MY Spirit, thou shall no longer fulfill the lusts of the flesh, and the desires that control thee, o man. I say, the controlling must be by MY Spirit. And I say, MY people cannot see this. But I say, the enemy has blinded *MY* *PEOPLE*, saith the Spirit of God.

And I say, to thee MY ones, ye can take this to the bank or whatever you want. But it is TRUTH, saith the Spirit of God! It is a detestable work from the enemy. And he has caused great multitudes of MY people, at that day when I shall come through the clouds of glory; I say they have MY form, but they deny MY power. And I say, at that day, when I come through the clouds of glory **IT WILL TAKE A SUPERNATURAL POWER**, if those that will keep their eyes upon ME. And without that supernatural power thou will not be able to look to ME.

And I say, at THAT day they will be defeated. And I say, as Israel who became defeated, they will become defeated! And I shall grant to those that will call upon ME, and seek MY face, and come in with MY Spirit, to THOSE I will justify them. And I shall complete them. And I shall give them a covering. And I shall cover them with MY mighty love. And I shall keep them in the secret place of the Most High. And I shall bless them!

And I have given this message through these towns, I say, for a period. And I say, very few have heard ME, saith the Spirit of God. They are not listening. They do not listen. They think it is from a man. They think it is from someone. But I say, I the Lord thy God choose to use individuals. And if those same individuals would come to ME, yea, I would use them also. And I would bless them mightily, yea, even to a greater depth. But I say, they cannot understand this! They think it is through the intent of their hearts, through the comparing of one to another.

And I say, MY people are not to compare one to another! They are to seek ME! And they are to do judgment within their own lives. And I say, those that will do judgment within themselves, that they will not be judged at that day. For I the Lord thy God shall strengthen those ones that will judge their own selves. And I say, they will be allowing ME to chastise those ones that I loveth. To those that will allow this, I the Lord thy God will supernaturally take care of them this last days.

But, I say before thee and the World: very difficult times. Very trying times are before thee MY people. I say, the weather will change. And I say, the works of man shall change. And I say, the elements shall change. And I say, there shall be problems that I say the World has never faced, never seen.

And I say, in the elections there shall be things that shall come to pass that has never been before. And I say, there shall be false truths. There shall be ones that will speak one thing and do the other.

And I say, there shall be a time, very shortly, that I say man will not know the will of MY will. But I say, they will walk in their own selfish way. And I say, they will have great swelling words. And I say, they shall be braggers. They shall be imitators of ME, but yet, in heart not ME. They shall speak things, but it shall not be by MY Spirit.

But I say, to those that will grant to ME their lives. And if they that grant to ME their lives, I the Lord thy God shall adopt them. And they shall be MY son, and they shall be MY daughter. And I shall bless them. And I shall move upon them in a great and mighty way.

But I say to those that will not seek MY face, I say, in THAT day I will move upon them only with vengeance. And I say, even though they have called upon ME, and even though they have graced MY churches, MY places, yet in that day they will be absent. And I say, at that day, when I come, many, many, many will be absent, saith the Spirit of God.

[Second Word]

I AM coming very soon! I say, it is very close to the time. I AM coming very shortly! And for those that I come after, I AM going to give them something wonderful, beyond wonders. I say, it is going to be so glorious, so beautiful. But MY people, thou must hold on. You must hold on to that faith that you have within ME. Thou must hold on to holiness. Thou must hold on to MY truths. Thou must know that I will keep those that come to ME and seek ME. I AM able to secure them, to help them, to finish forming them after the image of MY Son.

And I say to those that will call to ME: Very shortly, I will do a exhausting work within them. I shall touch them in a glorious way. And I say, the way of the World, the way of the transgressor shall be very hard in these last hours. I say, it will be very difficult to serve ME and serve this World, without MY Spirit.

MY Spirit is here with HIS hands open to MY people. And I say, they cannot see HIM. They cannot feel HIM. They know about HIM. But HE doesn’t live within many. I say, MY people must realize that if HE lives within them they will not sin. They will not be failures. But as I say, they will learn. And they will be free as they ask forgiveness, day by day, until they grow to that place that THAT sin is not active within them.

I say, I help MY people to grow. I give them time and space that they might repent. And I say I AM very gracious. I AM very slow to anger, saith the Spirit of God. But I know the hearts of MY people. MY people must come and pay a price. They must seek MY face, even though I AM glorious and I have given them grace.

And for those that will pay this price, yea I say Heaven is wonderful, saith the Spirit of God. I will give thee peace! And I will give you great joy! And I shall give you an inheritance. I say, does not MY Word say an inheritance that fades not away, reserved in Heaven for you? It is MY delight to touch MY ones, to serve them, to bless them.

I say, *MY* people, hold on. Look NOT to this World. I say, there is nothing within this World that can help thee! But, your help is within *ME*, the Lord thy God, the Lord thy God, the same God that was with Abraham, the same God that was with Isaac, the same God that was with Jacob, the same God that was with Moses. That same ONE, I AM here this day!

And I AM pleading with MY people the same way that I have pleaded with them before. And I say, many, many, many play games. They do not understand that I want GROWTH in MY people. I want growth in MY people! And I say, if MY people grow, they will be a blessing in this last hour, even though MY coming is very soon. For those that will ask ME, and they grow, I shall impart to them MY gifts in these last days.

And I say to those that will seek ME, and to call upon MY Name, I will answer them. And I will be gracious to them. And I say, oh hallelujah, glory to God, the enemy will not be able to touch them! He will have nothing upon them. And there is no way that he can get to them. For I shall circumference them. And I shall cover them. And I shall put a wall around about them, high above the heavens. And I say, below, I shall guard them. And I shall put MY angels round about them. For I have MANY angels. And, are they not able to support thee o one, o man, o woman? Are they not able to keep thee daily, if thou shall just believe and trust. For I have thee a GREAT inheritance, a GREAT blessing.

And I say, MY ones be not afraid, BE NOT AFRAID OF ME. I say, the World should be afraid. But thou does not have to fear, no longer. For I say, does not MY Word say that perfect love casteth out fear? Oh hallelujah, where there is fear there is torment. I have not given thee the spirit of fear! But of power, love and a sound mind.

Come, come this day. Come without price, come oh ye ones. Do not worry about the price! For I have given thee a time extension that has never been before. And I AM calling that thou would exhaust out all of the resources that is in this World. Exhaust thyself to all of these resources! [Totally vacuum out this World’s atmosphere from your inner most being!] And I say, come close to Me! And I shall keep thee in this last day. And I shall sustain thee. And I shall give thee a blessing that will keep thee FOREVERMORE, saith the Spirit of God.

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