Word From The Holy Spirit, March 14, 1996

For I AM here to work within thee, MY people. I AM here to encourage thee this night. Why does thou look so gloomy? Why does thou hesitate, oh man? Why does thou get so concerned?

I say, have not I given thee POWER, over the enemy? Have not I given thee MY Name, the Name of Jesus? And in that name that every knee shall bow, and every bad spirit shall kneel. And I AM giving thee Myself. I have given thee MY Holy One, that dwells within thee, saith the Spirit of God. For I AM here!

And I say, the Father bids thee! The Son bids thee! And the Spirit bids thee! I AM with thee this day to declare good tidings of great joy to thee, MY beloved. I AM here to expound MYSELF upon thee, to encourage thee.

And I say, why does MY people resist ME? Why do MY people fall back, when I just want to love them? I AM like an owner that loves a dog, saith the Spirit of God. And I say, how happy the owner becomes when his companion, that I have given him comes up and wags that tail. And he brings that smiley look to his owner. And I say how that owner, of that dog, that creature, becomes very happy?

But I say, I have given thee MUCH MORE than that! And I say, I AM the ONE that can make thee happy MY ones! And I say, I AM not to be as a dog. I AM not to be put upon! And I say, that is the way MY Spirit has been treated!

I say, they have wanted ME to wag MY tail. They have wanted ME to leave, to sit out. They wanted me to sit out on the old culvert. They did not want ME to come into their fine churches. I could sit out. And I could be out. And in their time they would say, “That’s all right, let HIM come through the door, but don’t let HIM in!”

And I say, I have been grieved. I have been mocked. I have been that ONE, saith the Spirit of God, that can touch mankind. And I say, MY pastors, through the counsel of the many that are in leadership, I say, they have discussed great things that would put ME out, of their sanctuaries.

And because they have not enough of the living, that when MY Spirit would come, and I say, there are wrong spirits that would come, they did not know how to handle it. Because of that, they became unwise. And they said, we will stop the flow, because it brings interruption into our place of sabbaths. It brings a sadness to many of us, when HE comes to speak,—to speak that “I need a holy people.”

They even reply, “We do not have! We do not need that! We know what God wants for us. We know HIM! We know all about HIM! Leave!”

And I say, through THAT I AM, become grieved. But yet, I have dealt with man, even in THAT way. I have understood them! I have understood, even what caused this! I have understood [it is] because of lack of discernment!

I say, wrong spirits come. But I say, it was not MY intention for this to take place. It was MY intention that MY church from the very beginning would preach holiness!! It would preach sanctification! It would preach truth! It would preach the baptism of MY Holy Ghost! Because it has been denied, I say, they can never recuperate! They can never gather back, that which was lost, all that lost motion.

And I say, when they come, and hear MY Spirit, now, they do not know that it is ME! And I say, that becomes a tragedy! For I the Lord thy God shall have to judge, very shortly!

I see the intentions of many of MY people. I say, their intentions are such that they want to come, and they want to achieve for ME. But they will NOT, in ONE area: they will not humble themselves! They will not allow MY HOLY ONE [the Spirit of God] –to come –to touch them.

I say, there has been a wrong spirit that has entertained many in these last days. And I say, the enemy has come, come in like a wave, yea, even into MY sanctuaries.

And I say, this is THE SPIRIT speaking this, saith the Spirit of God! I say, a man would not know how to declare this! Only MY Spirit can speak! I say, this man cannot utter no words saith the Spirit of God. I say it is ME! I would drop him dead, this moment, saith the Spirit of God if he was to flinch in one way or the other!

And I AM here to testify to thee that I can work through a being that will become obedient to ME. And I have purposed this for years! And people have said it could not come to pass! But I AM proving it, saith the Spirit of God! I AM HE and I have the last WORD, saith the Spirit of God.

I say, men cannot understand how this is taking place. And I say, it is available to thee MY ones. MY ONES, DESIRE THIS! If thou shall desire this and take great thought to it and come to ME, I AM not a respecter of persons, I will do the same! It will be MY delight to touch those.

But I say, for those that pay that last farthing, and they go the last mile, it is MY delight, YEA, to go with them through the trillions of millions!

I say, if MY men will divorce sin and come, yea, with all they can do within themselves, I will promote those to a height that man has never known. And I say, I cannot understand, saith the Spirit of God, how man can think the way they think? How they can promote their own ways; and through great words of great accusation within their heart, and yet they can have ME, they can have MY glory?? For I AM grieved, saith the Spirit of God. I AM grieved, saith the Spirit of God. For I AM grieved, saith the Spirit of God. I AM grieved…..

For I say, many of MY people have put ME into an open shame. They have told MY SERVANTS that they can act in any improper way. They can act like the World, and I would always forgive them. And I would touch them anytime, whenever they would call to ME. But I say, it is NOT so!

For I say, MY people must be absent from iniquity! I say, there is going to be a silent death that is coming upon this World. And that silent death is ripping into the religious realm. And that silent death is coming in, and I say as MY Spirit becomes exhausted, MY Spirit becomes NO LONGER the achiever. I have been very merciful, saith the Spirit of God. I have been long suffering! But I say, this City would not hear this message tonight. But I AM grieved, saith the Spirit of God!

That I AM here to explain to thee, MY ones, that I AM calling forth a people. And if people will come to ME, and shall rally together, it will be MY delight in these last days to perfect them in the image of Jesus Christ– in the IMAGE of THAT special Son, MY Son, saith the Spirit of God! In HIM, that MY people would look like, and act like, and speak like, and be moved upon by the Spirit that dwells within them.

For I AM seeking forth those in these last days. Comfort your hearts to these MY people. Comfort the feeble hearted, the feeble minded. Comfort those that are weak! Comfort those this night that are in sin.

MY people, thou must learn to tarry! Thou must learn to pray, to do interference, to pray that the enemy will be moved upon, that he would be defeated! MY people need deliverance. And it only comes through those that will seek MY face. Call upon MY Name.

I AM seeking for a man, a women that will fill in the gap. But I see little, saith the Spirit of God.

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