Word From The Holy Spirit, March 7, 1996

…MY men, be not afraid. Do NOT look to numbers. But, look to ME! For I AM the sovereign God. I know all things! I understand all things. I seethe thy plight. I have seen it before thou was even born! I know the end. And through this time that thou finds thyself upon life’s journey, thou art walking every day questioning. Thou does not know. Tomorrow there will be a day that you have never seen before. But I say, THAT is life’s journey!

Thou doest never know what is going to take place tomorrow. Thou does not know what will take place this night. MY people, the World does NOT know what is going to take place tomorrow. But I say, the tomorrows are getting shorter, and shorter!

I say, there is a day, very shortly, the days and numbers and times that have been kept in order and recorded. I say, that recording will soon come to the end! And I say, THAT dispensation shall soon be halted. And I say, eternity, for a second, shall stand still. And I say, THERE SHALL BE A SPACE, BETWEEN THE ONE, THIS TIME, AND THAT SEVENTH PERIOD.

I say, that THAT time, yea, that THAT time there shall be a rest for a short time! And I say, there shall be a wedding, a GLORIOUS wedding, in Heaven’s shore. And I say, the bridegroom has prepared. And HE has prepared a mansion for HIS bride. He has prepared them choice silver, and gold, costly pearls, glorious attires.

I say that THIS World does not even know, has not seen, has not even heard. And HE has orchestrated music. And HE has angels, and GLORIOUS glories. And I say, a table that is going to be full, a TABLE, a time of banquet, a time of fulfillment, a time of love, a time of pleasure, a time of joyfulness, a time of having a new body, a new strength, a new touch.

I say, the old man. Yes, I say that [which] has not been healed here will be HEALED then, MY one! And I say, thou shall stand PERFECT then!! Thou shall stand PERFECT! And I say, thou shall be DECKED with MY glory. And thou shall receive MY robe. And I say, thou shall have pearls. Thou shall have gold. Thou shall have glimmerings, of glorious attire, that MY bride, that thou shall be moved upon.

And THAT attire shall be so glorious. And thou shall feel so good, because MY LOVE shall be upon thee! And I, the Lord thy God, at THAT time, at that time shall be a time of celebration, a time, a glorious time. A time, hallelujah, when the Father will see the glory. And the Holy Ghost will bring the bride. And they shall meet! And a time, a time of fellowship, a time of renewing, a time, oh hallelujah, of getting together, the bride and the Son. HALLELUJAH!!! What a glorious time! A time of celebrating. A TIME! Hallelujah!

And I say, THAT time is very short, very short, very sure, and very soon, on time. IT IS ON TIME! And I say, at THAT time, also, looking back [at] this Earth, I say, there shall be problems, that shall face THIS Earth. AND I SAY, IT WILL BE THE EXACT OPPOSITE [on Earth], MY ONES!

I say, IF eye hath not seen neither ear heard, neither has it entered the heart of man the things that shall be prepared for MY ones, at that time. I SAY, IT SHALL BE THE OPPOSITE HERE UPON EARTH!

There shall be a time of plagues, of troubles, of Job’s problems! I say, times of hardness, a time of devilish works coming to manifest in the mighty spirits! And I say, MY people cannot hear THIS message. I say, their ears are closed to this message tonight. And they cannot hear. BUT, MY PEOPLE [that are] HERE TONIGHT, THOU MUST PRAY AND SEEK ME BECAUSE, MY PEOPLE I SAY, MY SAINTS ARE GETTING VERY SURE. And I AM calling forth those. And I AM calling forth those who will move out through MY Spirit.

I say, the church world has, they have questioned MY HOLY SPIRIT, MY SPIRIT, that would move, the Holy Ghost, from Heaven. And I say, they have declared that “HE is without purpose. He is without any strength! He is just a wimp.”

BUT I SAY, THAT IS THE OPPOSITE! I say, all power is in HIM! But, I say HE is a gentlemen. He is very surely a gentlemen, above every order. And, I say HE is VERY polite! And I say, HE has given MY people time, and time again. And I say, many of MY people have grieved HIM! And I say, even thee, MY ones, all of thee, MY ones, THOU HAS GRIEVED MY HOLY ONE. But I say, I HAVE FORGIVEN.

But I say, very shortly, I wish MY people would no longer go back in their old willful ways; but, they hurt ME no longer! Because I say, very shortly there will be no more recourse, for those who have continually gone back. And I say, they will be left WITHOUT REMEDY! THEY will be left without honor! And I say, they will be left hearing THIS wonderful message. And they will be missed from that Heavenly shore. And they will be part of the numbers upon THIS Land.

And I say, there shall be a GREAT revival that shall take place. But I say, much of IT will be to no avail! I say, without the Spirit there can be no more fruit! And I say, when MY Spirit leaves this World, when HE leaves through the clouds of glory, and delivers MY saints back to Heaven, yea, THAT ministry will be finished! And it will be completed!

And at THAT time, the imps from Hell will unveil themselves. And I say, they shall come with hordes. They shall come with a fierceness. And they shall come with tormenting power. They shall come with evil intentions! They will come with the accomplished attacking powers of darkness upon [them]. IT WILL BE PLAGUES OF PLAGUES!

And I say, it shall come upon this World. And I say, men will not be able to cope with the situation they felt. And I say, the anti-christ will come. And he will think he has the answer. But I say, very shortly after he appears, I say, then chaos will come upon this Land. And I say that [there will be] martyrs. THERE SHALL BE MARTYRS! And there shall be problems. And there shall be heads that will be loosed! And I say, there will be blood that will be shedding on the streets of THIS City BEFORE THAT day!

But I say, even at THAT time there will be much in the Earth that will be left. There will be a FIRE upon this Land, one third of it! And I say, there shall be a part of it that will feel that Wormwood. And they will feel THAT part. And they will be diseased! But I say THAT is what the World is looking for!

There is NOTHING in this World that MY people should want! Enjoy NO MORE! Their strength: this World is almost burned out! THIS Earth has almost finished it’s course! And did not MY Word say that this World would be burned up with fervent heat? Nevertheless, I according to MY promise will give you a new heaven, a new earth, where dwelleth righteousness. I will bring this to pass! And I shall bring JUDGMENT upon THIS Earth!

And I say, many in this City will not hear this message! But I declare this night, THIS IS FROM ME, saith the Spirit of God. And this is coming from Heaven! It is NOT coming from a man, saith the Spirit of God! And MY people must register. For I AM here this night to give thee the light, to give thee direction, to help thee!

But I say, the people have been too careless! And they have grown to the place of thinking they are ME! The enemy has so blinded MY people that he has let them believe, for a religious spirit. And that religious spirit has come in such [a way], gripping MY people to the degree that they do not need MY Spirit no longer.

They still use MY Word. They still use Jesus. And they still want Jesus. They want ALL the things. They want everything. And they want honor, but they leave out the Holy Spirit. They leave out the HOLY SPIRIT!

And they give great praises. And they have got to where they can give great music. And they can do GREAT things. But I say, they will be MISSING [from that Heavenly wedding], too, at THAT time.

And they are going to have THEIR fun now, saith the Spirit of God! But I AM looking for those that will not have their fun now! But, they will mean business for ME! And they will seek ME and they shall find ME. And, they shall pray without ceasing! And they will call upon MY Name, daily. And through THAT, I the Lord thy God, for those that will be faithful, I shall enrich them in such a degree.

I say, if even ONE MAN shall serve ME, yea, I the Lord thy God, at that time shall bring companies, battalions of angels around that ONE man! And I say, the enemy cannot even come CLOSE to THAT one!

I promise this for ONE, why not I will this for many? I WILL COME WITHIN THEM!! But I say, as long as violence is here, I cannot accompany it. All I can do is send MY angels! But I say, if MY people would group together, AND THIS IS WHAT I WOULD WISH FOR, SAITH THE SPIRIT OF GOD. That MY people would group together and allow ME, YES I would come down and be within them! AND I WOULD HEAL MANY!! And I would do a great and mighty work!

But I say, it is the hands of MY people! I call for MY people, and I planned them warning. I call them. And I have spoken to them many, many times. And I say, this message has been spoken in this City.

And I say, many, many, many have NOT gone out and said, “This is the Word of the Lord!” They have complained! They have discussed! And they have thought, they have fractioned over THIS word! And they have told and they have made this as a lying. They have put it down! And I say, they put the man, that I have given this, as an open wound! And he has been talked about. But, I seethe this, saith the Spirit of God. And I say, very shortly, I WILL DEAL WITH THESE, saith the Spirit of God.

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