Word From The Holy Spirit, February 17, 1996

I say, there are various roads, numerous avenues. And many of these are geared by MY people, that are called by MY Name. And I say, there are so many roads that I say, the World is confused! I say, they don’t know where to go! They don’t know whether to go here or there, because, I say different messages are coming from different places. And I say, the messages are NOT the same.

But I say, MY Spirit is here that MY Spirit would be the same message, that I the Lord thy God can commission those, as they come under MY understanding, under MY counseling, under MY guidance, under MY direction, that I would speak to you and use the language of the Spirit! And I say, MY Spirit, even though there are a thousand names, shall speak the SAME, as I want them to speak the same. Or, if I want them to speak differently, they will speak as I speaketh!

I AM here to encourage thee this night! For I AM the righteous God! And I say, DO NOT QUESTION THIS SERVANT! I say, he has spent time. He has spent T I M E in ME saith the Spirit of God! I have called MY people.

Did not MY Word say, if MY people shall call unto ME and I will answer thee, and I will show them great and mighty things? I say, it is not MY will to do the works through great and mighty ones! [But] for those that will bow the knee to ME, that I shall move upon them in a great and mighty way. For I say, MY callings are without repentance! And I, the Lord thy God, AM going to resurrect those that have been faithful, for those that have LONGED for the move of MY Spirit. Yea, I shall incorporate them in these last days. And they will NO LONGER be confused by the powers of darkness, but MY Spirit shall move upon them! Because MY people have prayed and sought MY face, and called upon ME, and dared to live above reproach, above condemnation of this World.

I say, MY people must live ABOVE this World! And MY people must live in holiness! MY people must learn to walk in perfect harmony with MY Spirit, that MY Spirit, that their will not be confusion one to another, that there would not be envy one to another, that MY people would walk hand in hand, in ONE Spirit, ONE mind. As I said in MY Word, they will walk and they will walk together, and they will walk in one rank. And I the Lord thy God shall minister to them! [See Joel 2:7-8]

For I AM here this night to help thee, MY ones, to help those that are in darkness! But if MY people will call upon ME, and MY people will seek MY face, in their closets [they will hear from Heaven]. I say, MY people want to make noises to be heard of men! They want to come to the public arena, to speak great and swelling words, — when I wish MY people would pray and seek ME in the closet!

Through that closet, yes, I will reward those ones through that, who have been diligent to ME. And I will honor those ones who have lived holy before ME! And I will honor those ones that have prayed and sought MY face, and for those that will be obedient to MY Spirit.

I say MANY of MY subjects, of MY people, aye [yes], they have been obedient to the things that they wanted to be obedient in. But the things that they didn’t want to be obedient in, they chose to be disobedient [in]! They chose to NOT receive! And they chose not to take the FINAL BLESSING!

I say, many of MY people, they walk in somewhat of a degree, many, many times. But I say, at one [certain] time they do not want to go when I say [go]. They renege! And they stop! But I wish for a people that will move OUT, as I direct them, day by day, hour by hour, [so] that they will not come against MY Spirit.

But, when MY Spirit speaks to them, it will be confirmed by MY Word! I say, I do not tell people to do things that are contrary to MY Word! I don’t tell them to be different, just to be [different]. But I wish MY people to be walking in holiness! And after they walk in holiness, THEN I shall adorn them with gifts! And I shall gift them as they have the fruit of MY Spirit in their lives, and they know the love, they know the peace, they know the joy, they know the blessings. Through THAT, then I shall even give them greater gifts: the gift of healing, the gift of knowledge, the gift of tongues, interpretations, all the gifts. But I say, MY gifts are without repentance!

And when I give a gift to one, and that man takes that gift out, and ruins that gift, HE IS ACCOUNTABLE! And I say, there is a certain anointing on those individuals who had ONCE MY anointing. And I say, even though they walk in disobedience [now], I say, they have somewhat of a gift. And even though it is a wrong, they still can operate, because I say, MY gifts are WITHOUT repentance!

Aye [yes] still, if they would call out [for God’s help and correction HE would respond], even though they are wrong, and I say, that is why I have to worry, many times, that MY children willfully take that gift. And take that gift and use it wrongfully, for MY will.

But I wish for MY people, that they would learn to walk in MY Spirit, that they would learn to study MY Word, that they would learn to pray without ceasing, they would learn to be obedient, they would learn to be watchful, and pray and seek MY face. And, they would learn to walk in holiness. They would learn to refrain from anything that is wrong. And they would speak NO guile! They would speak NO hypocrisy! They would speak ONLY the truth! And they would speak in love! They would speak only in [by way of] the gifts of MY Spirit!

But I say, many times, MY people wish to walk in their own lusts, their own pride. And through THAT, they walk. And it becomes a blemish on the work that I called them to endeavor themselves in. And because they become a failure, many times they quit, when I say, if they should come back and repent, yea, I the Lord thy God, after they repent, and come back and do that first work, I SHALL LEAD THEM AGAIN!

And I shall start them at the bottom. And I shall bring them through again! I say, MY people MUST LEARN that when they step wrong, they have to go back and come through that pathway again! I do not give shortcuts to MY people! I do not give them short cuts, for I make it hard, HARDER. But I say, the wealth is worth it!

MY people, I say, encourage thy selves! And tell people: not to walk, no longer, in sin. Tell them to come out from among this World. Tell them that I have a love for them! Tell them, I have a compassion for them! Tell them, I have a power for them!

Tell them, I HAVE THE ANOINTING, and I have the strength, and I have the Gentle Shepherd, the Savior, Jesus Christ the Righteous One, who HAS made intercession for thee, MY ones, that thou could come, BOLDLY, every day to MY throne, that I would commune with thee, MY ones! For I desire to spend time for MY ones to commune with ME.

And I say, they have other things on their mind! They have other things! And when I try to interrupt them, they go! They don’t hear ME! And pretty soon their ears become dull! And the only time they call upon ME is when they need ME! And [at] THAT time, YEA, they want ME to answer, speedily. But I remember the times when they have been far from ME. They have been wayward children. And through their disobedience they have caused ME to have to deal with them as a one to be reprimanded by MY love!

But, MY people need to realize the most important thing is making Heaven your home! I say, there is a Heaven to gain and a Hell to shun! And I say, MY messengers, MY pastors need to teach holiness unto ALL!! They need to tell them I have a plan, that I have a Holy Ghost! Yea, they quench MY Spirit! They quench MY Spirit, they quench ME, saith the Spirit of God! And through the quenching of ME, I say, whoredoms of legends, yea, of the enemy [bad spirits] has come in! And I say, many times, they are in worse shape than when they began, because of allowing [wrong things].

And I say, these false shepherds: I the Lord thy God, if they DO NOT change, I WILL DEAL WITH THEM! And they will wish they had never been a shepherd! Now I say, there are many that are proclaiming MY Name that HAVE NOT been called! And I say, does not MY Word say, they can not be sent unless they are called??!

And I called those ones. And the ones that I called, yea, I shall lead them beside the still water!!! And I shall move upon them with MY love. And I shall correct them, because I shall give them that gentle touch! And they shall receive of Mine. And I shall inspire them! And I shall give them peace from on high! I shall give them a continence of MY glory upon them! And I say, they shall even be a profitable servant! Those that will lean to ME and call upon ME, yea, when THEY lay hands upon the sick, I say, IT SHALL BE DONE!! And I shall do great and mighty miracles to THOSE that believe!

For, aye, it is MY delight in these last days [to move on those seeking], because I say, MY Spirit has been quenched so thoroughly through this State, and many states surrounding thee. That I say in this Valley IT has been suppressed! MY Spirit has been put down! And MY Spirit has been tormented, as man can do!

But I say, MY Spirit shall arise OUT OF THIS. And MY Spirit WILL have a people! And through THAT I shall re-ordain those ones. And they shall commune with ME! And I the Lord thy God shall choose those ones for a lasting work in this day. And they shall be givers of ME, NOW!

And I say, in that day when I shall come through the clouds of glory, for that short time they shall come at that Marriage Supper. And they shall have a feast at THAT time. There shall be joy! There shall be great joy, through THAT time. There shall be garments of praise! There shall be a wedding garment, that I the Lord thy God shall move upon those that will invest their time in ME now!

And I say, when thou shall come back through the clouds of glory, at the Mount of Olives [after the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, the time of Christ returning on that white horse with HIS armies of angels and saints], and ye shall come through the clouds and ye shall defeat the evil one. And then many of these [saints who return with Christ], yea, they shall be the leaders through the Thousand Years, saith the Spirit of God!

And through that thousand years, they [the saints that have gone to the Marriage Super and returned with Christ in resurrected bodies] shall be Kings and Priests! And they shall live through another time, for a thousand years! And through that time, yes it is a thousand years, the enemy shall come out. [Satan will be released at the end of the thousand years from where he was chained in Hell. He will arise to deceive some of the flesh and blood citizens of that time causing them to rebel against Jesus Christ who rules from Jerusalem.] And he [Satan] shall have a time again, for a short time. I say, for those that have lived through THAT time [the flesh and blood people who are born in that Millennium time and who live during that time], that they have to know the Savior, Jesus Christ. [The normal people born during the Millennium or thousand years will have to be evangelized. They are born in sin, as we are today in this era. Perhaps the resurrected saints will minister the Gospel to those who will receive.]

But MY people MUST learn to die now because I say [this is necessary] to make the resurrection [and escape to the Marriage Supper]. MY people, does not MY Word declare, that every knee shall bow and every soul shall die upon this World? All of them shall die and then comes the judgment! But I say, for those that go through the clouds of glory, THEY MUST DIE NOW! AND THERE MUST BE NOTHING THAT SEPARATES THEM BETWEEN ME. And that will be THAT death that I require of thee MY ones. [We must die-out to sin, the flesh and the love of the World *NOW*.]

Through those that will die, and put away the childish things, put away the lust, the cares, the things that have upset thy walk before ME, that thou shall be SINGULAR, and be inspired by ME and come close to ME, I the Lord thy God, for those, I shall INSULATE them in these last days with a covering of MY blessings upon them! And there shall be a POWER upon them. And they shall speak as the divine oracles from Heaven! And they shall proclaim and do the will of the Father, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost.

I say, for all these that have lacked, they shall be put down! [Carnal believers who refuse to get purified now and die out to the love of the World will have to be purified by passing through the horrible time of tribulation, and be martyred.] And they shall be ashamed! And I say, many shall see this work going forth. And they laugh now, but I say at that time they will laugh and it will be TOO LATE! They will not have time to rekindle, to regain. For I AM calling forth a fast work in these last days. Prepare now!! And if thou shall prepare now, I the Lord thy God [proclaim] thou will not be found NAKED, when I come!

And I have called thee that thou would be a ready people, a holy people, a people that are totally directed by MY Spirit, saith the Spirit of God.

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