Word From The Holy Spirit, February 10, 1996

There is a Land, but I say, many [have not developed it]. There is a Land that has not been developed. And I say, THAT Land is in the heart of MY people. MY people have never learned to move through the Spirit. I say, very few of MY people have learned to receive MY Spirit with the promise that I have called, and the identification that I want to move within THOSE.

For I AM here to bless thee MY ones. I AM here to strengthen thee MY ones. I AM here to help thee! But I say, through various hard times, I say, man has arrived in their own selves. I say man is very high in their own esteem. And I say, man has a plight. Man has a ministry, within their own self, in their own conscience. Man wants to subdue what their Maker can do within them! Man wants to achieve above their Maker!

But I AM calling forth a people that will not achieve within their own imagination, will not achieve in their own heart, in their own lust, in their own thoughts, in their own ways. I the Lord thy God, with those that would choose ME, yea, through THAT!

I the Lord thy God [say that] through the choosing of their own ways brings prides. It brings an element from the natural. And I say, the natural cannot consult with the spiritual! I say they are contrary! There is two different directions!

And MY people, LEARN!! I say the conscience has been seared in many of MY people! And I say since, in this Land, MY people, this Nation, has stopped the work of spanking of the children, I say, an onslaught of spiritual whoredoms have come forth! And I say, because this is NOT proper, and I say because there is a lot, many, many, many whoredoms of young people that are being seduced with wrong spirits! They have not been broken, the spirit, when they were a child, young, that the parents were supposed to bind and brake as they brought forth correction.

But I say, also in the spiritual ranks, is the same! MY Spirit-people have not learned to bring forth correction! They have forgotten that they did not want to be spanked. And I say, MY people only want to hear what they want to hear, saith the Spirit of God! They want to hear ONLY what they want to hear and I say, that is why, saith the Spirit of God, there is so few that come out to this service, saith the Spirit of God!

For I say, they want to have an ear of itching ears! They want to HEAR! They do not want to make changes! They want [it] to be said that they are blessed; they are special! But I say, there is a lot of work that needs to be done through their lives. And through this, they think they ARE special! And through THAT they become wayward and they become intentionally drawn away by the wrong crowd. And through THAT they become a direction of darkness!

They forget that I AM the God that moves upon them through MY Spirit of love! And I shall correct MY ones! And did not MY Word say, I chastiseth those whom I loveth? AM not I able to chastise MY one, that one that goes through the time? AM not I able to teach MY child? AM not I able to bring back that wayward son, that wayward daughter? AM not I able, if MY people, which are called by MY Name shall pray and seek MY face, and pray for deliverance and call out unto MY Name, for those that are lost, those that are bound? Am not I able to do, and rescue that one, IF, they call upon ME MORE, saith the Spirit of God?

For it is MY delight, if MY people, would no longer walk in their own lusts, in their own selves, their own imaginations. And I say, YES, in their own counsel! Yes, in their own plight, in their own instructions, knowing more than their sister, their brother knows, on a competitive basis, that they know more, that they are more spiritual than their brother. They are more holy than their brother. AND I SAY THIS BRINGS A SEPARATION THROUGH THE SPIRIT!

But I say, MY people do not, no longer, need to judge one another. They need to judge themselves. They must realize that this vessel they possess, their life, NEEDS TO BE CHANGED! It needs to be brought into the supernatural! It needs to come to the time, of that one that will call upon their Savior! Call, and MEAN what they call, what they are saying, MEAN what their conscience is speaking through their heart about, that they might ask forgiveness! And they might repent, of their old man, their old way. And they would no longer, after they have repented, go back, NO LONGER back into that willful direction, NO LONGER!

But I say, MY people call and they ask ME. They say, “If you will give me something, if you will heal me, LORD, I will repent of this.” And as soon as I heal them, then, they go back, and they take that SAME issue, over again, over and over and over, says the Spirit of God!

For I AM wishing for a people that would long, and come MY way! I say, as long as MY people try, with doing a certain measure WITHIN THEMSELVES, it becomes their OWN works! I AM looking for a people who no longer move **ANY** in their own works! But, rally and believe that THEIR God, the ONE that they serve, the ONE that they defend, the ONE they love, the ONE that they surrender to, and through THAT ONE, they, believing in their Savior, in their God, that they, as they speak will do great and mighty works! And when they speak, they will have faith, believing that WHAT they speak shall come to pass!

And with THOSE kind of prayers, that kind of belief, I the Lord thy God, with those that will come together with one mind; two or three shall gather in THAT condition, I THE LORD THY GOD SHALL DO A WORK WITHIN THIS LAND. AND, YEA, I SHALL BRING THOSE THAT ARE IN BONDAGE [to where they are] SET FREE, if I can get MY people to walk in singleness of heart, and one mind, no longer adulterated by the lusts or the pride of the life of that individual!

MY people MUST die, DIE to the things of this World! That they must walk! FOR I LOVETH THEE MY PEOPLE! I say, the enemy has caused MY people that [they] want to walk in adultery. And I say, there is a way, way beyond that, a higher way. And that is coming out of that WHOLE wicked realm!

And if thou shall come out of that whole wicked realm, and walk in MY Spirit, walk in MY obedience. For I say, many of MY people, which are called by MY Name, are still having trouble in arising against the fruit of the Spirit!

I say, they still have lust! They still have pride! They still have arguments! They still have hatred! They still hate! They still devour one another! They gossip about one another! And then they wonder why they are not healed, saith the Spirit of God!

This is happening in MY works, saith the Spirit of God! And through THIS there is a great whoredom of wrong spirits. And it incorporates wrong intentions! It incorporates wrong directions!

My people must realize that their soul is the most important thing they own! For I say, that soul will never leave thee, MY one! I say, thy soul, if thou shall live for ME, thou shall live for ME, eternally! But if thou shall NOT live for ME, thy soul shall suffer darkness. And it shall be damned!

For I AM calling forth a people that mean business with ME, saith the Spirit of God! And I say, this is harsh, I KNOW, saith the Spirit of God. But I say, if ye shall know the Truth, THE TRUTH shall set you free!

I say, many of MY people have lied to their people! And I say, through this, they are living an adulterous life. They are still walking, angered brother to brother! They are still talking about their brother, their sister. They still have envies. And they still have strifes. They have wicked imaginations! They have bad thoughts! And they lie! They cheat! They steal! They make false drawings! They do things with their hands that are ugly! They do things that are unbearable!

And I say, MY people should be, rather, above THIS! MY people should be above this in ALL areas! They should not have to refrain, but ye should be above that refrain. THAT should not be of thy thought capacity, nor to thy cavity [the temple of the body], NO LONGER! That thou would not even THINK about the things of the old man!

I wish for MY people to arise to a greater power and a greater source. And through that, yea, MY people, I loveth thee! But I have to tell thee what is going wrong!

I say, MY people have been caused to receive a false illusion: THAT THEY SHOULD BELIEVE ON MY SON, yes that is accurate, saith the Spirit of God. HE has paid in full. But I say once thou keeps going down, and the old man [keeps regaining control], I say, does not MY Word say, [there comes a time where] there is no longer a blood to forgive that one?!

I say, I wish for MY people, after they have been saved, to start learning to WALK, *ABOVE* the things of this World! And I give MY people time! I give them place! And I wish MY pastors would tell them that they need, as a space of time, to start walking toward ME, being led by the SPIRIT.

I say, many bind MY Spirit! And when they bind MY Spirit, THERE IS NO MOVE FROM ME! And I say, then it becomes a man’s work! And I say, a man’s work is [one that finds it] very hard to cope with the powers of darkness, when they are in their own flesh, their own spirit!

I say, but when a man, a woman, will sell totally out [to the World and go] with ME, and I the Lord thy God shall resurrect that one up! Yea, through that one that I lift up, THEY shall do a great work! And they will not have to worry what they say, what they have done. Because, those that will lean totally upon ME, they will lean not, no longer, in their own understanding, with all their ways acknowledge ME, I shall direct thy paths. And I shall keep them, this day, forevermore!

For I loveth thee MY people! I loveth thee! But I say, MY people, many, many are far from ME this night. For, I loveth thee that are here. I LOVETH THEE! I say, do not get offended this night! For I AM here with love! Do not get offended for I loveth thee! I wish to HEAL thee, this night! For I say, many of MY people, I say, when I speak to them, they become offended, because I wish for changes to be made! And I say, MY people do not like to make changes!!

MY people are comfortable where they are. And MY people, many, will not make change! But I say, I AM looking for those in this day that they will make changes as I move upon them. And they will no longer be the old man, or the old woman. But they will love MY Spirit to live with them forevermore, saith the Spirit of God.

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