Word From The Holy Spirit, February 8, 1996

There are times: I say, before thee there are times of judgment! There is times of Job’s sorrows. There is a time of Daniel’s troubles. There is a time that has never been, upon this Earth. It has been recorded in MY Word.

But I say, MY people, in these last days: many of MY people, which are called by MY Name, in these days move in their own flesh. I say, they speak with the charisma of their own selves! And I say, they have learned to say all the right things! They have learned how to make man feel well. They have learned how, when a man is in sin, to make him feel okay, where he is at, without MY Word.

I want to bring a man of sin, I want to bring that correction THAT time. In that time, if that man will come, and MY Spirit comes upon them, and I bring condemnation to that man, or I bring judgment to that man, and that one turns from his ways, yea, I the Lord thy God shall heal THAT one! And he shall be Mine!

But I say, man’s way has created problems! I say, man has brought people down, and allowed sinners to come to the places of importance. The sinners can come in and be the deacons! The sinners can come in and be the Sunday school superintendents, because of the MONEY, and the cares of this life, and the cares of this World. But I say many are walking on Monetary Avenue! And I say, through THAT, they let down the guard.

And they have forgotten that MY work was spiritual. And MY work was to do a work when the enemy would come in with power, yea I would have a people that would walk in holiness. And I would have a people that would be divorced from the powers of this World. And through THOSE people, that they would move out [drive out] the activity of the enemy. And they would cause the powers of darkness to be depleted. And they would move upon MY people, in these last days, that have not been converted, that they might bring conversions to pass, that they might see a new people receive ME as Lord and Savior.

I AM calling for a people in these last days that they would walk gently, and be gentle as a servant for ME. MY people, learn to be gentle! MY people need to learn to walk in MY holiness! MY people must learn to walk, no longer, in pride, not raising themselves above their brother, their sister.

I say, MY people must erect themselves as BELOW, taking a lowly path, preferring their brother above themselves. And I say, to those that will do this way, they will learn humility! MY people must learn to humble themselves under MY mighty hand, that I might exalt them, IN DUE TIME.

And I say, MY people have learned the paths of pride. They have learned the path of great importance. They have learned the path of the importance of doing as a MAN PLEASER, AS A MAN SEE-ER, AS A MAN TALKER, A MAN WAKER, waking peoples hearts, even though they are in darkness! I AM the God that can change lives, says the Spirit of God! Only **I** AM able to bring a man out of darkness!

And I say, if MY people, yea, that are called by MY Name, shall humble themselves and pray, in this last days, and seek MY face, YEA, they will no longer work being discouraged!

MY people must realize that MY call was very sure! I say, souls are held in the balance THIS night! Can’t you see, MY people, there are souls lacking this night! There are souls!

And I say, there is actually those that are teaching THIS [that souls are in the balance] too, and through the teaching they have forgotten ME, they have forgotten MY SPIRIT. And they have not allowed MY Holy One to be in the center! But, MY Holy One wants to make Himself known to MY people! And I say, My people MUST make room for HIM!

And I say, MY people must know JESUS FIRST! And MY people, many of them, do not even know MY SON. They have accepted a way of man. And they have painted this way, and thinking they automatically come into Heaven, and they would automatically win and do all these things! And yet, while they are upon this Earth they cuss, they swear, they drink, they debate, they gamble, they cheat, they curse, they have immorality within them, they have the wrong sex, they have the things that are not inspired by ME. And I say, through THAT, the enemy has had a field day, even among MY people!

I say, do not thou hear the reports?? I say pornography, even those that thou has known, they are in prison THIS night! And I say, MY people must be delivered from these last days, that they might be deliberately serving ME with all of their heart!

They must NOT take it to just guess work! They must not take it to just thinking that they can just serve ME as a light task! For I AM calling forth MY people to lay down that LIGHT sabbath! And they would take earnestly and THINK, and call upon ME and move out and cry to ME, and seek MY face, and make MENTION that they are in need of their Savior! They have need of that ONE that can supply their every need! They have NEED of the ONE that can save them and keep them in the hallow of a mighty hand from Heaven. And [how can] they, NOT need that ONE that can keep them from the powers of darkness?!?!?

And they need that One that can cope with them and give them a word to speak! They need that ONE that can supply their needs!

And I say, through that one that will say, “I need you every hour, MY LORD!” I say, I the Lord thy God TO THAT ONE, that child-like faith, TO THAT ONE that doesn’t even understand, I the Lord, and if they mean business [that one will receive].

And I say, MY evangelists tell people they can just get saved, and that is it! But I AM telling MY people it is MORE than getting saved! MY people, thou must come out from among this World, that thou might be a separate people, a holy people. I say, does not MY Word say what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For ye are the temple of the living God. As God has said I will dwell with them. I will walk with them. I will be their God and they shall be MY people. Therefore, come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord. And touch not the unclean thing. And I will receive you. And I will be a Father unto you. And ye shall be MY sons and daughters, saith the Lord, Almighty! Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

MY people must renounce [sin and darkness]! That is, come out from ALL manner of evil. And I say, the only way MY people can survive in these last days is praying in that heavenly language! Calling upon MY NAME. And uttering to ME. And realizing that I AM their Savior. I AM their being! I AM HE that provideth for them.

I can even let them know ahead of schedule what is going to take place. For those that will call upon MY Name, they will not QUESTION what day I shall come, because they will know in their heart. They will NOT know exactly, but they will know in their heart that I the Lord thy God AM coming very shortly. And they will know ME. MY sheep shall know MY voice. And they shall come at MY call. And a stranger they do not know.

I say, many of MY ones, this night that have MY Name, do not know MY voice! But I say, they are far from ME, this night! I say, many are living in wickedness! They are living, even, in adultery! They are living in sin! And I wish MY people to come out from among this sinful World! I wish for MY people to adorn themselves: the beauty of holiness upon MY daughters. For MY bride must be pure and holy! MY bride must be without spot or wrinkle!

And I say, I AM coming very soon. The clouds shall be opened! And I say, for a split second, I shall pierce through the clouds of glory. And MY bride shall be caught up in the air. And I say, a remnant will be ready. And that remnant will be clothed with MY holiness! And they will be clothed with MY Holy Ghost. And MY Holy Ghost will lead that one. And HE [The Holy Ghost] will transfer that one from here [to there]. And he [that purified and ready believer] will not feel the awfulness that shall take this World.

But I say, for those that are left, for those that have been unwise, for those that have been unfaithful stewards, they have once served ME and they have forgotten about the HOLY ONE, and they have put MY HOLY ONE down. And I say, at that Time [the time of the end times] there comes a time. Did not I say in MY Word if thou would come against the Holy Ghost it will not be forgiven, yea, now or forevermore!

And I say, many of MY people which are called by MY Name have had that wonderful experience. And I say, many, many of MY churches where I have walked, and advanced in the Spirit of God. And this night they come to a place, and they feel NOTHING!!!! And that is a shame, saith the Spirit of God!

They should be on fire, THIS night! And I say, THOSE are afraid to speak out this night, because they would be afraid what the pastor would say to them or that one. But I AM calling for a people who will NOT care what man thinks! And they will register with ME, this night! And through THAT they will be courageous!

And they will see the need this night to come out and address the things that are before man, that they might be a people that would be ready, inspired, by the SPIRIT that lives within them, that they would be totally on fire from the very crown of their head to the very sole of their feet.

There feet will be walking in heavenly places, by Christ Jesus. No longer, of their soul. That would suit them in the garment of praise. And I would suit them with the helmet of salvation, the sword of the Spirit. And I would suit them, that they might be able to do the spiritual battle.

But I say, I seek for many. Many are NOT ready! Many are not ready to do spiritual battle! I AM seeking for those that will plainly believe, with holiness. And they shall bind the powers of the enemy, for THAT city. And many, many, many shall be recovered, for a few that will seek, for those that will call upon MY Name.

And I say, MY people, I say, MY people are walking in the dredges. They are walking in the slime! They are walking down below the good belief where I wish them to be! I don’t want them down in the “mullygrubs.” I don’t want them in pain! I don’t want them in the things of sin!

And the World has distorted their vision! He [Satan] has brought them down. He has brought a distortion, because he is the enemy, [the one] of all liars. He is the enemy of all truth. And he has brought MY people down! They have forgotten MY power!

I say, MY people go and hear MY son, Benny Hinn. And they see ME move in power. And I say, they go home and they see NOTHING! But I say, IT [the power] should be wherever, where they are! That same power that is on MY son [Benny Hinn] there should be moving in thy churches! It should be there [in your church], alive, real!

And when thou prayeth it shall come to pass! It shall be moved upon! As thou prayest for that woman, thou shall feel thy heart. And thou shall know that thy God healed!

I have given thee strength in these last days, that thou would perform courageously, that MY people would no longer be a cast away, that they would be moved upon by MY blessed HOLY GHOST! By MY Spirit [who] loves thee, For I loveth thee! And I say, Jesus loves thee!

For I say, MY people are FAR from ME this night, MANY! I say they have let the activity of that television set, all the things of this World to come in to entertain them. And I say, the enemy has taken THAT entertainment and brought them down until they have lost their first love! And they have lost the concern! And they no longer even care about ME!

But I AM seeking for those in these last days, very shortly, that will aspire seven days a week! And they will come and gather themselves in prayers, seeking MY face. And with THOSE faithful few, I the Lord thy God shall resurrect a holy monument, unto ME, that I the Lord thy God can tell the evil one, “I HAVE A PEOPLE, WHO WALK IN MY HOLINESS!” I have a people, that can be moved upon by ME, saith the Spirit of God.

Come, rally MY people! COME! And I the Lord thy God shall help thee through times of discouragement! I say, I see the discouragement on the hearts of thee, this night! I see the problem thou hast faced! But, I AM here this night to encourage thee!

Thou must seek ME this night as thou has never sought ME! MY people must earnestly seek for their faith! They must no longer quench the Spirit that has kept them: MY mighty hand!

And I say, for those, I have been merciful to MY people. I have extended MY mercy! But I say, very shortly that mercy will not be extended, no longer! And I say, at that time for those that will seek ME now, they will be the ones that will be the remnant! And through those, I will [move] courageously at that time. And I will allow them, for a short time to do courageous things! MY Spirit shall be upon them, for a short time!

And I say, many of those that lack will see THAT precious hour. And they will even be envious. And they will know that they have failed! And yet, for those ones that I give this power, they will go on [in mighty works]. And they will soar. And then very shortly they will be REMOVED out of the presence of this ugliness upon this Land. And I say, they will not even be forgotten, many of them. I say, they [those left behind] will say, “They will be done away with.” But I say, those ones, that I bring THIS way, they will have to die NOW, for they don’t die then!

I say, MY Word has spoken: every man is appointed to die, then comes the judgment. But I say, those that go by the way of the resurrection, must die now! MY people must come into holiness! I would be an unfair God if I did not allow that, saith the Spirit of God.

MY Word declares that ALL must die! Every knee shall bow. Every knee shall die! Every knee that confesses will die! And I shall give thee the strength to be an overcomer, if thou shall come! And I say, be quick to hear, slow to speak.

My people, be very careful what thou speaketh from this time on! Do not let the enemy take thy tongue, NO LONGER. Be very careful. Be quick to hear, but very slow to give a reason!

I the Lord thy God shall help thee if MY people will learn to REFRAIN their tongue, and keep their eyes upon ME! To those that will do that, I the Lord thy God shall rest in them. And they shall receive that rest. And they shall receive that blessing! And they shall be devoted, TOTALLY to ME! And I the Lord thy God shall inspire them! And I shall give them an inheritance that I cannot even tell thee about, this night!

For I shall give thee a strength that would go on beyond the imaginations of the mind of this World. And I shall give thee an inheritance that thou cannot even see, this night, if thou shall come, and have faith in the living God, and tell OTHERS!

MY people, you must learn to tell others, this message. I love thee! But I say, this message is NOT being spoken, in this manner. For I loveth thee, saith the Spirit of God.

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