Word From The Holy Spirit, January 25, 1996

…a time of perplexities, a time of Job’s troubles, a time of disharmony, a time of failures, a time of problems, a time of destructions, a time of heartaches, a time of deaths, a time of afflictions, a time of diseases, a time of problems we have never faced upon this earth, saith the Spirit of God.

I AM coming through the clouds of glory, and I say, yea, there is a discouragement upon MY people in this last days, because, I say, they have learned to look upon the things that are seen. And they have taken the end of the things that they have seen, and they [have] registered with the things that are seen. And they have brought those things down to the degree that they are no longer trusting in the Lord thy God. But they are trusting in their things that are seen.

And they have trusted in their own wealth. They have trusted in their own works. They have trusted in their own churches. They have trusted in their own sabbath. They have trusted in their own flesh. They have trusted in man. They have trusted in their lives. They have trusted in defeats. They have trusted in being unwise. They have trusted in the things that would bring deceit. They have trusted in the things of discouragement.

But I say, I have a few of MY people. And through THOSE that will come, and seek MY face, and believe that I AM sovereign, I AM HE that liveth, I AM HE that prepareth all things and knoweth all things. Through HIM, and those that will come in THAT way, in THAT direction, and place their hands and their body in MY hands, I the Lord thy God shall lift that one, that will place themselves totally in MY hands. And aye [yes], from that time forth, as long as they stay in the hallow of MY hand, no one can pluck them out of MY hand!

I say the enemy cannot pluck them out. No one can take ANY of MY beloved! As long as MY beloved will walk in MY Spirit, and allow ME to adorn them, allow ME to clothe them, allow ME to move upon them, I the Lord thy God shall take a remedy.

And for those [who choose] a remedy of this World–I say the World has no remedies. They have no understanding of what is going forth. But I have a people, a remnant, that will have a remedy! And that will be of ME, GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON, AND GOD THE HOLY GHOST.

And through THAT [remedy] those [who] will count themselves as nothing, within their own flesh. They will NOT lean upon their own understanding, no longer. And they will trust the living God. They will trust MY Spirit that wants to move upon them and occupy them, and to be partakers of them daily, momentarily, hourly, secondly.

But, I say, MY people do not plan this. My people want to tell ME when they want ME to move upon them! They want to push buttons in that time. At that time they want ME to give them joy. The next moment they want ME to answer their prayer. The next minute they want to do their own thing. And I say, their thing is *SO* far from ME. And they do not even want to praise ME. They do not want to even follow MY leadings, even in MY Word! They don’t even want to follow even anything that I have done. And yet, they want ME to CONTINUALLY bless them! They want ME to move as they call upon ME. They want ME to be quick to hear, to reply at their cries.

But I say, I AM wishing for a people that WILL TRUST in the living GOD. And they will put their hands in the HANDS of MY HANDS. And through THAT, I the Lord thy God, as they commit their lives TOTALLY to ME, and they surrender the “old man,” and the old ways, and they renounce that path of sin. And they come out from among this World, and they try and they come, as a little child, and tell ME that they want to serve ME. And many times they do not know even how, but if that [one of] child-like faith will come and say, “I want YOU, LORD!” I the Lord thy God with that one with the child-like faith, even though they do not understand. If they will keep calling upon MY NAME, it will be MY GREAT desire, it will be MY GREAT strength that will help them!

And I say, as they respond to ME, I the Lord thy God could do nothing less than to respond to them! And I say, for those that will cry out to ME, and earnestly seek ME in these last days, I the Lord thy God shall prosper them in the Spirit. Yea, they may not see a lot in the natural. But I say, in the spirit realm, I shall make them, they shall be WEALTHY! They shall be RICH in MY Spirit!

And through THAT, they shall live above reproach. They will live above this World. And they will not see the things that will come upon this World, because their eyes will not be viewing the things that are seen, NO LONGER! That they will be in touch with ME constantly, praying, seeking MY FACE. That I the Lord thy God shall corporate MY SPIRIT upon that same one. And through that it will be interwoven as one, even intertwined as one.

I say, MY son, MY daughter, yea, as thou shall come, I the Lord thy God, shall come upon thee, move upon thee, MEND thee. And I shall blend within thee, that thou and ME shall be as one.

And I say, thou does not have to worry about what tomorrow comes, or what today offers for thee. Yea, I the Lord thy God shall strengthen thee BEYOND that! And I shall inspire thee in these last hours!

But I say, many of MY people, which have accepted Jesus as Lord do not understand that they must learn to walk in the SPIRIT! They haven’t learned to die out in the flesh. They haven’t learned to hear MY Word, to read MY Word.

I say, they do not understand ANYTHING about MY Spirit! But I say, they cannot even understand MY Word either. They cannot understand that I want a holy people! They cannot understand that I want a people that will trust ME and love ME, and want to serve ME, and want to keep MY commandments!

And I say, they cannot read MY Word. They think that Word is for someone else. They think that I love them and through THAT, that is all!

But I AM looking for a people that will love ME to the degree, yea, that I have loved them! I say, that love as I have loved them: I want MY people to learn to love ME, and to give ME their first, their ALL, their best. And I the Lord thy God will see in those, I the Lord shall come with triumph, and I shall BLESS those ones, and I shall inspire them this last days.

I say, when the enemy comes against those ones which are Mine, I say he shall be defeated! For it will be MY Spirit within those ones. And I say, even though one child would come totally to ME, I say, the enemy could be defeated by him, if that one would live victorious, without blemish, and realize that I AM able to do all things.

I say, MY people see ME as someone that cannot do ALL things! They say that [HE can do all things], but, when in reality [when] they see MY people starting to come close to ME, they renounce that person. They renounce what I AM doing within a people. And I say, in reality they testify because they make remarks against MY ones that are serving ME.

I say, MY people that have had MY HOLY GHOST: I say in these last days they make remarks against MY chosen vessels. And they bring accusations that have been moved upon, because the enemy is part of them now. And I say, they say things from the enemy. And I say, they have been moved upon by the enemy.

But, I the Lord thy God AM calling a people, that yea, that will stand strong, even through the times of adversities, through the times of troubles, through the times of afflictions, I say, through the times of heartaches, through the times of sickness, through the times of sorrow.

For THOSE [that stand] I have given thee a prize. And I say, that prize that I shall give thee will not be vacated [taken away], and that shall be with thee forever and ever and ever! And I shall give thee a crown that will fade NOT away. I shall give thee an inheritance that fades NOT away. I shall give thee a strength. And I say, even farther here: MY joy. I promise thee, MY people, MY joy shall be with thee to the time that I take thee home!

And I say, when the Holy One leaves, thou will leave WITH HIM! And I say, at that time there will be an exodus, as it was from Egypt! And I say, that exodus, when it takes place, MY people will be triumphant! And I say, they will not go through the Dead Sea, no longer, or the Red Sea. They will not be afflicted by the powers, because I say they have paid the price now! And I say there will be an exodus from the Spirit, it is the Holy Ghost from Heaven shall be moved upon, MY Spirit saith the Spirit of God. It shall move and I shall move MINE out with ME!

At THAT exodus there shall be a triumph in Heaven. And I say, the King of Kings, the Lord of Glory, Jesus Christ the Righteous shall make a marriage supper. And I say, MY WORDS say, “COME MY BELOVED! MY feast is ready! COME MY beloved! Thou hast prepared for THIS time. Thou has paid the price down on Earth. Thou has been spit upon by men. Thou has been put upon and been put down, and rejected by even the counsel of the ungodly.”

But I say, in that day, by all the powers that come against thee, and thou has stayed strong, through THOSE [tough times], I the Lord thy God shall clothe them [those who stand strong]! And I shall give them a ring upon their finger! And I shall bless them! And I shall anoint them for a season.

I say, when there is a trying time upon this Earth, that has never been seen, when they [the true saints] have been gone [taken into Heaven], I say, there is [to be] problems that will face this Earth that has never been. I shall say, there shall be meanness. There shall be problems. There shall be earthquakes. There shall be problems. And I say, when MY Spirit is gone it shall be a devastation upon Earth that has never been seen before!

And I say, very shortly [after that departure] there will be a third of the Earth that shall be destroyed. And I say, another third of the Earth shall feel the powers of THAT [first] third [being destroyed]. And I say, that in [that time] MY remnant, MY holy one, MY Israel: I will deal with THEM at THAT time.

And I say, at THAT time there will be a short time [period]. And the enemy will come with fierceness because he thinks he wins. But I the Lord thy God shall, at THAT time, I will see and I shall bring MY saints back with ME. And we shall ride through that time of Mount-of-Olives, saith the Spirit of God. And I shall move upon, and MY saints will come with ME. And I say, the enemy will be defeated!

And I the Lord thy God, from those that will live righteously, yea, at that time they shall live a thousand years as kings and priests. For I have something wonderful for MY people! MY people must learn to invest NOW! This is the investment that will keep thee from now on. No longer should thou be discouraged, NO LONGER! I say, every time that I speak thou should call others, friends, to hear this, because I AM speaking to thee, MY ones!

But I say, MY people see a man. And they will not come because it is a man. But I the Lord thy God choose to move in men and women that will serve, surrender their lives to ME. And through THOSE I move, and I move upon a person that dies out. And I will do the same for thee, MY people, if thou shall choose to call upon MY NAME. And want to DELIBERATELY serve ME, with all thy heart, that thou would be spared the troubles that are facing this Earth.

I say, troubles are facing America! Troubles are facing the World! I say, earthquakes, problems. I say, very shortly MONEY is going to be hard to keep a hold of, saith the Spirit of God. Problems are facing the Land that you live in. And I say World sponsored things beyond imagination [are] coming to unfold. And I say, the man, the evil one is coming very soon, to be the leader of this World.

And I say, only MY people that have been suited up with MY righteousness, which IS MY Spirit, to THOSE will be a relief! And through those that live deliberately NOW for ME, I the Lord thy God shall inspire them. And I shall give them courage.

And even though they feel the ones round about them see the heat, THEY will not see it because their eyes will not be upon the problem. THEIR EYES WILL BE UPON THEIR SAVIOR! And through THAT, they will see ME CONTINUALLY! And through THAT, they shall rise above problems that mankind will face, saith the Spirit of God.

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