Word From The Holy Spirit, January 11, 1996

…oh MY people, there is a fountain of wealth in the hands of MY ones. They do not understand what I have given to them. Many take this blessing lightly. They think about it as ways of men’s hearts, the weighing of men weighing hearts in the natural areas. But I say, I give to MY people an artesian well of MY joy.

And I say, as that well within the hearts of those that will believe and trust, and believe that I AM the rewarder of their lives, and the keeper of their soul, the way maker for them. That THOSE that can believe that I live within them, and they can believe of what I have given them. They can believe in Jesus Christ, the ONE. They can believe in what the Word says. Through THOSE that can believe and trust and have their hearts on those things, I the Lord thy God shall inspire them. And I shall bless them. And I shall move upon them in a very wonderful way.

But I say, before the World this day there are perilous times. There is times of trouble coming upon this Earth. And I say, there is going to be earthquakes. There is going to be diverse pressures. There is going to be times of temptation that you have never seen before, saith the Spirit of God. There is a time when the church must stand STRONG in these last hours.

And I AM speaking for a people that will stand strong through all the adversities of the enemy, all the times when the enemy has come. And he will put his shots against MY people. In those times, if MY people will rally and put MY armor against it, they will not feel the impact of the enemy.

And I say, it will be a reverse. I say, as MY people stand against him they will speak to him and he shall be moved back out of their way. For I AM calling a people this last days that will walk courageously in MY blessings, walk courageously in MY Word, walking, realizing that they can serve the LIVING GOD, that they can serve the King of Kings and the Lord of glory.

And I say, let them realize that MY blessings can be upon them. And MY Spirit, the Holy Spirit, can be WITHIN THEM! And let them want this. MY people must want this! My people must want to serve ME, that they might shine like the stars of heaven.

And I say, before MY people is a great blessing upon them. I say, very shortly, yes MY people will tire themselves, and take on the garment of praise. Yes, for the very short time that is left upon this Earth they shall receive a great strength.

And I say, I will pour out MY Spirit in that time in a very powerful way for those that believe. But, aye [yes], MY people must take courage NOW and against that time, because I say, the enemy is coming in as a horde of powers of darkness. And I say he comes to confuse MY ones. He comes to confuse MY people. And I say, where there is confusion there is EVERY evil work.

And I say, anytime that thou art confused, thou must seek ME with all of thy heart. And thou must pray until there is no longer confusion, oh man, oh woman. I say, when thou has come, and thou has been condemned, and thou has felt confusion in they heart, and, AYE [yes], you have seen the condemnation from the enemy. For I say there is no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit! I say, THERE IS NO CONDEMNATION to those that will trust. I say condemnation brings men down, it brings them down to a place of self, they have a low esteem of their self.

And I say, the enemy has used that tool very wisely. He has registered and he knows what tools to use against MY people. And he knows MY people are very flimsy within themselves. There is no power. But I say with MY power, in that one that is very anemic, that is, one that has no power; but I say, that one that has no power within themselves, yea, if they shall ask ME I shall come into their bosom. And I shall fill their cavity [the temple of their body]. And I shall bless them! And I shall commune with them as long as they allow ME to be there I will be with them. And as long as they seek ME I shall stay with them.

But I say, the enemy comes, even when MY Spirit is there and he binds them. I say, MY people must realize, that they may take counsel, in these days, that they might walk NOT [after] what always they feel. They MUST walk in MY Word [the Bible and what the Holy Ghost whispers to them]. And they must hear MY Word, and walk in MY Word, and obey MY Word. And, through THAT they will become overcomers. And through that overcomer they will become the power zone that will move upon this last days, that MY Spirit would be placed upon those that will walk upright before ME, in a courageous way, in a very powerful way.

For those that will trust in the living God, and to THOSE, I the LORD thy GOD will put MY Spirit upon them. And I shall touch them from the very crown of their head to the very soul of their feet. For I say, in these last days I wish for MY people to come to THIS place where THEY can do a work for ME. I wish for MY people to come to a place of HOLINESS. I wish for MY people to come to a place of a higher standard. I wish for MY people to come, hallelujah, hallelujah, to being an OVERCOMER, walking in the blessings of the LORD.

For I say, to those that will become an overcomer, for those that will come and allow ME to bless them, YEA, THEY SHALL BE BLESSED in these last days. And they shall inspire. And they shall be moved upon.

And I say, for those that will not invest that time, and they become slothful, they will see that, and many times they become envious. And they will become envious because they will not pay the price!

MY people, I HAVE PAID THE PRICE to give thee salvation! I have given thee MY Word! I have given thee MY blessing. I have given thee the answer of prayers. I have given thee insights in the things to come. But I say, thou must invest thyself as a wise steward. Thou must be wise as a steward, taking insight upon thy vessel, that is under MY authority.

And I say, every one of thee this night, it is required of thee to take INSIGHT about the vessel, that houses thee! For I say, thou will be responsible for thy soul! Thou will be responsible that I have given thee strength to be an overcomer. I have given thee powers that thou might defeat the enemy!

But I say, MY people have been very wayward! And they have not listened. But I AM telling MY people, saith the Spirit of God, that if they will come and ask ME, and take time to pray, and study MY Word, and see if this is not recorded in MY Word. And if they will see THIS, I could speak to them through MY Word. And as they pray and seek MY face, they will grow to the depth that I can use them for a favorable conditions in these last days, that MY people might have a profitable MINISTRY, a work that would profit in these last days, that you will see the things come to pass, that thou has longed for.

I say, MY people, be very courageous! Look to ME! Call upon ME! And I say, PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER! And I say, DO NOT SPEAK EVIL WORDS about this ministry. Only lift it up.

And, if thou shall come and believe, I the LORD thy GOD, I say, do not speak evil Words anywhere that thou goest. In thy church do NOT speak [evil words]. If thy brother slanders against thee, don’t speak THAT way! Take it to ME! Lay it at that altar! And I the Lord thy God shall fight your fight, that [if] thou shall give thy all to ME.

It is MY desire and MY blessing to FIGHT for MY people, to LOVE MY people, to encourage them! I see the fierceness of the enemy. And I AM looking for a people in this last days that will no longer be discouraged, no longer be put down, and no longer walk in unbelief. And they will rally, and start walking in faith, WALKING in love, WALKING in the gifts of the SPIRIT, WALKING in the fruit of the SPIRIT, having love, joy, peace, goodness, meekness, temperance, patience and godliness! That MY people might be arrayed by the fruit of the SPIRIT in their lives.

And after they have walked in that way, I the Lord thy God shall even go beyond that to give them special gifts, give them special blessings, that MY people might be clothed with righteousness in these last hours.

MY people must realize that those gifts do not come through men! And I say, it does not come through a man here, saith the Spirit of God. It comes to those that will yield, place their knee, and bow their head and yield their knee to me. If a man will put his heart and his trust in MY hands, I the Lord thy God shall furnish that one and I shall bless him.

I will stand upon MY Word. And when thou reads MY Word, I WILL KEEP THAT WORD! And I say, even though days transpire, and you say, “It is not taking place!” **IT WILL TAKE PLACE**! I give men and women time to be tested. And I say, that testing is not always easy, because I AM there, but I let thee walk, and you do not feel ME at that time. That is when thy faith must grow to believe that I AM with thee! Even when you do not feel ME you believe that I will NOT leave you!

And I say, that is how you start growing! You KNOW that I AM with you. Everywhere you go you must have faith that I WILL be with you, that I do not literally have to pick thee up,— that thou art picked up in heavenly places ALL THE TIME!

For I AM calling forth a people that will be very studious of reading MY Word! They will long for the times of prayer. They will LONG for the times when they can call and have an intimacy that I wish to have with MY people, that MY people would be the array in these last days. MY people would no longer be the tail. MY people would be arrayed. And they would have the love. And they would have joy within their spirit all the time. And they would know that all is well.

MY people, this night, **THOU MUST KNOW, THAT ALL IS WELL**! For I loveth thee! MY people encourage thy selves, saith the Spirit of God.

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