Word From the Holy Spirit, January 6, 1996

For I AM here this night to strengthen thee, MY ones. I AM here tonight, even though there is just a few, to encourage thee this night.

I have seen the afflictions of the hearts of thee, MY people. I have seen the struggles that thou has gone through. I have seen the heartaches. And I have seen the denial, that thou has been denied, by many, even of this World, though thou has paid a price for ME. And I have seen thy faithfulness.

And I AM here this night to encourage thee, MY ones. I say, the enemy is coming in like a flood. He is coming in, in a horde, as [has] never been before. He is coming through the activity of the World system. He is coming in through the T.V. He is coming in through all the dimensions. He is coming to speak his evilness upon the influential, the men of this World, the women of this World. The people of this World become subjects to the enemy, the enemy of their soul.

And I, this day, wish that MY people would come beyond this, and MY people would be clothed. I AM seeking MY people. I AM seeking for a people that would come through the fire, through the times of storms and trouble. And I say, that nothing would detour their walk with ME.

I AM calling forth a people that walk according to MY directions, according to MY benediction, to help them, to strengthen them, that they would learn to call upon ME, that they would learn to trust in the LIVING GOD. They would learn to move out and call upon ME with dignity, realizing that their lives can be snuffed out by anytime. Yea, that they would know that I AM the keeper of their soul.

And I say, the enemy has blinded so many of Mine. And this World is so blinded, they do not see where they are at. They do not see the end of time is very close. They do not see the repercussions that has taken place in these last hours.

I say, there is going to be a time of Job’s troubles that is going to come upon this Land. I say, there is going to be a time that is going to be a disturbing time.

And I say, the influence, the activity of the young people, this day. I say, their minds are being distorted, even at youth! I say, they only hear from the enemy! And I say, they have lost their conscience! Many of the youth in this Country, that thou liveth in, I say, the young people have lost their conscience. They no longer have a conscience! They have grown, and their conscience is seared. And I say, their peers are also seared. They no longer have that responsibility of an individual. They can no longer walk as a citizen, even of this Land.

But I say, MY people must come beyond this. MY people must realize that they must walk in order, in this Land, even though it is sin cursed! And yes, even though this Land is very despicable, and it is very treacherous, it is very black. Yet, MY people must live IN this mire. And, MY people, the only way that they can live in this mire, that they are walking in, is being clothed with MY SPIRIT!

I say, their feet are darkened every day. And that is why they need to come to ME and I clean their feet! I clean their whole being, DAILY! Because, I say, MY people are walking in filth! They are walking shoulder to shoulder with imps of Hell! And they are walking against problems. And I say, MY pastors don’t even see this. They don’t even understand it! AND THAT IS WHY MY PEOPLE HAVE TO WALK IN MY SPIRIT!

MY SPIRIT is here to lift thee up, MY people, to lift their feet above, [to] the higher ground, that they will not be smeared upon by the powers of darkness. I say that MY people have been smeared upon by the powers of darkness.

MY people have had an identification that has been MIRED by the powers of darkness. And it has caused MY people GREAT defeat. It has caused great damage to MY cause, saith the Spirit of GOD. And I say, there is more laughter from the enemy against the problems of MY people. He is laughing because MY people have failed! He is laughing because he is going to take many of Mine to him forever!

But I wish MY people to come and be very courageous, that they would be overtakers, that they would even overtake what the enemy has taken from ME, that MY people would plan to pray and seek MY face. And they would come to rally that they would not be just selfish about their own soul. But they would be considering their brother, considering their sister, considering that one that believes they are all right, and with reality they are far from ME.

MY people must pray and seek MY face. And I say that is why I AM calling MY people to HOLINESS! That is why I AM telling MY people that they must NO LONGER allow sin to be in their heart, no longer be caretakers of the sin in their body.

I say, “that lust” that comes upon thee, oh man. That lust that takes thee, and thou view it within thy eyes. And I say, evil thoughts become in that. And I say, through THAT MY people are put away. And they no longer [speak for ME]. And I say, then they speak out of the flesh because they want to speak well. But I say, they want to speak for ME, but they are unable because of the tie-in of THE ENEMY that has BOUND THEM to the degree, and they think that they are still okay. And they want to say things for ME. And I see their heart. They have that desire. But they are unable.

And through that [it] brings a despondency upon that individual that they cannot understand where they are. They know that they are not complete. And I say, the only way that they will be complete is: SELL OUT TO THIS WORLD! [Break away from those things are are “TO” the World.] For I say, it is better to have known the way than after knowing the way to turn back.

For I AM here as that Gentle Shepherd here tonight to let thee grow, let thee GROW in MY strength.

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