Word From The Holy Spirit, December 16, 1995

For I AM here this night to show thee, MY people, even though thou art a few. I AM here, MY hand stretched out to thee. I have given thee MY love. I have showed thee MY blessings. And I have given thee and spoken to thee many times. And I say, WILL THOU NOT DOUBT ME??

There is times I have poured out MY blessings. I say, MY people stay a distance from ME. And this night MY people must be drawn close to ME. And they must seek MY face. For, if those do not seek ME, and I speak to them, their hearts become hardened. And as I speak to them, and I woo to them, “Come, MY people,” and they do not move. I say, their heart becomes harder. And I say, very shortly, that heart will be so hardened that it cannot be moved upon!

But, yet that heart will still feel and still remember, because the mind stays and remembers all the activity. This mind needs that cleansing! And I say, for MY people that willfully come against ME, in that day the enemy has so persuaded their minds, and brought deceptives to their lives in the degree that in that day when I leave them and vacate them, they will remember every time that I have spoken to them! They will remember all the opportunities that I have given them! They will remember the times that I have spoken to their hearts, “I loveth thee,” and yet they never replied back! I have visited their hearts and have given them a banquet table. And I have given them MY strength. I have spoken to them!

And I say, this message should get out to this region, that I AM a holy GOD, and I AM a GOD of love. But, yea, I say also, I AM a GOD of wrath! And I say I AM calling forth [in] a very short time, a people that will be moved upon by MY Spirit. And I say, it *IS* from ME. It is *NOT* from the enemy! It is from ME, for I AM calling forth a courageous people, a dedicated people, a holy people, that their mind will be stayed on ME!

And I say, if they shall come to ME, and ask liberally of ME, yea, they will ask in a great way, I the LORD thy GOD shall heal their mind. And I shall heal their heart. And I shall give them a new heart, a new mind that will be worked upon by ME only! And I say even I shall take away the ugliness that has plagued them in their past. And I shall bring those thoughts, no longer, to their remembrance! And I shall give them a new start, and a new direction. And I shall rekindle that fire that has once been in them, that has been put out.

And I shall retain that one, even though that one has mostly come. MY love is sufficient. And I with open hands, and I AM here to beckon to MY people! I say, for there is many in this City. Thou must pray! There is many in this City that have once known ME! And this night they are far from ME! And I say, many of MY pastors do not preach this. And they should preach it, saith the Spirit of God! For they must walk in MY Spirit themselves. And I say, if they walk in MY Spirit, and preach through the Spirit, IT WILL COME OUT AS MY MESSAGE, saith the Spirit of God.

For I AM the same God! I change not! MY messages change not! For I AM HE that liveth. I sought for a man. I sought for a woman that would DARE to walk and to speak as only I could speak. I AM seeking for those ones that will surrender their lips, their will, their make-up, their attention of the ways of this World. And put all those things away out of them. And forsake them and divorce them.

And through that one, yea, if they will put those things out and repent, I the Lord thy God shall renew that work within them. And I shall do that. And I will forget that past! And they will have a clean slate again! And I will remember that pathway no longer, of old! And [to] that one that comes in, they must remember, also, what I have set clean is free indeed!

And I say, the enemy goes against MY people. When I set them free, he goes back and torments them, many times. And there becomes a warring. And I say this night, even, there are many of MY people, yea, the enemy has tormented thy mind. And tell him this night that I have forgiven thee! And no longer be tormented by that thought! No longer entertain those thoughts from the evil one.

But I say, thou must seek ME. And thou must rebuke the devourer. And if thou shall rebuke the devourer, and seek ME, the Lord thy God, and draw nigh unto ME, I will draw nigh unto thee. I say, resist him in MY NAME, and he shall flee from thee! For I have given thee authority. I have given thee POWER!

MY people, I say, they are denying ME in this last day, because they DO NOT ALLOW MY POWER to work within their being! I say, very soon they are down, they are calling for prayers. They are calling for prayer warriors. When all they needed to do was rebuke the one in the authority that I have given them, that they might GROW UP, and no longer be babes, tossed about by every wind of doctrine, or every tempest of the sea.

But, they would be fulfilling the commandments from Heaven, that they would no longer walk in the disgusts of this World! But they would walk being set-free from the principalities, the powers of darkness, that MY people would regain the ground that has been lost, that they might take advantage of this last days, that they might be the successful people, moved upon as only MY SPIRIT can move.

And, they would regain. And, they would walk wholesomely, upright, before ME. And I the Lord thy God shall smile for those that will do this, I will smile greatly upon them. And I will have great delight in them in this last hours. And through them, if thou cannot hear this MY people, I WILL HAVE GREAT DELIGHT TO THOSE THAT WILL YIELD, TO THE SPIRIT OF GOD!

I say, many think this is a man’s voice. But I say, this night, IT IS MY SPIRIT THAT SPEAKETH, SAYS THE SPIRIT OF GOD.

MY people, I say, before thee is very treacherous times! There is the time, very shortly, of the anti-christ. And I say, there is very [truly] deception in this Land that you live within. I say, there is powers, even in the leadership that wants to bring this Country down to a one world nation.

And I say, this is in a process. I say, the ones in leadership are wanting to cause this. They will be the leaders of the World. But, I say this is another point: saying that I AM coming through the clouds of glory. I say, when this comes to pass, I say, MY people must be ready! I say their hearts must be in order, and they must have their passport made up. They must be ready! They must be very courageous, because I say, I AM coming through the clouds of glory. And I say, there shall be a shock upon this Land, very suddenly! And people will see it!

And I say, I AM the CHRIST! I AM HE THAT LIVETH! Be NOT shaken, what thou shall see! I say, in churches, ye shall see those that has been called out through molestation, through child abuse, through homosexuality, and many problems. It shall come out in the church because I say, does not MY WORD say that judgment must begin in the house of God. And [if] it first begin at us [what] shall [be] the end of them that believe not?

And I say there is many wicked imaginations within MY ones. I say there is ones that love, yea, the opposite sex, even through the colorings of drawings through the things that bring them down to a degree that they lose MY presence.

There is going to be, very shortly, plagues upon those that do not surrender to MY Spirit. There is going to be a common ground very soon. And I say, those that are weary, those that have not made business with ME, yea, in that day they shall lose that great wealth they had put upon ME. And they shall be bankrupt in that last hours.

For I say, MY PEOPLE, if they shall rally to ME in this last days, even through troublesome times, through the hardship of slanderous words that will come against them, in the times of bad words of the enemy, even from thy people, [who] will speak.

They will say in that day: “If we rid [remove] this one, have we not done God’s work?!” And I say, THAT will be the heart of many people. They will think they are doing ME a work that [if] thou shall be ridden [driven] out of the CITY. But I say, I shall guide thee! And if it need be in that day I can transport thee from here to there! And I say, they cannot follow thee! For I AM able to still translate MY people, if MY people will live and believe that I AM, I the Lord thy God shall raise them up and bring them upon a blessed hope that is GLORIOUS!

And I shall re-establish that one, even though they be a few. They shall work and they shall move, as I have said before, they shall be MY hand. And MY Spirit shall move upon that hand! And THAT SPIRIT shall move from the east, the west, the south, the north. And that one shall not see no body form [shape of a hand]. But he won’t need it because thou art MY hand. And thou would speak and through MY hand I the Lord thy God shall be, [shall] form the body. And I shall be within that hand. And that hand will only have the function as I move upon that hand.

And I say they shall move to the South and they will not even know where they are headed. But I the Lord thy God shall discern them [guide them]! And they shall move! For I AM an exciting God! And I say for those in this last days that will seek ME, I AM going to do some exciting things in their lives. And I say, I shall prepare them a wealth, an inheritance even before they leave this World that [if] they shall seek great and mighty things.

And I say, this World, even the church world will NOT believe it. They will not understand it! But I the Lord thy God am able to go beyond that measure of MY people! I AM able to go a higher route. And I AM calling forth thee this night that thou would come HIGHER, MY people.

Enjoy MY love! Enjoy the privilege that I have. I AM very concerned about thee! I AM very concerned about this City! I AM concerned about thousands that are without ME this night! And I say, I AM concerned with those that have once known ME, and been filled with MY Spirit, and have lost out this last days. And I say, the spirit of religion is on them. And I say when you pass before their beings they look upon you as rags! But I say, I look upon you as MY stars, that will shine unto the brilliance of MY glory. They put you down. But I the Lord thy God, to those put down by that kind of crowd, I will lift you up! But I shall minister MY love to thee.

Be not afraid! For, I AM with thee, from this day on, if thou shall COME totally to ME, and be dependent on ME, saith the Spirit of God!

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