Words From The Holy Spirit, November 18, 1995

I AM coming through the clouds of glory. And I say, I have given all things to MY people. And I say, I have visited many of MY people, even many years back. And I have graced them with MY precious gift of MY Son. I have poured out upon them the power of MY miraculous, and the glorious power of the Holy Ghost.

And I say, this day, they are dry! And I say, they have failed! And I say, those ones that are so put down this day, if MY people would have served ME, and I put MY Spirit upon them now: they will come against that one that I anoint! They will not allow MY anointing this day, for those that have once known ME, because they have gone backwards to the degree the enemy is in charge of their life.

Yet, they go to church every Sunday, they give alms, they pray, they sing songs, and they do all the things, and they think all is well. But I say, at that day, if something doesn’t change, they will split the hell wide open, saith the Spirit of God. And they will live there eternally, and yet they are living, doing the things.

But I say, MY people must know ME in these last days! And MY people must be a prepared people, a peculiar people, a people that is led no longer by the gain of man, or the sayings of man. MY people must come into the understanding that MY Spirit must be mandatory, that MY Spirit must be the leader of MY people! HE is the wise ONE!

And I say: For the enemy can detail and derail many of MY ones! But I say if those will live wisely, this last days, and come and allow MY Spirit to pour over them, and upon them and in them, and they become a holy vessel, through that vessel that will surrender to ME, I shall make them stand as a mighty tree upon the banks of a mighty river.

And I say, even though the time of drought shall come upon them, that tree will not move, that tree, even though the wind shall come upon that one, that one will NOT BE SHAKEN! And I the Lord thy God, for those that will invest their time in ME, and invest their time in prayer, invest in seeking MY face, YEA, I THE LORD THY GOD SHALL POUR UPON THEM A BLESSING THAT THEY CANNOT CONTAIN! And I say, I shall give them an inheritance that fades not away, reserved in Heaven for them.

But, I say MY Word says, but it is written, eye hath not seen, neither ear heard, neither has it entered the heart of man the things that I have prepared for them that love ME. But I say, yet, MY people cannot get this within their mind.

They think that they can order ME around, saith the Spirit of God, they can tell ME what to do! They tell ME what to say, and they tell ME that I have to answer all their prayers, WHEN IT IS THE REVERSE!!

I WANT A PEOPLE THAT WILL LISTEN TO ME! AND THEY WILL PRAY AS I WANT THEM TO PRAY! AND THEY WILL BE LED AS I WANT THEM TO BE. And I will do a great work through those that will put this around, and let ME be the leader, saith the Spirit of God!

I say, I have many that call upon MY Name, and they want great things. But, they do not want ME to speak to their hearts. They do not want ME to coach them, to direct them! For I say, this day, many have left their first love! And I say, they are walking WILLFULLY, from ME!

They are very disturbed because the enemy has control in their lives now. And I say, the enemy has a distasteful taste in their mouth. And I say, very shortly the enemy will take them at will! And I say, in these last days, very shortly, those that are not full of MY Spirit, they shall be moved upon [by the enemy]. And there shall be a great chasm between the godly and the ungodly!

For those that have once known ME, there shall be a great chasm. Because MY people must–there is being very shortly, and you are feeling it NOW, MY people! There is becoming a great distance between those that SAY they are Christian and those that *ARE*!

I say, there is going to be a great move upon this World. And it is going to cause those that have not invested in ME, and those that have been wayward, though they have paid their tithes and even though they have been very faithful in attending the churches, and they have been very attentive [to] do very many things. I say, at that time they will not have the right stuff within them to do battle for ME. And at that time they will be taken CAPTIVE by the powers [of darkness]!

They will be just like the Israelites, saith the Spirit of God. It shall come to pass! Just as Israel was taken over, at the time of the seventy years, hallelujah. Ah, at that time they had no power! And I say, those that have not invested in ME, they will have no power at that time. And they will not have time. And they will not even know how to REGAIN what they have lost!

For I AM seeking a people now, that will mean business with ME! And I say, many are laughing. Many are not concerned, what is going forth. But I AM here to let you know it is I that am calling forth MY ones. And I AM calling MY people into HOLINESS! And I say this message IS from ME, saith the Spirit of God! I say it is MY message, saith the Spirit of God!

And, I AM looking for those that will yield to ME, that I will move upon you as being moved here this night, saith the Spirit of God. I AM calling those that will pray and seek MY face, and surrender their will, their determination that they will serve ME with all their heart, with all their soul. And they will love ME! And they will NOT love their lives, even as unto death.

And, for those that will give their lives for ME, yea, ye shall live eternally! And I say, in this last days, those that want to live in pleasure right now, that for a season they shall live in pleasure. But I say, MY people must not live in pleasure right now!

MY people must work for ME. And MY people must die-out to the cares of this World. My people must live as unto ME and die-out to the things of this World. MY people must be a separated people. MY people must be a holy people! MY people must DIVORCE the powers of darkness, if they want to live. I say, MY people are harlots! They love another more than ME, saith the Spirit of God!

MY people, remember, I loveth thee! And I say, this message is to let you know what is taking place round about thee, saith the Spirit of God! And that is why, MY people, thou must pray. For I have chosen thee that thou would make up a hedge, that thou would make up a defense, that thou might be an intercessor, that lives might be changed, eternally changed, by thy hearts within thee, that thou would surrender, and go all the way with ME. And through that I shall put a peace upon thee, and a love upon thee, and a faith upon thee that shall endure all conflict. It shall endure all darkness.

And, I shall put upon thee a shield that the enemy cannot come against. And I say, I shall allow thee to walk in heavenly places in these last days, for those that will live and come under MY guidelines, come under MY leadership. I will do a great work within those that can BELIEVE that I AM HE that liveth.

And MY people must remember, listen, listen what the Spirit says, saith the Spirit of God. I say, thou must be mindful of thy soul. Thou must be understanding. Do not play with the enemy, and I say, especially with false gifts. Because if thou doest, I say, a controlling factor will come upon you that is very divisive. And I say, MY people, this is what I sent you forth to do: to educate MY people.

Let them know that many teachings of man is *NOT* by MY Spirit! And I say, this is causing a division among MY Spirit and the non-spirit! And yet, they all call it: in MY Name! They say it is in MY Name. I say, in reality it is NOT BY ME! It is designed by the evil one. He is come to take MY people out of MY hands.

And I say, many of MY people that have so thoroughly loved ME, and knew ME, and walked in MY love, and was counseled in MY love, they have gone into false doctrines! And I say, teachings of man are very deceptive! They bring a person down to a degree that they know with a truth that they are going to be someone. And I say, it is very divisive. It is very incorrect! And it is very unholy! And I say, it is very treacherous! I say, the enemy uses that with false gifts.

And, I say many times they go beyond a certain distance! And I say, many times MY people, thou must be mindful of thy life and those that come. Because many times people go beyond a distance they cannot return! So, MY people, educate thy ones, round about thee. Let them not go into false understandings. And MY people must realize that I AM HE that liveth, and I AM HE that walketh at thy side, and I AM not playing games with MY people, NO LONGER.

And I say, woe to the one that teaches wrong words! WOE TO THAT ONE that tells MY people that they can do willfully, to sin against ME! I say WOE to that one that doesn’t walk in the SPIRIT! I say for those, this day, yea, that day there shall be a day of judgment. And I say, that there will be a day when men shall call upon ME and say: “Have we not done many wonderful works?” And HE says, “Ye workers of iniquity, I know ye NOT!”

I say, this day, it is MY SPIRIT that makes the difference! It is MY Spirit!

You see that, within the ranks of your people. You see those that come in that are not of MY SPIRIT. For I counsel thee this day to invest in ME! Invest in MY wealth! Invest in MY SPIRIT! And thou will NOT come up lacking at the last day. But if thou do not, the body is weak and I say the soul is weak in many of MY people. And it has been weakened by the process of the move of the enemy that has come against MY people for so long.

And I say, MY people cannot understand what I AM telling them! But I say, their minds, their hearts are so willfully, and I say there is many wicked spirits within what they call: MY people! I say, many of MY people are thoroughly bound! And when they come in this room, they feel something that is taking place. And they need to come in and stay and get release, but they will NOT!

And I say, it will take a move from ME. It cannot be a move from man! But MY people must realize, those that will invest in ME, I WILL SAVE THEM! And I will keep them!

For those that follow man’s truths, and man’s ways, I say, I AM bringing forth a new wave [a new opportunity for those who follow man’s ways to switch to following the Holy Spirit.] And I say, very few are coming. But I say, it is of ME! And thou can take this to the bank! And thou can move UPON it! It is of ME, saith the Spirit of God! For I loveth MY ones!

And I say, the enemy has been so treacherous, he has been so deceitful that he has moved years how to destroy this last move that I have to bring as a process to MY people. He is coming, willfully to destroy MY handiwork! And I say that MY saints are few! But MY people must rekindle this day, reassemble themselves, that they might ward off the powers that can even bring THEM down!

I say, the enemy is very thoughtful. He understands he can manipulate you. And I say this day, do not yield to his way. And I say especially, if you yield to him, don’t go out in ministry because you have the WRONG spirits, and you will cover that [those wrong spirits] up. And through that covering up there will be false things that come forth, false words, false teachings, and directed by a false mind, a false direction! And very soon that one is caught up in that web, and they shall be moved upon, like a spider can [move upon it’s prey].

I say the enemy can poke that web upon MY people, and he has! The only antidote, the only recourse is MY SPIRIT! And, [to] allow those that are FREE [of wrong spirits] to pray for those [that have wrong spirits]. That is the only way that they shall be changed. For I have given thee a calling. MY people can now understand what God is speaking, saith the Spirit of God.

I the Lord thy God have chosen thee for a special task. I say, thou art a remnant. And I say, that remnant, I say, at that day, will do a work in that thousand years. They shall be leaders. And I AM calling forth a people that will make themselves holy NOW, that they will have a holy fast within them, their bosom. And MY Spirit will dwell within that one.

And I shall rekindle that one. And I shall give them daily advice. I shall give them hourly advice. And I shall give them momentary advice. And I will live with those and I will counsel with those. And I say, MY people this last days are so oppressed. They are so needy. And MY eyes see that. And they call upon ME continually. They cry out, they are so deceived. Yes, they hear ME and they love ME to a degree, but they have been so blinded against MY SPIRIT. And they are calling on ME. And I can do nothing! MY hands are tied against these ones!

For I say, MY remnant this day, while I leave thee here, thou MUST invest in ME, that thou would be a profitable vessel for ME, that I would have a remnant, a glorious remnant, that would do a work. But I say, that MY heart is very heavy to the back slider. And I am calling forth thee that thou would do a sacrifice to ME, that thou would live thy life so holy to ME as a living sacrifice, as the Son gave that special sacrifice.

I the Lord thy God hath chosen thee, MY ones, that thou would also be a living monument in this last days, that MY Spirit, the HOLY GHOST will live within thee! And, thou would renounce thyself of the hidden things of this World, and thou would rekindle thy mind. And thou would put a set upon ME, upon the values of the Spirit of God, and thou would allow THAT SPIRIT to walk in thy bosom, to walk directed by the HOLY ONE that lives within thee.

I say that the enemy is at the door! I say that he heareth thee. But I AM here to raise thee up to a greater degree, a greater calling. But I AM here to rekindle thy thoughts, to encourage thee, that thou might be a blessing in this last hour. I say that the enemy comes against the body. But I say that he cannot come against thy mind [if we keep our soul fit, see below]. And he can come against and bring, and I allow that many times, saith the Spirit of God.

But thou must choose to keep thy soul fit, that thou would rest now. And I say, thou would find rest now, thou would have rest in eternity, and also in that thousand year period thou shall be the leaders. And those leaders shall be glorious clad [clothed] at that time.

And I say the envy of many of those that have seen this, will see at that time. And I say, they will see the array. I say, that child that man sees, they don’t see any worth [in]. Yea that one, that one that has no worth to man, yea, if they shall give themselves to ME, I shall put MY worth upon them! And I shall give them a rest and a peace that shall go upon them. And they will no longer be disturbed by the powers of darkness, in Jesus NAME.

I AM your leader, no man is your leader! Come to ME and I will make thee complete! Seek MY face, daily! I shall supply thy need!

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