Word From the Holy Spirit, November 16, 1995

[an interpretation of a tongue]

…bless thee this night! Come, with expecting [Acts 3:5], with a great heart. Come believing that I AM able to touch thee. Come, believing [John 20:27] that I will do great things for thee. For if thou shalt believe, GREAT, I the Lord thy God shall do marvelous works for those that can believe, and accept that I AM HE that liveth [Rev. 1:18]. I AM looking for a people that has tremendous faith in ME [Mark 11:22], believing that whatsoever I do will come to pass. And MY people must proclaim that faith. And they must worship ME in Spirit and in truth [John 4:23,24], and they must praise ME, and lift up MY Name, and praise ME, and praise ME, and love ME [Isa 43:21]. And through those I will make MY abode among them, and in them, and about them [John 14:23]. And they shall be MY people forevermore.

[The prophetic word given later in the meeting.]

I AM here to take counsel of thee MY ones. I AM here to offer thee MY blessings. I AM to offer thee a substance that man cannot make up. I AM to give thee a great gift that will fade not away. I shall give thee an inheritance in the spirit world [1st Pet 1:4; 5:4].

For MY people must realize that I AM able to do a work. Yea, in those this last days, even though they may be prone to think that they cannot carry out a great work for ME, but if they shall believe in ME, I shall take that one of NOTHING. And if they shall seek ME and be determined to follow ME, I shall move upon that one. And through that one they shall be very courageous.

And I shall lift that one, even by themselves, singular if need be, yea, even that one by himself, singular by himself. I can move upon him to come against NATIONS!! [1st Sam. 14:6] I can move upon him to do great works! For those this day that will seek ME, with all their might, with all their soul, with all their love toward ME, and call upon MY wonderful Name [Psalm 50:15], and seek MY face [Psalm 27:8], and I say, mean business with ME, yea, I the Lord thy God, for those people, with such I shall do a great work.

And I shall honor that! And I shall move upon them! And I shall devour the power of the enemy that would even come against them to detour them from that blessing that they want to begin! For I say as soon as thou begin a work within thee, the enemy sees it. And I say, he comes against thee.

But I say, I AM GREATER! [1st John 4:4] And that is why, when I start a work with thee, thou must CONTINUALLY continue in that work, and continually seek MY face. Continue seeking ME. Continue to call upon ME and calling upon MY Name, and seeking MY face [Psalm 27:8]. For I say, he [the enemy] will not let up until thou will move in MY SPIRIT!

But, I AM able, when he comes against thee, to detour him. And I shall give thee, I say even though he might buffet thee for a season, if thou shall stay strong, and stay steadfast in thy spirit and thy love, I the Lord thy God shall move upon thee. And he will not be able to sway thee [Luke 4:13-14], nor move upon thee, and he will not be able to detour thy walk.

And I the Lord thy God shall move upon those ones that will stand on that Solid Rock. And I say, after they stand upon that Solid Rock, at that time, I shall lift them up from that Solid Rock, and I shall move them like the Mighty Spirit. And they shall move as MY Spirit comes upon them.

I want MY people at a starting point, to stand upon that Solid Rock. And after they have been encouraged a while, and they seek and stand determined, I shall lift them up. From THAT day forth they shall move to the SPIRIT! For I AM calling forth this last days that MY people would be encouraging one another, that they would no longer willfully walk in sin, that MY people would no longer tell the World that they can walk in sin, that I would forgive all those things! For I AM calling a people!

YES, I forgive all, saith the Spirit of God. But I AM seeking those that will grow up! Also, quit following the error of the World, following the error of the trap that the enemy has caused for MY people. For I AM calling MY people to take counsel, to have a well being within themselves, that they realize that when they trust and believe I AM in them that they will have that rest and that peace, that I shall take care of them.

And I say, I shall provide for them. And if MY people can believe and trust in ME that I AM HE that liveth within them, to those that can believe and trust in ME, I shall do the great work. And I shall move upon them. But MY people must plan. MY people must be ready. And MY people must understand that I mean business!

And I say, the enemy means business! He comes to kill, destroy and to steal, but I have come to give you life, and give you more abundantly [John 10:10]. I say, when the enemy comes in like a flood, yea, I the Lord thy God, I want to put a standard within MY people [Isa. 59:19] that they can move upon the enemy and he will be blinded! And he shall be bound! And he shall be dispelled out of thy pathway! And thou will no longer be plagued by him, no longer, if thou shall stand faithful!

And, thou shall do a work as an evangelist. Thou shall do a work as a pastor. Thou shall do a work as a teacher. Thou shall do a work as an apostle, a prophet. Thou shall do the work of healing. Thou shall do the works of helps and all the things, the gifts that I have given MY people!

For I, in this last days, want to gift MY church with the callings of MY precious gifts upon MY people, that MY church might be adorned in these last days as a profitable bride, that would be ready, ready for MY coming!

But, I say, I look and I see very few this last days that are moving in MY Spirit, says the Spirit of God! I say, many have accepted MY Son. And I say, many have accepted and been empowered by that Spirit of God, MY HOLY GHOST. But I say, they have let go! And I say the enemy has come against them so many times, he has weakened them. And they are no longer walking upright.

And I say, they are walking in despair. They have lost their vision! They have lost their courage! They have lost their direction! And they NO LONGER have THE POWER! They no longer have joy. They no longer have peace. And I say, they are walking in confusion! And they are concerned about this World more than the things of ME!

And I say, the enemy has brought them down, and many are seeing doctors. They are seeing things that has plagued them. And they are bound by the powers of this World! But, I AM looking for a people, yea in this last days, that will walk according to MY blessings, they will walk according to MY love.

And yea, yea, I give doctors, but I say I give doctors to even MY people. But I say, there is TIMES! What I AM trying to get to thee MY people: YEA IF THEY SHALL WALK AGAINST ME THEY WILL NEED THE PHYSICIAN! They will need, because their heart will be pumping blood upon them. That, I say, it will bring them down!

And I AM calling for the people that will WITNESS with MY Spirit, that will witness with MY love. For I AM here that MY people might be attractive to ME in these last days. That MY people would be dressed as MY daughters. And they would be dressed by MY Spirit! They would be ready for the visitation when the bridegroom comes, that MY glorious church would be ready, that MY church would be fit with the glorious garment of praise [Isa. 61:3].

Oh, that there would be NOTHING in MY ones, that they would be ready in that instant! They would be all prepared, ready to come. And I AM seeking for those in these last days, that will look to ME and call upon ME, and pray in the Spirit [1st Cor. 14:15]. For those I will do a great work, saith the Spirit of God!

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