Word From The Holy Spirit Sunday November 12, 1995

I say, MY people are not really wise. MY people have been deceived by the evil one. And the evil one has a plan from the very beginning. I say, an evil home that does not have the inspiration of MY Spirit within the father, the mother; I say, that child, when it is conceived has evil spirits.

I say, it comes from the very birth. And I say, very shortly that child demonstrates it, saith the Spirit of God. He is very selfish, or she is very selfish. And if that child is not dealt with, at a very young age, [it] will take on any extra spirits that is not by ME.

And I say, this is MY plan: that MY people might be a wholesome environment at the very day of their birth. MY people must be influenced from the power of the Holy Ghost from the very inception of the womb. They must receive, and without that they need a GREAT rebirth that takes place when they receive MY Son, the Savior.

And when they receive that gift, then, at that time the slate has been cleaned. But I say, from that time forward, from that time of accepting MY Son, yea, a work is not being completed. That work I save to the pastors of MY people, [who] will answer to me. But I say, they let a work take place after that [spiritual] birth, and after the accepting of MY Son, that becomes tragedy, alarming to ME, says the Spirit of God.

Because, they [the pastors and leaders] allow MY ones that have accepted that special gift [of Salvation] of MY Son, the Son that has paid in full, very shortly they [the new believers] are put to a degree [given a kind of permission] that they can do anything they want. And very shortly, from that salvation that I have given them, they are on their way, to a broad way that is going into a devil’s hell.

And I say, MY people cannot understand that! But I say, many have been LOST, after being saved! They have been lost by the tradition of men. They have heard great swelling words. And they have heard doctrines. And I say, these doctrines are actually doctrines of devils! They bring hate. They bring discord. They bring false hope. They bring calamity! And they bring confusion, among MY ranks of MY people.

But I wish that MY people would be filled with MY Holy Ghost, that MY Holy Ghost would be the ONE that raises and triumphs in their lives, that they might be a triumphal people. They could walk in victory. For MY Holy Ghost is real.

And [speaking of] MY Holy Ghost: MY people come against MY Holy ONE. They do not believe that I AM able to speak through a man.

[Note: Many groups would say that they DO believe God can speak through a man. But the Holy Spirit is talking about a DIRECT message, where the anointed speaker doesn’t even select the words! The Spirit authors every single word! An example of this can be found in the Bible in the message that Stephen spoke to the Sanhedrin. No Christian could have spoken those words on their own. That message had to be the Holy Ghost passing judgment. Jesus declared in Mark 13:11 that this kind of direct message from the Throne Room was possible and was to be expected.]

They do not believe, they do not believe MY Word! They believe MY Word is far back in the old days. But I AM saying MY Word must be alive in these last days, because, I say, perilous times are here.

And I say there is [a] great gross [number] of infants, this day, that have received powers of darkness. And when they are born, they are not dealt with. And I say, very shortly these infants are going to come to pass [grow up and touch the culture]. And there is going to be lawlessness in this Land, in the United States, says the Spirit of God, that has never been seen before!

I say, says the Spirit of God, they are hearing things of pornography. They are hearing things of great horrible atrocities with this old [teaching] of ease [easy religion]. And I say, very shortly these [atrocities and sins] will go on in great waves. And I say, there shall be violence within this Land. And there shall be problems within this Land, very shortly, that mankind has never seen.

And I say, the only antidote, the only deterrent for this is for those to come into MY Abiding Power. And I say, even last night, saith the Spirit of God, as I was here, many did not receive that! They thought it was from a man. But I AM speaking to MY heart of MY people this day that **IT** **IS** **ME**!

I AM dealing with MY people. I AM speaking this day that MY people, ye men shall know that I AM HE that liveth. [Rev. 1:18] And thou must grant all thy attention to *ME*, this last days. And I say, thou must pray and seek MY face [Ps. 27:8], and thou must walk in MY wisdom. And thou must tell people that men can **NO** **LONGER** plan their own ways. It must be in the influence of the HOLY ONE [The Holy Spirit].

Without the Holy One thou art not able to compete. Thou art not able to cope with the situations. I say, MY pastors have weakened to the degree that they have allowed anything to come into their churches. And they have accepted it. And NOW they are saying that all is well. But I say: it is not all well! It is not ALL perfect!

And, I AM calling MY people to come into perfection! My Word says that! [Matt. 5:48] MY Word says come out from this World, be separated. [2nd Cor. 6:17] My people cannot understand that! But I say, for that time, I AM shortening the day, but I say I AM calling for a people that is looking for ME. And I AM calling forth a REMNANT [Joel 2:32].

Will I find faith when I come back, saith the Spirit of God? [Luke 18:8] Will I find love in MY people? Will I find the hearts of MY people with their eyes fastened upon ME? Or, will they be walking around as they were in the wilderness, wandering, looking for someone, someone to get them to Heaven? But I say, that one that they are looking to is not THE ONE that can get them to Heaven! It is only I! Did not I say that I AM the way the truth and the life? [John 14:6] No one, no one, can come unto ME [the Father in Heaven] saith the Spirit of God [without coming through Jesus].

They [God’s people] are not very joyous. They are not joyful! They don’t come across with that great love. They don’t come across with that great peace. For I wish that MY people were clad [clothed] as ME, saith the Spirit of God. For I AM those things: peace, love, joy.

Great desires of MY heart shall be upon those that serve ME. And I AM looking for a people that will represent ME, to be MY representative. And for those that will just represent ME I will do a great work, for those that I have not even called. But, for those that will just be a representative, and if they believe, I will take that representative and they will represent ME every day of their life. And they will not be put down. For I the Lord thy God will lift up that one to a degree that they would walk in the fullness of MY blessings. And they would not walk in the counsel of the enemy.

For I say MY people, MY people that are called by MY NAME, this day, seek for those, men and women, that plan their *OWN* ways [instead of seeking for those men and women who allow the Holy Ghost to make the plans].

But, I AM looking for those this day that will not be heard, and will not be received of man, but will receive of the Spirit. And also, saith the Spirit of God, I work in a man, or a heart of a woman that moves in the Spirit. And I seek for those that I can be the ONE that lives within them.

In such, of those, I will work and I will speak to that one. But MY people cannot understand that! They do not understand. I say if a person comes in with the learning of men, they hear him! But if he comes in with a learning from ME, they will NOT hear him or receive him!

For I AM seeking those that will receive ME! For I cannot understand MY people. MY people cannot understand MY thoughts. But I say, I cannot understand MY people, either, saith the Spirit of God. For I have given them MY *ALL*! I visited their hearts! I pleaded with them. And I have provided for them, day by day. I have given them great joy, to live in this Nation that they are living in. I have given them a time, a peace! And MY people, I have given them ALL things!

But, I say, about [that]: there is going to be a very [true] ending of THIS, very shortly! And I say, there is coming a time when great troubles shall come upon this Land! I say there shall be Ichabod in many of the dwelling places, the temples that has MY Name. But, I say I will be absent within that building. I will not be there, because I said MY people will not allow ME to be there! They have grieved MY HOLY ONE! And I say, I cannot go. And, I AM not permitted!

I say, the enemy has taken great advantage. And he has come in with swelling words, the words that they like to hear. They like to hear how great they are, how wonderful they are. And the enemy has spoken words of darkness. He has spoken great lies. He has tortured their minds. And they no longer see or hear ME. And they are moved upon by the vexing power of the mighty spirit of the enemy. [They hear from religious spirits].

And I say, through that they are going through a time. And yet, they feel that they are okay. And they have hardened their hearts. But I AM calling forth a people this day that will not be hardened in their heart, but they will be glad, and they will allow MY Spirit to dwell within them, that I might take away that stony heart of flesh. And I would produce a heart within them that is of MY Spirit, a heart that would be moved upon as I would move upon that one.

MY people need to come close this day. And you understand that I AM pulling and I AM calling. I AM tugging at the hearts of MY people. But, MY people have been so hardened by the powers of darkness, yea even MY Spirit filled churches by name. I SAY, MY SPIRIT FILLED CHURCHES BY NAME: many do not have, actually, MY “Spirit-move.” I say the flesh, in many of MY churches, is moved, and it is not MY Spirit, saith the Spirit of God.

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