Word From The Holy Spirit, November 11, 1995

MY people must regain that ground that has been lost. MY people must earnestly seek *ME*! And I say, if they shall seek *ME*, they shall find *ME*! And I shall ward off the powers that have the ones bound, their neighbors, their friend, their loved one.

And if MY people will totally seek MY face [Ps. 27:8], yea I say, their families will be saved. I say for those that can believe, even for the ungodly, they will be saved! For I AM looking for a people in this last days that will walk in MY glory, and they will know that I AM HE THAT LIVETH. [Rev. 1:18]

And MY people must walk in MY understanding, in MY knowledge, in MY revelation knowledge, and by the visitation of MY Spirit, that MY people might be strong in these last hours. For I say there is perilous times coming, saith the Spirit of God.

I AM here this night to move upon MY people, to bring them in a place that they can hear ME. MY people are so busy they do not HEAR *ME*! And MY people must be quiet in those times, that I the Lord thy God could come upon them and move through them.

And I say, MY people spend so much time speaking, they cannot hear from ME! They speak their own thoughts, their own ways! And through that they are moved upon by the enemy. But, I AM calling forth a people that will yield their thoughts and their wishes, and those that will be quiet in MY Name. And, pray in MY Spirit. (1st Cor. 14:15)

At that time, after they pray in MY Spirit, *LISTEN*, MY people!

When I even speak, MY people are saying other things! I wish MY people would hear ME, says the Spirit of God. I AM here to move upon thee, to identify in thy life, that I would move in a glorious way. And I would not bring forth confusion in MY people.

I say, perilous times are before this World. There is times of trouble that man has never seen. And, MY people, this night, must regain the ground, that they might be accountable in these last days, that they might do a work when hard times come. When the enemy comes in like a flood, that I the Lord thy God would raise up a standard, [Isa. 59:19 KJV] within those ones.

My people must move out as MY Spirit leads. I say, [for] so long, MY people have moved in their fleshly moves. And I say, the flesh cannot comprehend the things that are done in the Spirit. And I say, for that reason, they [the flesh and the Spirit] are enmity, one to another. And MY people must realize that MY people must move as MY Spirit moves. They must speak as MY Spirit moves! And they must wait upon ME!

I say, there is time when you can praise ME. Yes, but there is times when I speak. And that time thou must be listening, that MY people might be moved upon and be grafted-in by MY precious gift of MY Spirit, saith the Spirit of God.

I AM here to touch MY people again, and again. Oh, I say, MY people, before thee are plagues of darkness. And that is why MY people must be suited with MY Spirit, with a special suiting in this last days, that they might be insulated from the powers of darkness, that no weapon that is formed against them shall prosper. [Isa. 54:17]

And they will rise against that weapon, that comes against them. And that weapon shall be DEFEATED, as they walk in faith, believing, and trust ME, that I AM able to do all things, saith the Spirit of God.

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