Word From The Holy Spirit, October 14, 1995

I AM here to speak to thee MY ones. For I say, many places I AM not allowed to move. And MY Spirit gets bound up. MY Spirit can not move, only through those that will yield themselves to MY Spirit.

I will not force the Spirit, MY Spirit, upon mankind. It only comes as those that have had that touch from Jesus, when they have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. And at that time, that I give them that added dimension. And I say I have touched many, many, many. And I say, through unbelief, through the philosophy of many men, they have put this down as nothing. They put down the power of MY Holy Ghost as nothing! They put it down as not a working force, no longer, but it is just part of MY Word.

And I say *IT IS POWER*! It is not just part of MY Word! It is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost!! Does not MY Word say, grieve not MY Holy Spirit whereby ye are sealed to the day of redemption? And I say, this last hour, MY people need the power of MY Holy One! They need deliverance! They need a new encounter. They need a new blessing! They need to stir in their hearts and lives, that they might be touched from the very crown of their head to the very sole of their feet!

I say, many of MY people have been a blend of evil and good within them! And I say, that blend does not make a good ground that MY people would be enlarged upon by MY Spirit! It is a very unfruitful ground! And through that many have believed lies! And I say, many have been damned because of believing lies, that they would believe and take on the powers of darkness.

And the enemy, many times, hurts them and lets them believe that everything is still okay, until it gets to a depth that they are so far from ME that they cannot. And their eyes become blinded! They cannot see where they are going.

But I AM calling MY people to rally in their hearts. Seek MY face! Call upon ME! Fast right now, and touch! Move through MY Spirit. Move where MY Spirit is! Move upon MY Spirit! And I the Lord thy God shall do a great work. For I want to fit MY people this last days with an armament that will be able to cope against the powers of the darkness.

I would fit MY people that they would be clothed with the shield of faith. That they might be able to quench the fiery darts of the wicked. They would have the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, and the breast plate of righteousness. And they might enlarge them, about, with truth. Take the shield of faith that their feet might be shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, that MY people might be fit for battle, that MY people might do vengeance against the powers of darkness that have been able to come against them and to deceive MY people so long, that MY people might rally this last days, that they might walk in victory. They would walk determined to know ME as their righteous God, that they would walk and submit themselves no longer to their own flesh, and their own needs, but they would submit themselves to ME, the living God! And MY Spirit would rest upon them ETERNALLY!!!.

For I say, many will not be ready at that day because MY Spirit has forsaken them, and they have forsaken MY Spirit. And they think that MY Spirit will just come upon them anytime that they believe, and they will be just like Sampson saith the Spirit of God. When he cut his hair he had no power.

[This is speaking of that moment when Sampson awoke from sleeping and his hair had been cut off by his enemies. He had never had a moment like that in his whole life. He did not know what it was like to be without the anointing of strength. He could not shake off the weakness. He was helpless! He thought he could quickly regain his strength. His enemies had him just where they wanted him, defeated!]

And I say at that day there will be no more power in them. When, I say, in that day of visitation they will still be here! They will be looking through the clouds of glory and they will miss that glorious day. And they will be sad in their eyes. And they will wonder what is taking place, because they have been deceived by the tempter. They have been deceived by the manipulator of minds.

And I say, many of MY people have gone back in their own former lusts! They have went back in their own former things! And they divorced the Spirit of God that once has lived within them! And they have forsaken ME! And they have become harlots! They have become lovers of flesh! They have become lovers of men!

And I say, MY people, I AM a jealous God and I AM calling forth a people that is full hearted, anointed by MY Spirit, that they would walk upright before ME, and they would be saturated by the power of MY glory.

For MY glory is not slack! MY glory is not lax in any way. MY glories will fit thee, and it will comfort thee, and it will bless thee, and it will attire thee with MY presence. And I will live within those that will call upon ME. And I will live within them. And I shall give them strength in the last hour that they would be more than conquerors through the ONE that loves them, hallelujah! The Savior, Jesus Christ, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost will be pleased! And *THEY* will make their abode in such. And *THEY* shall prosper those ones.

And I say even if thou shall live by thyself, thou art able this night to live victorious for ME. I say, even if I would put thee on the farthest planet and I would supply air to thee, and I would supply the needs, thou should be able to stay fitted, because I have given thee MY Word. I have given thee MY Spirit. I have given thee MY Son. I have given thee MY ALL! I AM preparing for thee an everlasting home.

And I have given thee more than power to come against the power of that darkness that has deceived thee so many times. But I say, MY people are so deceived! When the enemy comes their way, they fall back. And they yield THE SOURCE. And then they give up. And they [have] lost ground.

But I AM calling forth a people that will not lose ground! They will stand strong! And having done all they will stand, saith the Spirit of God! For I AM calling forth a victorious people, a holy people, a separated people, that will love ME with all their heart, with all their soul. And I the Lord thy God, to those that will do these, I will supply every need! And I shall take care of them! And I shall array them, even in this last days. And I shall move upon them. And people will not be able to figure them out, even as some cannot figure out what is taking place in this church. I say there is some that cannot understand. But I say, that is what will take place! They will WONDER!! But I will come upon thee with MY Spirit.

[The next paragraph is a personal message that suddenly came forth because a man in the meeting became agitated. That man was oppressed by the enemy. The man began to speak out loud. The enemy was trying to use the man to stop the Lord from speaking by prophecy.]

And I say, be quiet, because MY Love is here to speak with thee. And I shall anoint thee tonight! I say: surrender to *ME*! Seek MY face! And I shall move upon thee in a great and mighty way. And I shall pardon thy transgressions. And I shall move upon thee with a satisfying blessing that will move upon thee. And I shall sustain thee through the rest of thy walk upon this World. And thou shall walk in victory, day by day. And thou shall do the will of the FATHER. And thou shall be led by the SON. And thou shall be moved upon by the Holy One that lives WITHIN YOU, says the Spirit of God.

I say many do not understand. They think it is a work of man. But I say it cannot be the work of man because I AM the Commander and Chief. I AM HE that liveth! I AM HE that reigneth. And I AM calling for those that will be subject to MY will. I AM calling for those that would even SPEAK as unto the anointing of MY Spirit!

I AM calling those in this last days that they will be anointed by MY Spirit. That they will walk and talk in the truth. They will walk by the Spirit of God. And they will walk in the Word that I have given thee. And MY Words come alive for those that are ordered by MY Spirit. And it shall do a work and it will prosper those that hear. And they shall be benefited by the powers of those that bring forth the message and be the deliverers of good news.

Does not MY Word say that I bring forth good news? I say it has to be done by the moving of MY Spirit. I say, many this day quench MY Spirit. And they do not want to hear because the devil is in control. This is his World. This is his kingdom. And I say he is coming even against MY people in their own sanctuaries, to be in a degree, he is still the leader.

I AM here this day to help MY people. For MY people are wounded. They have been offended. But I say, MY people need to be set free. I say MY people need to be set free, delivered from the powers of darkness! Trust ME this day. Believe that I AM! And trust those that walk in MY Spirit. Trust those! Be able to trust your brother that walks in the Spirit of God. Because I say, if he gets out of step, you will know he is out of step, because his spirit will not be right!

I say in this last days you do not have to know one another by a ring upon thy finger, but the Spirit within you. It says know a brother by the Spirit! Hallelujah! You can trust that! You must love that brother with all your heart, that sister with all your heart because they are part of YOU! And you cannot go against that one or you will come against *MY* actions, saith the Spirit of God.

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