Word From The Holy Spirit, October 12, 1995

But I AM here to defend thee in these last days. I AM here to help thee MY ones. I AM here to encourage thee. I AM a good God, saith the Spirit of God. And I AM looking for those that will love ME. I AM looking for those that will look to ME, and those that will share ME in their lives.

To those that will share with ME, I the Lord thy God shall move upon them with MY mighty anointing. And I shall cover them with MY mighty hands, and MY presence shall be real in their heart. And they shall know that the Lord thy God, the God of Abraham, the God of Jacob, the God of Isaac: for I AM HE that liveth. And I AM here to raise up those ones this day with their hearts bowed low. And, I say, a heavy load upon their shoulders.

I AM able to take them, to lift them up from the heaviness of this World, to bring them in HEAVENLY PLACES. And I the Lord thy God shall take away and lift them up. Yea, as Peter walked upon that water, I AM able to SURFACE THEE, that thou would walk upon *MY* AIR, that thou would walk by the visitation of MY mighty power, that I should anoint thee, these last days, that thou would walk in victory. And MY Spirit would be alive within thee, that thou shall be born again, not as on a roster you will see. That I should visit thy heart as I have never visited thee before.

For I AM delighted in MY people, in this last days that they should know ME, and they will walk by the visitation of MY mighty Holy Ghost. For I AM here to baptize MY people afresh! I AM here to bring forth revival! I AM here to anoint this last day with a power of MY anointing that shall break the powers of darkness.

I say, the enemy has come in even at the door! And I say he has sifted and he has taken many! But I AM here this day that thou would regain ground that has been lost, that has been taken from thee, that thou would be anointed by MY Spirit, that I would encourage you this night that thou would invest in ME and come boldly unto MY throne, that I should keep thee in the hallow of MY hand. And I say, the power of the enemy, when he would come against thee, if thou were in MY hand he could not hurt thee.

It is MY delight to protect MY ones. It is MY delight to minister MY love upon MY people, to bring healing upon them. For I say in this last days those that are called by MY Name, many, cannot see the healing touch of MY Spirit, no longer. They cry to ME, they speak to ME, but nothing really happens. For I AM calling forth, in these last days, that I will do a great work, that I will do a supernatural work, for those that will believe and trust in ME, that I will be the living God. And I shall raise up a people. And they shall have a standard, not of this World. And that standard will be of ME, and they will not receive the plagues of this World, no longer, but they will receive the gift from Heaven. And that gift of Heaven shall delight, to them.

And I say, the one that has brought them down: they shall be alleviated from the powers that they have been bound by! And they shall be set free. And they shall be moved upon by MY Spirit and lifted up into heavenly places. For I shall teach MY ones. And they shall move with MY Word. And they shall understand MY Word. And MY Word shall bring forth revelation knowledge to the hearts of those. And I say those passage ways [in the Bible] that they cannot understand, I will enlighten them to know even MY Word! And they shall walk by the pleasures of MY Spirit. And they will no longer be put down by the powers of darkness, of doctrine of men, or doctrines of devils.

For I shall minister through MY Spirit saith the Spirit of God. For I AM calling those this last days to walk in VICTORY. Don’t be slack MY people! Don’t be slack concerning the things of this World! Take thy eyes off the pit falls that is round about thee. Take thy eyes off the things! I say, I AM here this night to remove the blinders, to open thine eyes that thou would see ME, that thou would walk in victory! For I say there is in this room those who are still bound. And you are bound by the enemy. You are bound by the pits.

Listen to ME this night! For I AM here to strengthen thee, that thou would no longer have outbursts by the powers of darkness. But, I would bring thee forth as a child of light, that thou would walk in victory, that thou would walk in the newness of life, that thou would walk in MY power, MY ANOINTING! Hallelujah saith the Spirit of God!

For I AM causing those in this last days, they would forsake the things of this World, and they would invest in ME, that I might prove Myself to their heart, to their soul, that I would grant to them the keys to MY Kingdom. And those keys I give not, to no other. I grant them personally to each one. And I give thee a new name! I give thee a new hope! I give thee a new baptism! I fill thee with MY power! I fill thee with MY love! I will fill thee with MY anointing! I will shake these powers of darkness through thee, MY people, if thou can believe this night that I will move upon thee as thou hast never moved before.

I will bring revival upon thee. I shall move through thee and thou shall move powerfully through MY Name in this last days. And I will visit thy hearts and thou shall have a joy that thou feels. MY joy shall be thy strength! I shall visit thy heart afresh and anew saith the Spirit of God.

There is a hard road for them, MY people. I say, there is a hard place for MY people, unless they are empowered by ME. I say, MY people this last days, they must be brave, and they must settle it now. They must come to ME and allow MY blessings to be upon them that I will do a great work in these last days. I AM here tonight to touch thee afresh and anew, that thou would feel MY mighty anointing, and thou would feel MY mighty touch.

For I have called thee as thou would be commissioned by ME. For I called thee that thou would go MY ways and I would bear thee up. I say, the enemy cannot contain thee, or overtake thee. But, I will bear thee up with MY blessings! And MY hands will lift thee up into Heavenly places and I shall move upon thee!

And I say be not fearful! Be not fearful, for I AM here to testify to thee, that I loveth thee! I shall speak through thee, MY blessings shall be upon thee and surround thee, I shall anoint thee afresh and anew! I say, this World, they are living in a time that they cannot understand. But MY people are living in MY knowledge! But, I the Lord thy God shall not confuse MY people. And MY people will walk in victory. And they shall hear from ME! And I shall speak to MY people. And MY people will not be confused, no longer. But, they will walk in victory! And they will walk circumcised by MY presence.

I shall anoint MY people in a very powerful way, and a very anointing way. For I say before the World there is perilous times. And I say there is doctrines of devils. There is doctrines speaking in many places. And I say there is many voices that is speaking that is not of ME! For I AM calling forth a singular voice and MY Spirit speaketh as ME, by the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost!

I AM here to anoint thee, that thou would speak as I would speak to thee, that I would process thee for MY glory, that thou would no longer be kicked about by the powers of darkness, but thou would be set free. And thou would take a stand for ME, that I would speak through thee and I would overcome the enemy. And he would not, no longer, be turned to thy wall. He would no longer have havoc in thy life!

For I AM here this night to grant thee MY blessings, to grant thee MY peace. Come close! For it is MY delight to touch MY beloved!

For I say there is problems in the World. I say, there is going to be earthquakes. There is going to be explosions. And I say there is going to be problems from many things, from the East, the West. But those that dwell in MY presence, I shall keep them under MY mighty power! And I shall lead them, and I shall guide them, and I shall direct them, and as those that will be obedient to ME.

For I shall move upon the ones that I love. And they shall be prosperous. And I will take care of them and I will provide for them. And I say, when they come in that wedding service, they will not be naked. They will not be ashamed. For I say many in that day will be ashamed because they have done no works while they were on Earth.

But I say, My people must rally now. My people must be busy for ME! They must be serving ME right now, that they might be in that day and have many gifts as they come before ME at that day, that they would have GIFTS. And I say those gifts would bring forth a blessing upon them at that last day. For I shall give them that time. And I shall give them a new inheritance. And I shall bless them. And I shall instruct them in that time, in that wedding service. And I say, it shall be a blessed time!

Look now MY people. Look to ME! And I say, do not let the enemy no longer detour thee or take thy vision from thee. I say, thou must work out thy salvation with fear and with heavy tremblingness. **THOU MUST WORK OUT THY SALVATION WITH FEAR AND WITH HEAVY TREMBLINGNESS**! Thou must guard thyself! Thou must walk in MY blessings. And thou must be as harmless as doves, as wise as serpents, saith the Spirit of God.

I AM here this night to love thee MY ones. Call upon ME and I will answer thee, saith the Spirit of God.

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