Word From the Holy Spirit, September 23, 1995

…to identify Myself here that I liveth, and MY Spirit lives, and MY Son lives! And WE move and WE go with MY Spirit. But I AM here to touch MY ones.

I say there is not many here tonight, but I say this invitation must be given out in the outer realm. Yea, around thy streets to thy broadways. Tell them to come! Compel them to come to hear. The Spirit of God will move upon them.

And I AM here tonight to touch thee afresh and anew, to empower thee to a greater depth. Do not, no longer, worry about where I have placed thee. Don’t worry about where thou livest, or what is under thy shoe. But I AM here that thou be a profitable vessel, even thy household, or in thy street, wherever thou goest, that MY light would shine within thee: and a bright light would shine within thee. And I said the World would see the brightness of MY Spirit that dwells within thee MY ones.

For I say many people are very dark in this last hours. And I say, MY Spirit brings forth light. And **MY** Spirit brings forth light. And life and light are in MY Spirit saith the Spirit of God. And MY Spirit is here to touch thee afresh, to move upon MY people.

For I AM here as a jealous God. For I AM jealous over MY people. For I AM jealous over them that they no longer give ME first place. For I AM calling forth a people that will seek ME first, in all areas of their life. And through that, if they will seek ME first, I the Lord thy God shall move upon them, and I shall work for them, and I shall guard their lives, and I shall touch them.

I AM looking for a people that will just heel to ME saith the Spirit of God, a people that will be not lax in their own hearts, in their own imaginations. But they must move upon as MY Spirit would visit their hearts, in a very special way, in a very tender way. MY people must break the chains that have them bound.

MY people can no longer live in bondage. But MY people must be lifted up, and have MY love, and MY blessings upon them forevermore. They can no longer have bitterness. They can no longer have anger. They can no longer have jealously. They can no longer move in the ways that the World wants to move. But they must discover that I have given them and granted them an invitation that I would take these atrocities out of their lives. And I would spare them from the problems that have been a curse upon them. And they shall be delivered and I shall set them free. And for those things I shall give them blessings.

I will give them peace in their life. I shall give them love. And they shall love and they shall move and they shall have a compassion upon their brethren. And they shall move in victory and they shall walk in MY Spirit. And they shall no longer be walking trodden down by the powers of the enemy. But they shall move against him! And they shall speak against him. And as they speak against him, he shall go and he will be compelled to go backwards. And he shall be dispelled out of their realm!

And I shall keep THAT, with MY people that love ME. For those that will love ME, I the Lord thy God shall make a new deal, a better deal than any man can give thee! And I shall grant thee MY love. I shall grant thee MY peace. I shall grant thee MY salvation. And if thou shall come, this night, and seek MY face where thou should be, thou shall really see many souls in this City. Yea, many souls that have not come to ME. Yea, bring them in and they will receive. And through those they will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

And those ones, these new ones, shall go out and bring forth new wine to this region. And they shall do a great work! I say, be not afraid to invite those to come in. Be not afraid to invite your brother, your sister. For I the Lord thy God am here. And I shall move. And they will not find fault with ME saith Spirit of God. For I AM leadership here saith the Spirit of God. Not Man, no longer, can have leadership here. For it is MY appointed time that I the Lord thy God have chosen. And I shall direct those and I shall let.

And if anyone comes against MY ones, I shall fight their fight! And they will be defeated. I say let no man come against this work, for I the Lord thy God, in doing so, they will deal with *ME* saith the Spirit of God! For I, the Lord, shall clothe MY ones. And I shall put MY special touch upon them. For I shall caress them. And I shall love them. And I shall give them an inheritance, when this life is over, that [inheritance] will go on through the decades of time. And they shall be as kings and priests in that thousand years. And they shall reign as leaders. And they shall reign as positive in mine. And they shall do a work for ME in that time. And I say, in the World to come, for eternity, they shall live in MY presence. Is it not worth it all, saith the Spirit of God?!

For who knows the time and man’s own heart? I say, thy life is like a vapor, it is like the very flower that comes forth this spring time. It is gone this night! But I say, that is the same with thy life. Can thou saith how long that thou shall live? Thou cannot, saith the Spirit of God! It is only I! And I say people are playing games, and they do not even know how the enemy has MY people so blinded! They are missing out, and they do not know MY Spirit!

MY people in these last days must know MY Spirit! They must know MY Son: Jesus! And I say MY Spirit will bring them to MY Son! And I say they shall be as one. And HE shall bring that Bride. And MY Bride, in that day, the Spirit will bring her to MY Son. And there shall be a marriage feast. And there shall be a day of laughter. There shall be a day of great feasts that has never been. For MY Word said, eye hath not seen, neither ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man the things that I have prepared for MY people, MY beloved! I say, even though there is a few here tonight, I have spoken to thee this message and I WILL GRANT IT, if thou can believe saith the Spirit of God!

Do not contest against MY Spirit saith the Spirit of God. I say, listen to ME! Listen to MY Spirit! Move as I move, saith the Spirit of God. Trust ME! Know that I AM HE that liveth! For I shall grant thee an inheritance IF thou shall stay faithful. In that day the enemy will not be able to take it from thee! His plagues shall not be able to overtake thee!

But I say for those that are deliberately coming against ME in this last days, and coming against MY Spirit, I say very shortly they will have a harvest of immoralities. They will have a harvest of decays, of problems. They will face concerns that they will not understand.

For I say MY people must come to a higher depth, a higher level. They must come into MY presence. For I AM calling MY people, not in this World, but out of this World, to ME, that they might walk in MY truth, and walk in MY victory, that MY Spirit would not, no longer, be denied in their presence. I would be the ONE that would guide them, direct them into liberty, into victory, that souls would be, that MY Bride would be ready, that MY Bride would be adorned.

MY Bride would be beautiful. I say, many of MY people have projected that MY Bride was going to be ugly, MY Bride was going to live like the filth of this World. But I say this night that MY Bride must be a holy Bride, now! MY Bride must come to a higher level! Yes, I AM forgiving and I AM very understanding. And I will forgive and forgive and forgive. But, I expect MY Bride to come to love Me, to give ME the first, *GIVE ME THE FIRST*.

And through that, if thou shall give ME thy first, I shall bless thee abundantly. I shall pardon thee! And I shall give thee a joy, and a peace that lasts from this time through eternity saith the Spirit of God.

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