Word From the Holy Spirit, September 3 (b), 1995

Where is thy faith? For I say because of faith here, there has been a change in the elements of this weather this Summer saith the Spirit of God. Thou hast felt the coolness. I say many parts of this United States have had extreme hot weather. And I have kept MY coolness. There is a cool wave, yea, that has been upon thee. For MY eyes are upon thee.

And does thou not understand that I AM seeing that thou has come against principalities. Thou has come against powers of darkness. And I say he [the evil one] has manipulated even against thee. He has even come at times when thou would say, “I will give up!” But I say, MY men, thou cannot give up. Thou cannot give up! Thou must go on. And thou must walk in faith believing that I will reward those ones that will diligently seek ME. To those that will lead, for I have given thee all a measure of faith.

But, I say thy faith grows as thou leans upon MY Word, and thou gleans upon MY Word, and thou eats MY Word, and thou studies MY Word. I say faith cometh by hearing, and hearing MY Word. And I say, I AM calling forth a people, this last days, that will walk in victory. But I say, they must walk in faith! They must believe that what I speak will come to pass. And I say that IF these words that thou hast heard will not be laid in vain, and they will not be carried out just for the North wind, the South wind, the West wind, the East wind. But I say those words will go do a work as I have commanded them, by MY Spirit.

For I say MY Word is powerful. And I say, when a man, or a woman, moves in MY Words, and I come upon them, it becomes from ME, saith the Spirit of God. For it is ME that speaks through MY people. For I AM calling forth a yielded people, vessels that will not be afraid to allow ME, to work within their heart. I say, too many of MY people, that are called by MY Name in this last days, yea that he, that hath had MY Spirit, they have had MY Spirit. But, they are afraid to go out and lean totally upon ME. They are afraid. They are fearful.

MY pastors are fearful! They must plan their own message. They must study that. And they must work out that message. It takes them much time, saith the Spirit of God. I say many of MY pastors, it takes them many, many hours to get a message to speak to their people. But I say, if they would just come to ME and allow ME I would speak through them. They would no longer have to take all that time. They would no longer! They could just have all that time to seek ME and call upon MY Name; and just to eat of ME. And I would use them.

For I say they are losing all that time. They lose all that time in vain imaginations! And I say, MY people: I AM calling forth a people that realize that MY Spirit is special. MY Spirit is powerful! MY Spirit can speak through the hearts of MY people!

But I say, MY people cannot understand that. They see it in MY Word. They hear it in MY Word. And they even say it in their program. They even, in their church, declare that their ministries declare it. But I say, in reality, they do not believe it! I say when a man tries to practice this, they put him off as an outcast. They do not want to have any part of him or she. They do not want to even be around them! But I say, that is MY people!

And MY people, through *THIS* [the move of the Spirit], they don’t have to take time. They don’t have to worry what they are going to say. They just speak to ME all the time and I speak through them. And we have conversation. And we move together. And we converse as with Enoch, who walked with ME. And then he walked with ME into Heaven. And I AM saying I want THAT in this last days.

Even in Adam and Eve, that they in the cool of the evening, I would come down and talk with them. I say I AM seeking forth a people in these last days, before the time of eternity, a people that would walk close to ME, and abide in ME. I have given them MY Son. And HE has paid in full that they might have redemption, that they might have salvation, so full, so free, so special.

I have given them MY grace. I have given them MY Word. And MY Word declares a message that they do not receive. I have given them MY Spirit. And they will not receive MY Spirit. They say it is for a long time ago. They say it is for a time when the early Bible days of the hundred and twenty went in. But I say, it is for now!

I say, does not MY Word say in the last days that I would pour out MY Spirit upon all flesh? And did not I say that when the enemy comes in like a flood, yea I the Lord thy God would raise up a standard against them? Am not I able to take a unprofitable man, even a derelict, that is nothing and change that man into: MY blessings be upon that man?

Am not I able to perform these great and mighty acts, saith the Spirit of God? Am not I able to do the things that man cannot do? It is MY delight to change man. I AM able to take an old rough pebble out here and make it a stone of praise, of honor! Am not I able to take an old rag and make it a beautiful clothing out of it? Am not I able to do these things? And that is what I do with MY people.

I AM looking for those who look not where they have come from, but where they will go TO, with ME. For I say all have come from this Earth. All have come from sin. And sin has corrupted this World. And I say, man in the process of bringing this salvation to MY people has perversed it to the degree that when a man starts changing his ways, and that man really starts coming to ME, they will not allow him, no longer, to be partakers with them. And they do not allow that one to grow. And I say many have been in that area. And it stunts them to the degree that many lose out with ME totally.

And they have meetings, week by week. They have praise services. And they do all these wonderful works. But I say they will not allow MY people to come into the fullness! And I say, that is robbing them! That is robbing them of what I have for them! And I say in this last days you are going to see now many, many churches, that are going to be coming out. And they are going to be seen where they become from.

And that you will see in those churches: you will see divorces; you will see the works of darkness being manifested; and you will see plagues of child molestation; and you will see even thefts. You will see these things: that men can no longer control themselves without ME.

And I say, that is why MY men, now, need to seek ME, because there is going to be a day of non-control without the Spirit. There is going to be a day that men cannot handle themselves without ME. And I say many are going to be so vexed by the powers. And they are going, to be so discouraged that they are literally going to take their own lives. Many will lose their first estate they have had with ME!

And I say, this is foreign to the language of the church world. They would not understand this message. But I AM here this day that MY people in this last days must be a profitable men, a profitable women, walking in the Spirit. Does not MY Word say that they that are led by the Spirit of God are MY sons? Am not I able to do a work within MY people? Am not I able to control the works of MY people? Am not I able to take control of them from doing, no longer walking in sin? Am not I able to forbear those, to help them, to minister to them?

I said, for too long MY people have done their own ministries. And they have walked their own course. And they spoke MY Words, but they walked in their own flesh. And I say, the flesh cannot, no longer, do the works of MY ministry!

For I AM calling a people in this last hour that will be as Gideon, just a few, a remnant that will walk in victory. And I shall let them be seen. And they shall know in that day, I say, I have a remnant! I have a special people. For I say, thou has felt MY breeze, MY cool breeze upon thee. For I have not left thee. I have not left that calling that I put upon thee! But I say, when thou will go to thy works, be not afraid! Be not discouraged! But I the Lord thy God, if thou shall walk in this fashion, and thou will walk in one mind, and thou will not allow no unbelief to come in, and no disagreements, and thou shall walk in the unity, thou shall see a great work! And thou shall be one, in *ME*, saith the Spirit of God!

[Brother Freedom then reported that he saw the powers of Glory come down in that moment as he had never seen before. Freedom felt so strongly that God is going to do a great work!]

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