Word From the Holy Spirit, August 3, 1995

[During the early part of the meeting Brother Freedom gave the following interpretation of an unknown tongue that someone in the meeting released by faith.]

The way is hard. But yet, I shall go with thee through, over every rock, every crevice, every step of the way I will be with thee. And, I will not fail thee. And thou shall live victorious even through all circumstances.

For I the Lord thy God will create a people who will walk in MY blessings. And they will walk, developed by ME! They will know ME and they will learn ME. And, they will walk after MY wishes. And they will be directed by MY Spirit forevermore, saith the Spirit of God.

But I shall cover them and I shall clothe them with MY righteousness. And I say the enemy will not be able to over take them. He will not be able to even attack them. Yea, he shall be able to speak, but I say those snares cannot be done, to come upon MY people, as long as MY people react against that powers.

If you resist him, he will flee from you. And thou must draw nigh unto ME, MY people. Thou must seek MY face. Draw nigh to ME. For I the Lord loveth those that will seek MY face. For those who will come and seek ME, yea I the Lord thy God will fill them with MY Spirit. And I shall touch them afresh and anew with MY glory saith the Spirit of God.


[Later the Holy Spirit poured these prophetic words through Brother Freedom.]

I AM here calling thee, calling MY ones, calling them into that special anointing. I have given thee MY Words. I have given thee MY instruction. I have called upon thee.

And I say MY people resist ME in their own intellect. I say the intellect is their own mentality. And I say that mentality comes against ME all the time. And I say, MY people, I get them right to the point where they should yield to ME, and I say that intellect blocks that move and they cannot hear from ME!

And they will go back, they will go back in their own ways. They will go back in their old suggestions. They will go back even to their old follows, the things that they have followed that have brought them down. But, I want them to come to the dedication that they would forsake the things that has been from yesterday, and they would allow MY glory to come upon them, as a wave from Heaven, that I should anoint them from the very crown of their head to the very sole of their feet. That their feet would be shining, and their feet would go forth with the glorious Gospel.

It says how beautiful are MY feet of those who proclaim MY Gospel! MY feet, thou must be anointed that thou might take forth this Gospel to a lost and dying World, that thou might represent ME! And thou would represent MY glory and the World would see the power of MY glory upon them. And they would see ME in thee. And MY people would be able to receive instruction from ME. And **you** would know that you have been in MY presence. And **they** would know that you have been in MY presence. And they would cry out. And they would call upon ME.

I say it has been so long, that MY people are walking disturbed in their own spirit. They have forsaken MY walk. They have flat went after man’s ways. And they have went after man’s teachings. They have went after man’s intellect. But MY Spirit is here today, that MY glory should come down, and I would move upon MY people, and I should anoint MY people, and I shall move, yes through the gifts of tongues, interpretation. Yes I will move through the gift of prophecy. And I shall move through the gift of knowledge. I shall move through the gift of faith and healing. I shall move in those gifts, for it is MY delight to touch MY church, to touch MY weak ones.

I say MY people are weak. They are anemic. But I want them this night to challenge, and to rally, the calling that I have purposed in their hearts, that they might be a dedicated heart that would walk faithful to ME, that they would be encouraged, themselves, this night. That you would say in your own heart: “I will follow thee at all costs! I will follow thee MY Lord, for I loveth thee! I’ve given my heart to thee, my life! Hallelujah!”

I AM calling thee MY people that thou would not be disturbed with the cares of this World. And I say when men would even come against you and persecute you, that you would not even feel it. You would be so dead in ME that you would not feel the powers of darkness that would come against you; that you would be so moved in MY Spirit ye would not even feel the blast of the enemy when he comes against you. You would not even feel when that powers of darkness comes against thee, because you would be so full of ME that I would be in thee. I would cover thee even with MY angels.

Did not I say that I would go with thee?! Did not I say before thee, yea, if even one of thee would live for ME that I would bless that one, and they would not have to be afraid? For I the Lord thy God shall deliver them. And I the Lord would deliver the enemy out of their pathway, even for one soul! And I say if thou shall come together by the common bond, coming together in one Spirit, I will do great and mighty works saith the Spirit of God! For I shall set MY people free.

And I say thou hast families. Thou hast friends that is bound in tradition. Thou hast families that is bound in the things of this World. And I say if thou wilt get thy heart right, where thou should be, thou shall bring them, and they shall be set free!

For I the Lord thy God am here to do a great work, and I AM here to do a move upon MY people. And I have a calling upon MY ones that I should anoint them. And I shall shelter them. And I shall shun them from the powers of darkness, and they will not be weakened, even though the enemy would come to them, even though he would try to trick them. Yea, I would foretell them, before, that the enemy is coming. And they would foreknow, even ahead of time.

For I the Lord, it is MY delight to touch MY people, to instruct them by MY Spirit. For I shall touch MY people, that I shall anoint them in a very special way. For I AM HE that liveth! I AM Jesus, saith the Spirit of God. Jesus, hallelujah! Jesus, the ONE that lives, the ONE that paid in full. Hallelujah!

The Holy Spirit would say I AM HE that liveth within MY people! And I AM here to touch thee, MY ones, this night. I AM HE that liveth. And I say for very soon, MY coming is very soon. And I say wicked devices are coming upon this Land.

And I say very shortly you are going to see things that will not be turned around. Their motivation, the powers of darkness, will have that in them: spin. And they will not be able to go, back up, to retract. And all things that given them those directions, it will be like a mighty whirlwind. And those people that are caught up in that whirlwind, they shall be eternally caught up by the powers of darkness. And they shall miss out.

That MY people are so caught up in tradition. They are so caught up in their works of their places, in their synagogues. They have forgotten ME. They have forgotten MY Spirit! They have forgotten MY Word! They are working out their own work, their own salvation in their own hands!

And I say this day MY people must come out from this. They must be a peculiar people. They must be a zealous people! They must allow MY Spirit to baptize them again, as it was in the days of the Book of Acts, saith the Spirit of God: Hallelujah, that they were in one accord that I would visit them. But it is up to thy hearts, saith the Spirit of God. I will not force any of thee! It is but in thy hands. MY servant has spoken. But it is in thy hands what thou will do, saith the Spirit of God.

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