Word From the Holy Spirit, July 27, 1995

I AM not slack concerning MY promises as some men count slackness. But I have heard your cries. I know where thou livest. I AM with thee day by day. Does not MY Word say that I will never leave [thee]; I will not forsake thee? Does not MY Word say that I have not given thee the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind? Did not I go before MY people? Will not I shelter MY people? Will not I keep MY people under the hallow of MY hand?

It is MY will and MY joy and MY love to thee, MY people, to love thee, to prosper thee, to make things good for thee, to supply thy every need. I shall give thee all things if thou shall believe in MY Name.

I AM here this night to tell thee that I AM calling forth a people that will reverence ME, and know ME, and walk by MY Spirit, walk according to MY Word, and know MY Word, and pray without ceasing, and call upon MY Name.

And I the Lord thy God, to those that do this, I will do a great work within them. For I AM calling a people that is different. I AM calling forth a people in this last days that will walk up before ME, perfect in MY Spirit, walk in perfection, walk from [by the strength of] MY leadership, that I would lead them in a straight path, that I would not let them go, that MY hand should become upon them constantly, and MY blessings shall be upon them, and MY joy would be constantly in thy spirit, in thy being.

For I shall live within thee. And I say MY people can now get within MY mind. If I live within thee will thou not feel MY love? Will thou not feel MY peace? If I live within thee, will thou not feel that? I say thou must call upon ME. Why doest thou look back and not feel ME? Because I AM not within thee!

I AM calling that thou might make restitution this night, that thou might repent, that thou might seek MY face and call upon MY Name, that I would live within thee this day forevermore! For I AM calling for that people that will not look to the things of this World, no longer. And, no longer be confused by the powers of darkness, might even be confused by their own flesh, but they would walk by the direction of MY blessing.

But MY Spirit would be upon them. For I AM here to touch thy lives, to minister MY love, to bring affection to thee, for I loveth thee MY ones. MY people must walk as the apple of MY eye. For I love MY people. MY people must realize that I loveth them. And I will even stop everything from Heaven, at times, to come down, to bid thee peace, to bid MY blessings upon thee, to bring healing to thy body.

Yea, many times thou has not seen the power of MY angel that I have sent down that thou would have been in an accident, that thou would have even left this World if it had not been by MY mercy. For I have brought intervention in thy lives, many times, saith the Spirit of God.

I constantly, [look] upon MY people, and that is why MY people must pray. My people must stand in MY will. They must follow MY plans. They must know that MY Spirit is for a reason. It is so that they will have communication from Heaven. They will have a visitation from Heaven. They will know that I AM within them. I live within them! And they will feel ME! They will know that I reside within them. And their joy would be from Heaven. Their joy would be from ME. And their joy would not be from this World. They will no longer be perplexed by the powers of darkness, but they would walk as an overcomer. They would walk in victory.

And when they would do MY work they see that MY powers avail for them. And they would see MY blessings upon them forevermore. And they would REJOICE because I AM with them.

MY people need to rejoice! MY people need to be happy! I say happy are the people whose God is the Lord. I say MY people are not happy, many of them. I say MY people are frowning.

But I say thou must get out this word to those that need that touch, that they must have that encounter with ME, that I would give them that joy, that I would fill them with old time power! That I would fill them this night with MY glory, that I would fill them, that I would give them MY peace that passes all understanding. I would give them the fruit of their lips. I would give them the power, the anointing. And I would bless their homes and I would encourage them day by day.

And I would even walk by thy side, even [in] the work elements, that I would be by them and they would know that I live with them and I should not leave them. They will have that close affection, and close encounter that I live within them. And they would have that serenity within their hearts, that they know that I liveth with them. And MY blessings are with those that love ME.

For those that will keep MY commandments I will minister, and I will provide for them. And I shall give them the good things, and I shall be merciful to them. I will bless their todays, their tomorrows to the time that I shall call them home. And they shall be blessed everyday by ME!

And MY joy needs to be full within MY people. It is a sign to the World round about My people. When MY people are not joyful it brings forth a message to this World that MY people do not have what I represent. And I represent that MY people must show forth a shining light that will shine in this dark World. That your brilliancy, of the shining of MY Spirit within thee, would be so powerful that the World, round about thee, would be stunned by the power of the shadow that is upon thy figure, upon thy bosom, that they would feel, this: MY presence within them [within God’s people]. And they [the lost ones] would be overtaken, and they would be subdued to ME. And they would realize.

They would call to thee and they would say, “What is this that you have my one?”

And you would reply back and say, “I’m a child of the KING. I know Jesus! I know the power of the Holy Ghost! I know the power of God, God the Father, God the Son. And I can bring you this day into the intimacy to know Jesus as your personal savior.”

And when you say, you would say “YES, I receive that.” And he will be blessed. And he will go out and bless the other. I want thee that thou would go out and minister one by one, here a little, there a little. Move as I would move upon thee. That thou might be prosperous in this last days. That thou would no longer be decayed.

Because I say when MY people stop, when MY people stop ministering they literally decay. Set MY people [train them] that MY people do not retire saith the Spirit of God. MY people must keep going on. For I shall renew the strength of MY old. I shall give them the strength of their youth. I shall bless them! And I shall even let the young people testify. And they will see MY strength within MY old ones. And they shall see, even MY young ones, they shall see the power of MY blessings upon My [old].

I say what this World needs and this Town needs is the power of MY Jesus. They need the power of the Holy Ghost saith the Spirit of God. And they must be taught this. They must be brought in the knowledge, in the saving power that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. And HE changes not. HE is coming through the clouds of glory saith the Spirit of God. HE is coming back very soon.

And ye must tell MY people to be prepared, to be ready. For I AM coming very soon saith the Spirit of God.

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