Word From the Holy Spirit, July 20, 1995

I AM here this night to touch thee, MY ones. I AM here to bless thee! I AM here to arrange thy life, to minister MY love, to touch thee from the very crown of thy head to the very sole of thy feet. For I say if thou shall come to ME this night with an open heart, if thou shall come with ME with an open heart, yea if thou will give ME, I the Lord thy God shall move upon thee in a very special way. I shall move upon thee with MY loving way.

For I have great things for thee, MY people. I have a great task for thee MY people. And I challenge thee tonight. It will be an exciting task, saith the Spirit of God. It will be not a wishy-washy experience. But, it will be exciting. It will be blessed by ME, saith the Spirit of God.

And I say, if thou shall come close to ME, and allow MY Spirit to be upon thee, thou shalt be on a high that thou hast never been. And thou shall feel the move of MY Spirit within thy bosom. And I the Lord thy God shall prosper thee. And I say I will move upon MY people. I AM calling forth a people this night that will mean business.

I say that thou would go into thy churches, into thy places of ministry. And thou shall be a blessed person. And thou shall minister to even those where I send thee. And thou shall be blessed by ME. For I say it is up to thee, MY people, IF thou shall call upon ME, and IF thou shall kneel thy knee to ME this night. And I say, yes, IF thou will even repent of all the things, and come to ME with an open heart, I shall give thee a new slate, and it will be clean. Yes, like a sheet, it will be as white as snow. And I shall put all those sins in the sea of forgetfulness, and they will not be remembered, no more. And I shall fill thee with MY Holy Ghost. And MY Holy Ghost shall be upon thee in a way that thou would be an overcomer.

I say, it is impossible, saith the Spirit of God, to overcome in thine own flesh, because thou cannot come against the powers of darkness in thyself. But I say: MY Holy Ghost that lives within thee [can]!

I say I AM looking for just a people that will open their heart to ME, open their heart to MY Spirit. And MY Spirit will make residence within thee. And HE will lead thee. And HE will guide thee. I will lead thee, saith the Spirit of God. I shall move upon thee! And I shall minister to thee. And I say, thou shall not be afraid by the terrors by day, neither the arrows that fly by night, nor the destruction that wasteth at noon day. And I say, though all the imps of hell would come against thee: I say, even one of thee could put them all to a flight! For I have given thee power!

And I say, fear not the enemy that can destroy thy body. But I say, fear ME who could destroy body and soul. And I say for he [the enemy] cannot even touch thee unless I allow him to. And I say, if I allow it, yea, I will be with thee! And even if I would take thy life I would give thee a greater life!

For I AM here this day. I say thou will be a winner this night if thou shall allow MY presence to be upon thee. For, I shall fill thy cup with overflowing. And I shall anoint thee from the very crown of thy head to the very sole of thy feet.

For I say perilous times are before this World. I say there is times. The elements are changing! I say the weather will change. And I say very shortly there shall be whoredoms of devils that are going to abound to this World. They are coming in, yea, even now.

But I AM calling forth a people that can defend themselves, and defend MY cross, defend ME and through that I shall have a people. And, I shall have a peculiar people. And those people will NOT, no longer, kneel their knees to darkness. They will no longer be plagued with the power of the enemy. And they shall no longer run, and take tail when the enemy pursues them. But rather, they will stand and do battle!

And I say, the enemy will be defeated. For I AM giving thee, that MY strength is with thee. MY peace is upon thee. And MY blessings shall be upon thee forevermore. And I shall guide thee, as I say, as that ONE, as The Star from Heaven, even that star that you see. I will guide thee. And MY presence will be upon thee in an overpowering way. And thou shall know in thy heart that I AM with thee. For I will give thee that assurance that I will never leave thee. I will never forsake thee.

But I say, MY people are living in a way that is far from ME. And I AM calling forth a people that will surrender and look to ME. And I will bless them. And I will give them a strength. And I shall anoint them. And I shall give them a visitation of MY Spirit. Yea, for now and unto the time that you stand before ME in MY presence. And I will keep thee MY ones from this day to the time that you stand before MY presence at that wedding supper.

But I say in that time be ready, for I AM coming through the clouds of glory. And I AM coming very soon. And I say MY people must be a prepared people. MY people must be a ready people. MY people must prosper in the Spirit. They must be a prosperous people in the Spirit of God, that they would know ME and know MY heart, they would know ME and MY wishes. For I will speak through them as only I can to them.

Come MY people, I loveth thee. For I say around about thee thou can see those that need the touch. Thou can see those that are walking very disturbed, very perplexed. They are very moved upon by the powers of darkness, even though they have known MY Name. And I say they need ME! They need a new countenance with ME. They need a new touch from ME, saith the Spirit of God.

Minister to those. Touch them. Pray for them. Pray without ceasing. Quench not MY Spirit. And use the ability that I have given thee. And that is that thou would have a ready mind, that thou would follow MY leadings. Seek MY face, for I loveth thee MY people.

A Message for a believer, from the Lord by the HOLY SPIRIT 7/20/95

For I AM here. And I say there is many times when thou hast felt alone; for even when thou hast felt rejected. But remember: I AM with thee. And I will never leave thee MY one, for I loveth thee. I say expound thyself to ME. Come close to ME. I say I have more to give to thee than what thou has.

Open thy heart tonight and I shall fill thee with overflowing of MY blessings. And I shall create within thee a right heart. And I will put a right spirit within thee. And I shall anoint thee, forevermore. Come MY one, for I have a work for thee. I say many need to hear this message which was spoken tonight. For I shall give thee MY strength. And I shall visit thee that thou would speak with MY authority, thou would speak with the move of MY mighty hand upon thee.

For C____ by the HOLY SPIRIT 7/20/95

I have not left thee. And I say that calling that I have called thee, yea, when thou was young. That calling is still there. And I have not forgot saith the Spirit of God. But I have given thee tutorship right now. And I say thou art learning. And I say very shortly thou shalt go forth. And I shall use thee. And MY blessings shall be upon thee. And thou will speak MY words and thou shall speak MY anointing. And I have not forgotten about thee MY son. For all things are under MY control. I AM here tonight, even thy wife is under MY control. And I have given thee that ministry. And I shall move upon thee in that ministry, together, saith the Spirit of God.

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