Word from the Holy Spirit Concerning the work God is Raising UP, July 16, 1995

I AM here this day saith the Spirit of God. For I say, MY men, read this day from the Spirit of God. I say MY people, if the structure is wrong the building will fall. And I say, the structure of MY ministries even in this City is wrong, not upon the solid rock. It is NOT upon that solid rock. It is on sand. It is on the shifting sand.

And I say very soon you are going to see a fall saith the Spirit of God. For I AM calling those this day. I say MY people are so claddly [scantily] dressed, even their attire is so willful. And I say their words are so willful also. I say they don’t even look like ME. They don’t act like ME. They don’t understand ME.

And I say, MY synagogues, MY churches, I say are geared for those type of people. And I say the allurement for that is positive. It is positive! They want those type of people. And those type of people come in and they receive them with gladness. And there is no physical change. There is no spiritual change; a small change to some degree. And I say the organization becomes the master. The organization becomes the leader.

And I say this day, many are under that bondage. Many are under that curse. But I wish for MY church, *MY* CHURCH, to be under girded by the power of the Holy Spirit. I wish that MY people would understand that I use MY Spirit, the Holy Ghost, to touch MY people, to speak to MY people, to prophecy to MY people, to show them MY ways.

Am I not able to show thee even dates and times when things shall come to pass? Am I not able to bring these things to fruition? Am I not able to scatter those that need to be scattered? Am I not able to control those who need to be controlled? Am not I able to keep that one that needs to be kept? Am not I able to save that one that is able to be saved? But I say the modern way is that man is under control.

And it says that he takes MY Word and he gleans from MY Word. And I say this is what is not correct: they glean from MY Word, but they will not allow MY Spirit to be the leader. They allow their own conscience, their own precepts, their own thoughts, their own abilities to be the controlling factor. And I say through THAT there is a very fleshly ministry.

And I say they are even learning to prophecy, they are even learning to do these great works, and not by MY Spirit! And I say those are damnable! And I say they bring problems to MY people. And MY people that come; they want so much in these last days. They are wanting, but they are not receiving.

And I say MY people are hungry. And MY people are very anemic. They cannot hear. And they cannot hear MY words. And I say I AM speaking very powerfully, but MY church does not hear it. MY church does not sense it. They do not understand that MY coming is very soon; that I already prepared for them a mansion for eternity. And there is also going to be a time of a thousand years saith the Spirit of God when MY people are going to reign as kings and priests. And they are going to do a wonderful work for that time.

And I say at the end of that time there shall be another short time of tempting. Temptation shall be upon this World. And I say at that time those that are born, through this time, they shall have to take that Name of Jesus Christ or be eternally lost. And I say the son of perdition will be turned out at that time, for a short time. But I say very soon he is going to be retained in that pit. And for those years.

And I say MY people are arranging themselves now, because these that come forth shall be MY leaders. And I say it does not even go, for many will say in that day “have not I done Thy works, have not I walked?” And HE says, “ye workers of iniquity, I know ye not!”

I say, this day many people are looking for the things of the flesh. I say miracles, and they are looking for miracles, they are looking for the things that appease the body. But I say even greater is that, is THIS Spirit, the soul of MY people.

The soul of MY people is dying. Many of MY people, they are afraid. They have the spirit of fear. They have the spirit of anger. They have the spirit of witchcraft. They have the spirit of divination. They have the spirit of the anti-Christ, many of them, because they don’t know ME. And I AM here this day to speak to MY men, that there is a problem around this City.

And thou must avenge them. Thou must go forth and do MY work and be an evangelist, be a prophet, be a pastor, be a teacher. Oh hallelujah, be an apostle, to set up a new church that has never been set up, setting up a new work that has never been set up. And that is what an apostle does saith the Spirit of God.

An apostle starts forth that work. And I say it is needful this day that thou would see this vision. And this vision is very needful in this Land. And I say when doing that thou shall see the moving of MY Mighty Spirit. Thou shall see wheelchairs that come in and they will be as in Benny Hinn. They will not even touch and they will be healed in the process of coming forward.

But, I AM looking for a peculiar people. Yes, I AM looking for a peculiar people, a different people, not a special people, but a different people, a people that will fear ME and fear not man. And they will have the controlling power of MY Holy Ghost within them. And that Spirit shall be at MY people’s disposal 24 hours a day.

In that time you shall call upon ME and I will answer thee. I AM calling for a people, right now, that will refrain from the things of this World. I AM giving them a time, a space, that they might retain and gain the ground that they have lost, that they might penetrate the hearts of mankind that is so hard, and this wicked way, in this wicked World, that those would be sent forth that these would be changed by the power of MY Spirit. They would not be eternally lost. But, they would be eternally saved for ever and ever and ever.

I have given thee a hard job. I have given thee a hard commission. But, I will go with thee. And I say, fret not thyself because of evil doers. Be not concerned about those round about thee no longer. But I have called thee for a ministry. And it is upon thy shoulders! And upon this I shall build MY church. And I say the gates of Hell will not come against it.

I say if thou shall stand by faith and believe this day: I AM able. Am I not able to do a work? Is that not how I set upon thy hearts? There is a wrong spirit within MY land. And I want to bring this forth: MY SPIRIT as a gentle spirit. I AM a gentle shepherd. I AM a loving shepherd. I AM HE that liveth. But also I AM very concerned. And I AM very jealous over MY people that are far from ME this day.

And I want thee to regain that ground, to take over which has been lost that they might be eternally saved. For MY soul, MY heart longs for these people. MY heart longs for these ones that have once known ME. My heart longs for the love and attention of those ones that have once loved ME. And this day they are far from ME, MY heart!

But, I cannot reach them unless thou will go into the ministry, unless thou will be obedient to MY Spirit. And if thou shall be obedient to MY Spirit I will go with thee, and I shall direct thee, and I shall cause thee that thou would not hear the things of this World no longer. Thou would not even be concerned about the powers of darkness. But thou would be in continuous communication with ME!

And with THAT, I the Lord thy God shall put MY approval upon thy lives. And I shall visit thee. And I shall prosper thee. And I say do not even fear about taking a church or a building, I the Lord thy God shall give thee even greater things, IF thou shall step out by faith, and believe that I AM a rewarder to those that diligently seek ME. For I have given thee a great calling, a great ministry.

It is more and more than one man, saith the Spirit of God. This is more than one person. And that is why these Thursday nights have come to pass saith the Spirit of God, to these people. And MY men, thou must tell these it is for all of them! It is for them to sharpen their spirit that they might regain that ground. For they have a ministry for ME. Yes, they have a ministry for ME to do in the works that I cannot do saith the Spirit of God.

I have called thee that thou would go out and fashion themselves as a man but through that fashioning thou would be filled with MY glory. And thou would not listen to the ways of men, even though thou art a man. But thou would be filled with MY Spirit. And thou would respect MY laws. And thou would respect MY wishes and MY wants and I the Lord thy God, through respecting ME, I the Lord thy God shall deliver thee and I shall give the peace as a mighty river.

I shall restore thee as the canker worm has taken from thee. And I shall give thee a new inheritance that fades not away. And I shall give thee a new peace that will never end. And I shall give thee a greatness, a faith that thou shall believe and through that belief that many things shall be accomplished. And through that faith ye shall see healings. Through that faith ye shall see deliverance. And you will not, no longer, but you will walk anointed in MY presence.

For MY cup runneth over this day to fill thee to overflowing. For I say there is nothing impossible to those that believe, and especially in this last days. For I say for those that will seek ME, I the Lord thy God shall under gird them a thousand times over. And I shall bless them a thousand times.

I say I know the powers of darkness. I AM asking thee to do a work that has never been done. I AM asking thee to do a work that many don’t even understand. And they will not understand it until it comes to pass. But they will see. And I say many pastors will change and they will have a change of heart and they will have a visitation of MY Spirit if thou shall be faithful.

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