Word from the Holy Spirit, July 6, 1995

For I AM HE that liveth, and I AM HE that hath an appointment with each one of thee this night. For I say there is an appointed time for each one of thee that thou would walk in victory. That thou would not, no longer, be defeated. That thou would walk being blessed by ME saith the Spirit of God.

For I have called thee that thou might have a happy countenance, that thou might be delighted in the things that I have done within thee. And the joy would be within thy bosom, in thy spirit, in thy whole livelihood. And where thou would go, they would see the joy of the Lord. They would see MY countenance within thee MY beloved.

For I have called thee that thou would no longer just be holy, but thou would have MY joy, and thou would have MY peace within thee. And I say the radiance of MY Spirit would be upon thee. And they could see ME within thee. And that is what I wish within MY people, that they might come out from this World, that they would no longer be tainted by the powers of darkness. But, they would come into the power of MY glory. And they would be so full of MY Spirit that MY joy would be in their lives in a very powerful way, a very special way.

And they would receive the strength, that they would walk in victory every day. And they would not be, no longer, discouraged. But they would walk in encouragement to those ones round about them. And they would lift up those that need that touch. This night be open, this night. For I AM here this night to speak to hearts. Open thy hearts this night. Receive ME with gladness. I say, do not come against ME. Do not come against the one [the man] that would speak. But it is ME that wants to speak in thy hearts.

For I AM here this night that thou would do a work in this City, within this Valley, within this region, that MY people might go out and flourish like the flowers. But, I say that is only for a season. And I say, for I AM going to do a fast and a short work, saith the Spirit of God. For MY people must prepare at this moment, but I say the days of evil are very present, and they are coming forth.

But, on MY people, that those will ask ME, yea liberally, I the Lord thy God will grant to them a mighty blessing. And they will not be able to contain that which I give to them. MY people must come now! They must come and seek MY face. They must call upon ME. And they must pray and seek MY face in every area. And they must work out their salvation with fear and tremblingness. And doing that I shall bring them strength. And they shall receive a power in this last days that they shall even endure when the perilous times are here.

I say if that day were not shortened, did not MY word say, that the very elect would not be able to be saved? That I have granted this day that MY people would walk in the Holy Ghost. They would walk in MY Spirit. And they would not fulfill the lusts of the flesh, no longer. But they would walk in victory by MY Spirit saith the Spirit of God.

[A second word was given in that meeting.]

Be not afraid. Be not afraid for I the Lord thy God loveth thee. For I loveth thee with an everlasting love. I have loved thee from the very foundation of this World. I have known thee even before thou wast born. I have known this day, before this time. I have known thee afar off. And I know thee now! And I will never leave thee MY ones. I will never forsake thee.

For those that will ask of ME, I the Lord thy God shall come in their lives. And I shall help them. I say it is MY desire to fill MY people with MY Spirit. It is MY desire to fill MY people that their cup would be running with MY blessings.

I AM here this night to bless thee, to strengthen thee, that I should give thee peace as a mighty river, that thou would flow as a mighty artesian well that would flow upon this World, that thou would bring forth a blessing upon the World that thou livest in. That when thou prayeth thy prayers would be answered, that thou would be led by ME. And thou would do MY works that I would move upon thee in a great, a powerful way.

MY people, be not afraid of this World. Be afraid of ME. Have a holy fear of ME, because godly fear is the beginning of wisdom, saith the Spirit of God. For MY people must realize that I AM HE that loveth them. But I say the enemy comes to destroy thee. He comes to take away that which I have blessed thee with, that inheritance that I have given thee. He wants to take away that inheritance. He wants to take away thy joy. He wants to take away thy peace. He wants to take away thy healing, thy strength that I have given thee.

But I say thou must fight that good fight of faith. Thou must work out thy salvation with fear and with tremblingness. Thou must pray and seek MY face. Thou must call upon ME. And I the Lord thy God shall do a great work if thou shall call upon ME. For I AM very sympathetic with MY people. I AM very understanding. I know about thee. I understand thy ways. I understand the hardship thou hast gone through. And I say, I would not be a just God, saith the Spirit of God, if I did not feel for thee. I feel for thee MY people when thou goest through hard times.

But I say it is very joyous when I see thou goes forth and thou doest still stand forth as a man, and thou has not kneeled thy knee to evil. But thou hast stood strong. And thou hast stood MY face, and thou has stood upon the solid rock. And I say, through that standing I have made thee strong. And at that time, I lift thee up in the heavenly places, and I take thee out of those positions, many times. As thou would stand in the short while, I the Lord thy God come down and I under gird thee with MY mighty winds. I under gird thee with MY angels.

For I say, I hath given thee MY angels. And if thou will pray and seek MY face, it is MY delight for MY blessings to be upon thee forevermore, that I would walk by thy side continually. Study MY Word. Pray without ceasing. Pray in MY Spirit. And I the Lord thy God say believe for great things. I say, MY people, believe for great things! Believe in ME! Have a trust in ME that I AM able to do great and mighty things. And I say if thou can believe in thy heart, I the Lord thy God shall say to this mountain it shall be moved. That thou shall speak, I the Lord thy God shall answer thee.

And I shall do great and mighty things through thee MY people. Call upon ME! Search ME! I say, for those that will search for ME, they shall be found! Call upon ME and I will answer thee. Come close to ME! Desire ME! And I the Lord thy God shall minister unto thee.

I say, through the times of affliction, when the enemy comes against thee, I say pray at that time. Pray! Call upon ME! Meditate upon ME! Call upon ME! Be thankful to ME, thankful for the things that I have given you. Be thankful for the provisions I have given you, thankful for thy salvation. Be thankful for thy home that I have given thee, thankful for the Holy Ghost that I have given thee. Be thankful, with a thankful heart, for all the things that I have given thee.

And with that thou will expand thy growth. And thou shall grow into a greater and greater person. Thou shall grow in the visitation of MY Spirit. One day I shall use thee MY ones for I AM coming very soon. MY people must apply themselves NOW, because NOW is the time.

NOW is the day of salvation. For NOW is the day of MY coming. And MY people must plan for eternity. You must tell others around about thee that MY people must plan for eternity. For I have given thee an eternal home. I have given thee a blessing that will not be removed from thee. I have given thee a strength that I would not remove from thee. And while you are here, that MY blessings should be upon thee and I will encourage thee this day!

I say the enemy, even before thou would get home, he will come against thee. But now you will have to speak to him. Say that you are MINE, that you are MY people saith the Spirit of God. And you tell him that I have given thee victory. And I will give thee victory over him, that thou would rebuke him in MY Name.

And that thou shall call upon MY Name and I will answer thee. I say, draw nigh unto ME and I will draw nigh unto you. Resist the devil and he shall flee from you. For it is MY privilege to bless thee MY people. Come close, come close and seek MY face. For I hear their cries. I hear thy petition. I hear thee. I hear thee tonight. Come close, come close MY people.

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