Words From the Holy Spirit, June 29, 1995

For I the Lord thy God am calling forth MY people this night. I AM calling thee because I say the waves of sin hast come upon this Land. I say the waves of destruction have hit the shores of this Land. And I say they have touched even the highest mountain. They have touched the lowest valley. And I say that sin has touched the highest building. That sin has went down in the lowest plain. And that sin has rotated around this World.

And I say the enemy has come in like a flood. He is coming in a time of torment. And I say many of thee this night, encourage yourself because I say this night, you have been fighting the battle here this night MY people. You are fighting the battle.

And I say this night, encourage yourself, encourage yourself! But I say encourage thee because I have given thee power to overcome that power of darkness. And come before ME this night with prayer. Come before ME with prayer and seeking MY face. Call upon ME! For I AM here as a jealous God. I AM here to touch MY people.

For I see MY people, and MY people are not holy. MY people are a haughty people! MY people are self willed people. MY people know their own hearts and they know their own ways. And I say I AM seeking for a people that will allow ME to come into their hearts and lives, and THEY will no longer be the priority of their lives in Jesus Name.

But I the Lord thy God, I AM able to deliver them! But I shall again be like a shepherd to them. And I shall lead them. And they shall walk in MY green pastures. And I shall feed them. I shall bring them by the still waters.

I say the powers of darkness is too hard, too treacherous for the average Christian. I say they need ME this day. And they need MY Spirit! They need MY counsel! They need MY direction.

Come MY people! I say let MY joy be thy strength! Allow MY Word to speak within thy heart. Allow MY Spirit to pray in thy being. Allow ME to pray in thy heart and in thy life, until I become a changed individual, that thou would allow MY glory to be expanded within thy being. That thou might radiate throughout the world, that wherever thou would go that they would see Jesus. They would see the visitation of MY Spirit upon thee, MY people. And they would see the radiance of MY glory around thee. And they would see the electricity of MY Spirit upon thee MY people.

For I say many of MY people are bringing MY people down! I say, many of MY people, that say they are Mine, they do not have that glow! They have lost their first love. And I say they are found and they are in discouragement! And they are in despair. I say many are very sick. Many are very poorly. And many have lost their way.

But I say this day to rise. And for those that you see in this condition, pray for them and tell them the good news. Tell them that I AM at the right hand. Tell them that I want to do a great work in this last day. Tell them that I AM HE that liveth. Tell them that I AM able to bring the powers of darkness down, that has brought them down by a seducing spirit.

I AM able to untie that powers of darkness that they might be delivered and they might be set free. For I say that many of MY people are in bondage this night, even MY pastors are in bondage saith the Spirit of God. They have once had MY Spirit, but this day they have forgotten. They do not even remember, and their eyes have been blinded, there eyes!

And through that, they are going through torment times. And I say they are asked to do great things that they cannot do within their selves. And I say their hearts are heavy. They do not know how to take on the next day. They do not understand. But I say it is easy! Rely on ME! Come and let MY Spirit takeover! Let MY Spirit takeover, bring a new day, a new time, a new time in this dispensation: that MY glory shall come down upon MY people.

And they will no longer suffer persecution. They will no longer suffer under the powers of darkness. But they shall be delivered, and set free. And they will no longer have vexation from the powers of darkness coming against them. But lightly they shall put back those bad spirits from them. And those spirits would be removed out of their sight. I would take those spirits even from those ones. And they will just see clearly that they might be able to worship ME.

And those that will worship ME, their powers of darkness cannot come between. As they see MY glory the enemy cannot come in that center realm. I will destroy him. And I say as long as thou shall worship ME, and call upon MY Name, seek MY face, there is no one that can come against thee! There is no powers of darkness, I say, if thou shalt serve ME and worship ME, and call upon MY Name, and work out thy salvation with fear and tremblingness, and study MY Word, and eat MY Word, and pray without ceasing, pray in the Spirit, I the Lord thy God shall do a work within thee!

And thou will no longer walk with a sad heart. And thou will no longer walk in anger. And I shall deliver thee. And thou shall no longer walk in envy. Thou will no longer walk in jealously. For I shall bless thee. And thou shall be envied by the ones of this World. For I shall give thee a strength upon thee. And I shall dress MY beloved as a holy people.

And it is MY desire in these last days that MY bride shall be dressed in a greater manner. And she shall be whiter than snow. And I say “YES,” those shall be around and they will be envious of her. But I say, unless they pay the price they cannot know as she knows ME. Hallelujah!

She knows ME, and MY bride is getting ready. MY bride is prepared. And MY bride is being made ready. And that bride is coming out from among this World. And MY bride is having that garment of praise. MY bride knows MY voice. And MY bride is waiting eagerly that I might return. But the wedding feast is very close to coming to pass. For I AM making that time very soon. And I see MY bride. And MY bride must need to be ready. And MY bride must be spotless! And MY bride must know ME, MUST KNOW *ME*!

MY bride must know *ME* in an intimate way BEFORE the marriage. She must know ME! Not in a wrong way saith the Spirit of God. But she must know ME. Many of MY people don’t even know ME! They do not know ME! They are far from ME! And I want to know MY people. I want to know. I want to be in their hearts and their lives. I want to be partakers with them. I want to have fellowship with them. I want to be with them, and them with ME.

And I the Lord thy God would grant to them the Windows Of Heaven. And I would pour upon them blessing that they would not be able to contain. And I the Lord thy God, as they would pray for the sick, they shall recover. And when they pray against the powers of darkness, those darknesses would be put back and they shall be bound and cast out, forever. And they shall be cast [out] as thou would speak. It shall be done.

And thou shall say to this mountain, “Be thou removed,” and it shall be removed. For I AM calling forth a peculiar people, a zealous people, a holy people that will walk in MY Spirit and will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. And I shall do a great work within those that will pay the price, that MY people were not haughty.

And MY people, come and walk in humbleness and not pride, and walk in love. I the Lord thy God shall perfect that work within them! And I shall bring it to pass. For I loveth thee MY people saith the Spirit of God.

[Second word that night]

It is MY desire to love you. Come to ME. Come to ME! Ask ME and I shall give thee plenty. If thou will ask ME for a fish, I will not give thee a stone. I say if thou ask for bread, I will not give thee something that is not worthy of that. I will even give thee a greater gift. I shall give thee even greater than thou shall ask.

Come to ME this night. Ask of ME. Seek MY face. For it is MY desire to bless thee. I say to thee, the enemy is even at the door. And I say he troubles thee. But, I AM here. I shall remove that troubled water. And I shall give thee peace and there will be no more tidal waves. There will be no more rough ways. I the Lord shall give thee a smoother voyage. And thou shall walk in MY peace.

And, yes, I say the enemy is able to come against thee. But, I say, he is powerless as long as thou would walk in MY glory. MY people have not learned that. They realize they have had a bad fight. But it is because they are doing it within their flesh. Well I say, if they will do it in the Spirit, I the Lord thy God shall keep them in the hollow of MY hand. It is MY delight to touch them. MY beloved, come close to MY ones.

But I say, there is a mission field round about thee. There is many that need this word, saith the Spirit of God, but they will not hear. I have called them, but they will not hear. And I have told them and they will not receive. But I AM near this night to thee MY ones. Thou art received.

And I have given thee MY apple of MY eye. And I have given thee MY joy. And I the Lord thy God have given thee MY strength. And I say, what thou doest with it is in thy hands. Here tonight I have committed these things unto thee this night. Keep them! And I shall bless thee. And I shall inspire thee. For I loveth thee MY ones forevermore.

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