Word from the Holy Spirit, April 2, 1995

…and I AM here to testify of ME, saith the Spirit of God. I AM here by MY people. But, come boldly to ME. MY arms are stretched outward to them this day. And I AM here with a loving heart.

Yea, I’ve seen the sorrows of MY people. I’ve seen the despair of the power of the enemy that has them [some of God’s people] bound; yea, even MY people that have MY Name. And they socialize with MY people. Yea they even socialize in My temples. But yea, for they are bound.

And I this day am here to tell thee that thou art able to give them strength, that thou would go even to those round about thee, that shades through thy hands, through thy anointing. That thou would go to that one, to the right, to the left. And I would give thee strength that they might be set free.

For I say this day, there is living–a time of despair, a time of Job’s troubles that has never been, saith the Spirit of God. There is a time before thee, that the men’s hearts have hardened themselves.

And they have come against My Spirit, saith the Spirit of God. For, yea, many that even have acknowledged MY Name, yes and even have basked in MY Holy Ghost. Yea, this day they are far from ME. They have gone back in their own sinful way. And they have walked back. And yes, they still proclaim MY Name. But, I say, in reality they are lying to ME. They are no longer part of ME, because they do not allow MY Spirit to be in them.

And they’ve been filled with the fruits of the enemy. And they have had a valley, and an area of darkness, saith the Spirit of God.

And I AM not here, today, to bring confusion here, saith the Spirit of God. But, to let you know that I AM able to strengthen thee. And I say, if there is something wrong with thee this day, I AM here to deliver thee, saith the Spirit of God, to set thee free, to bring MY anointing upon thee.

Yea, if thou shalt open thy heart this day, and cry to ME, yea it is MY delight to minister to thee, to set thee free, that thou might be a new man, a new woman, walking in MY Spirit, in MY love and MY compassion. For I say that is why in these last days, didn’t MY Word say thou must pray without ceasing? Is that not what MY words says, that thou must pray in the Spirit, that thou would not fulfill the lusts of the flesh? Is not THAT why I have commanded this sentence from God? Did not I ordain these words? Did I not ordain MY Word? Did not MY word say it, saith the Spirit of God? For MY Word is truth!

And I say when those come to that day and stand before ME in MY presence, and they will say they acknowledge ME, I will say as MY Word says, “Ye workers of iniquity, I know you not!”, saith the Spirit of God. For you have transgressed the gift, the carrier of MY Spirit. [The Holy Ghost is the carrier of all anointing, of God’s Words even.] Those have come against that One, MY loving One, MY Spirit, that I have given, that you might live; HE might live within MY people.

For I am calling thee this day that thou might preform a fast, that thou might come and seek MY face, and thou might come close to ME. For I the Lord thy God shall minister MY love upon you. And would fill thee, and I shall anoint thee and I shall instruct thee.

[A second message was given on the same day.]

I say the enemy is coming in like a flood. Yea, and he is letting many of MY people believe that what is going on in MY presence in this place right now, in MY presence, is not from ME. But I say MY Spirit is from ME! And this is of ME, saith the Spirit of God. For they have brought confusion on MY people.

And they are telling MY people there is nothing to MY Holy Ghost. And I say that is where the power is. And they are being deceived, saith the Spirit of God. And I say, I AM the judge. I AM the keeper. But thou, if thou wilt come and pour out thy spirit to ME, and Myself, I the Lord thy God shall fill thee with MY Spirit!

For I say the human spirit, yes every man, every woman has that human spirit. And I say that spirit must die. It has to be MY Spirit that is reborn within them. They are born and reborn, yea they shall grow. And I say, that old tongue, that old man of sin will fall off from them. And I say, that hatred they once had will fall from them. And I say that lustful heart they have, it will no longer be there. For they will desire their own wife, their own husband. They will admire not another man, another woman.

And they will desire, nor envy no longer. They will no longer walk in pride. For MY people must come close to ME and realize that I am the keeper of their soul. I say, as it was in the days of Daniel, that I provided for him. I will provide for you this day, saith the Spirit of God. For it is MY delight to touch MY people, to anoint them, to bring them into correction, for I AM the righteous God!

And I say, would I not be a righteous Father if I had not chastised those whom I loveth? Yea, I said MY Word even declares: yea they would be as a bastard, saith the Spirit of God. But I say, it is ME! Am I not ONE? And I shall bring that child through. And I shall correct that one if they shall come to ME. And I shall lead them in the truth. And I shall lead them beside the still waters. And they shall be restored by ME. And they shall have power and they shall have the anointing and MY blessing shall be upon it. And I shall keep them through the times of discouragement. And I shall keep them in the times of trouble. And I shall lead them through. And they shall no longer be discouraged. And they shall see MY presence. And they shall see MY glory. And they shall learn to walk in MY Spirit. And they shall not fulfill the lusts, no longer! And they shall move as I move, saith the Spirit of God.

And I shall bring forth MY judgment upon those this day, saith the Spirit of God. For I AM here that ye know that I AM real. I AM here to touch thee, to bless thee. Yea I AM here to move upon thee in the wonderful Name of Jesus.

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