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Bro. Freedom’s Departing Message

This is the last message Brother Freedom proclaimed.  It was given on Sunday, November 29, 2015.    On December 14, 2015 he was swept up by the angels and taken to glory.   In this message he mentions the phrase “have a good day.”  This was not only one of his favorite sayings, but he is referencing a mighty miracle that occurred when the Lord instructed him to say to an angry woman, who came into the repair shop, ONLY those four words and nothing else.  And through that she was redeemed to God, a glorious salvation.  She was a backslider who had become very bitter.

Brother Freedom was such a prolific preacher that we still have several hundred messages that have not yet been transcribed and/or edited for audio publication.  Many more messages, God willing, are to be uploaded as the months and days ahead come and go.  So keep checking in for more anointed words given to this man of God.  And now please listen to this very short message of about five minutes.  It has important words for us all.

The Tool Box and Buzzards

The Tool Box and Buzzards  20151115

Preached on November 15, 2015

Well yesterday I was out here watching these old buzzards come down, zoom down, pick up, take off.  You know what buzzards do?  They pick up dead things.  Now as I started watching them the Lord started putting in my heart:  that is what the Christians are doing.  They are zooming around.  Until they get saved they are meant to do that.  But after they get saved they are not, no longer, to zoom down and pick up old dead stuff.

And that is what, many times, the Lord put so vividly in my mind.  That is what we do.  We go after dead things.  We should be growing. 
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