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Warning: More Opportunities To Fail

Brother Freedom had an important message and a prophetic word from Heaven, poured forth, in the middle of this message today.  He has just returned from a hospital stay.  He has had some problems with his lungs.  Freedom has the gift of healing, but God’s gifts are not used on yourself.  They are to give away to others.  Freedom has prayed for many and they were healed.  The Lord heard our prayers for him and Freedom is now home and doing much better.  Praise God!!  -brother clint

There is a little bit too much on my mind that is not about the things of this world.  It is about some other things the Lord has got.  I believe HE is coming soon.  We need to be READY.  Brother Clint, I’m just [going to] say a few words this morning.  I don’t feel like it, but I’m going to anyway.
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We Need To Be Ready!

Today Brother Freedom came under the power of God and the following words came forth in a short, but important message to all true believers and those seeking the Lord God.

Through it all the Lord is coming back!  That is what is right!  That’s right!  Just like that.  HE is coming back whether we are ready or not.  HE is coming back.  That is why people are not going to see HIM.  HE is coming through the clouds of glory, and if you are not reserved for HIM ONLY  [you won’t see HIM or go with HIM].   And that is what HE has revealed in the last couple of days, reinforced it.  HE is only coming for those that are ready!  And the message I have been preaching all these years is true.  HE is coming back for those that are ready.  
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