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Harvest Is Coming

Harvest Is Coming

April 19, 2015

The Lord, I know, has really been letting me know that HE is not really in agreement [with] what is going on in the church. I would like to tell just a little bit what the Lord is telling me (tongues comes forth).

[Suddenly the Holy Spirit begins to speak]

Yea, I the Lord thy God am here this day! Remember I AM HE that giveth, taketh away. All things are Mine, says the Spirit of God. But I say the world this day is not, they don’t think anything about the things that are toward the Lord their God. It is all about themselves. That even the church world, it is all about themselves, how they can have crowds; how they can have memberships; how it is all about self. But I am looking for a people who will come beyond that! Because a day is coming soon when harvest is coming. And that is what I wish you to speak upon today: Harvest Is Coming.
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