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Guidelines For Growth

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Scripture: Matthew 6:26-34

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Brother Freedom opens the message reminiscing about the day before when he was ministering at the Rescue Mission and street people were touched by the power of God.

In this message Brother Freedom brings out the fact that God expects growth in our lives. The Word of God tells that fact very clearly in several passages. But this growth in God is a process and it takes time. Probably the most well known passage revealing this truth is in Matthew 25:14 and following, the parable of the talents.

Brother Freedom proclaims that God desires to plan our lives for us. That is HIS best will for our lives. But many people desire to plan their own lives.

We need to be careful what we let into our spirit and what we let out of our spirit.

When we do something that damages our character, in the eyes of people, we also blacken the eyes of Jesus. We harm HIS glorious image. We must be very careful not to do anything that is out of the character of Jesus Christ. We are HIS ambassadors.

We need to put on the inward clothing of the Spirit of God.

All of us, when we enter this world have both good and bad in us. Those who are raised in homes where Jesus Christ is not a part have even more problems with evil. When people come to the Lord and their background is totally void of the things of God they have a steeper mountain to climb. Those born into Christian homes have great advantages when they come to Christ. Their upbringing helps and aids them.

We must abstain from all appearance of evil. That means that we not only don’t do evil, we must not do anything that might confuse others into thinking we are doing anything evil.

We need to look at others by the Spirit of God and not by the reasoning and analysis of this earth. We need the Holy Spirit to help us read other people.

Faith in God is the area we must maintain continually. It is not easy to have faith constantly. It takes the Holy Spirit to help us with continual faith.
We must have great faith in our PARENT, God the Father through Jesus Christ by the help of the Holy Spirit.

Every person needs the re-birth that Jesus can give. But then we need a re-working too. We all come into this world with various issues, hang-ups and problems. We can only deal with one problem at a time. God knows this better than we do. That is why Israel was directed by God to only eliminate one enemy at a time as they cleaned out the Holy Land of pagan peoples. We need to deal with the issue that is before us and not worry about any other problem until we get through the one that is in our face now.

In this message Brother Freedom tells about the trees God directed him to cut in a wind storm. It was against all common sense. But God works in supernatural un-common sense. God, through HIS Spirit, gives direction that is above human understanding.

Also in this message Brother Freedom mentions an angel he saw. Of all things this angel was riding a bicycle wearing unusual clothes and a Robin Hood cap. Then the angel vanished. Brother Freedom has seen several angels during his years of ministry.