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Saturday Breakfast in the School of the Spirit

What the Lord is showing me [is that] the church is like two ranch foreman that are on a ranch. They took the agreement from the owner. The owner says, “Now I want you to run this ranch as I want to run it. I know you are good men, but I want to do this myself. I want you to just let what I say, through you, go out in the various ways, that you might respect my wishes.”

So this one man, he does exactly what the owner says. The other man says [to himself], “You know I would like to run this ranch myself. I’m going to do it for him [the owner]. The owner is going to get more that way.

The second man doesn’t understand that the husbandman already went and he searched out all the climates. He seen what was going to take on all the long forecasts. And this foolish second foreman thought he knew all. So he goes ahead his own way. And he is building this work. And pretty soon, when the end comes there is a calamity because the climate wasn’t like what he thought. And the owner came to the foreman and says, “Why didn’t you go my way?”

“Well,” answers the foolish foreman, “I thought I was doing this for YOU.”

The owner says, “I didn’t tell you to do it that way. I told you that I would be the one: ALWAYS come to me!”

And this is what the church has done. It is doing it’s own thing. It becomes many, many, many pastors. It is their work. It is their calling. They love the prestige. They love the attention of the people. They LOVE the praises. And it is PRIDE within them that is causing this terrible thing to ignite. And it is coming, an epidemic throughout this World.

And this one little nobody over here, is listening to the voice of God. And he is hearing. His plants WILL come forth. And because at the right time they are going to come. And these others [the foolish pastors] are going to dry away. And this is from the Spirit of God.


…Jesus spoke when He was with His disciples. He says that they will go out to proclaim the Gospel. And because they didn’t proclaim the Gospel like they should He says, “Okay, I’ll go out to the streets now. And I really believe that is what this was. And I believe this is that close, that God went out in the streets and they received it not too. But HE did it as a direct promise of what Jesus said. And I believe that. I believe that God wants to touch HIS people. And I believe HIS coming is very, very soon! I believe that HE is at the door. “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” [Luke 21:28]

I was listening to the news. And this man says, “You know, pretty soon there is going to be problems everywhere. There is going to be diseases that we don’t know how to cope with.” And Israel is in a difficult place right now. But also there is a formula that is being layed by the wrong things that germs can come into this Land, but they won’t know how to deal with them. And that is a real scary situation if we don’t have the Lord.

The Bible says, “…look up…your redemption draweth nigh” And it says in Revelations 12:17 that HE will have a “remnant” that God is going to bring out. And I believe that! I believe HE is coming very soon.

I believe HIS Word has been given. And I don’t know why that people don’t want to yield to the Spirit of God. I don’t understand that. I really can’t understand it.

When we had revival, everybody was receiving it. I lived through this. And after a while, I guess the hardness of times came. And pretty soon this revival was no longer there. Then there was CHANGE. And I saw this time after time.

Then the pastor would get to praying. The pastor would say, “Boy, I better bring revival again.” So he would get a call and get an evangelist. And one week, two weeks. Sometimes it took six weeks to break through! But then they would have breakthrough. And people were back in the [right place]. They would be praising God.

We are sort of like, really a lot like Israel. We [in the church] are real similiar to Israel. We are real similiar even though we have been grafted in. We are real similiar in our work habits, our living habits, to our praise, our glory. We get COLD. And then we get HOT. And there is in-between [lukewarm].

And God chooses that we will be hot.


HE has made an inheritance that fades not away reserved in Heaven for us, that we might put on HIS nature. And that is what people have forgotten. HIS nature is given through the Spirit of God! That is the only way we can attain it, through the Spirit.

HE wants to put HIS part of HIM within this old dirty, miry clay, and rebuild us. But it is very transparent. It doesn’t last, like our body is not going to last. This [the working of the Spirit] is also more transparent than our body, actually. And we have to tend to it everyday, taking on the manna of God.

The Manna that was represented back in Israel, that same Manna is God’s Spirit filled people. We have to totally come, daily, and say, “Lord, I can’t make it! I can’t make it, even though YOU fill me with thy precious Holy Spirit, I need a renewing even greater, even more powerful, more blessed than I ever been in my life. I need it for this day! I need a re-touch. that THOU might live in me, that I might be a responsible, a holy vessel, without spot or wrinkle. That I would set my eyes to the hills whence cometh my help. For my help comes from YOU this day. And I will make a joyful noise to the Lord, all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness. Come before HIS presence with singing.”

That is what God’s people need. God wants to orchestrate, as a member of an orchestra that we take that place, that God, the sweet aroma of God will come in through our being. That God says, “Hey, that is MY child! He is on tune! He has proven out, as I direct him, that I will move upon him.”

The Bible says, “…no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly…” before HIM. [See Psalm 84:11] “…greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” [1 John 4:4b] “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” [John 14:27b] “…God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” [2nd Timothy 1:7]

The enemy is coming in. But, like a flood God will raise up a standard against him. Like a flood God will raise up a standard against him! [See Isaiah 59:19. The Spirit of God has shown Brother Freedom that the translators have placed the comma in the wrong place. The comma should be after the word “in,” not after the word “flood.”]

It will be God’s delight to make a “standard.” “…greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” [1 John 4:4b] And God is bringing a poise upon HIS people, a blessing upon HIS people, that HIS people will no longer be mocked. But that those round about, even though they may not come to it, they will say, “I can see something and it is not that man. It is something beyond that man. And it is a good something.”

They won’t know what the “something” is. But we know it is NOT us! It is the Spirit! That we can take NO credit for anything that is going on. All we can say is, “Lord, I thank YOU Lord that you have chosen me. And YOU made me to be acceptable with the calling that you have layed upon me, that I might be blessed for YOU!” That we might be that blessing! And I believe that that’s what God wants!