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Word from the Holy Spirit, April 21, 2001

Behold, I say unto thee MY people. Be not afraid of the things that thou has seen, the things that thou shall see to the times that I shall take thee home. For I say, there is many things that will break the hearts of many people in this World.
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Word from the Holy Spirit, April 7, 2001

I say unto MY people, yea, there is a World around about thee that is walking in darkness. And I say, MY church was given, that MY people would walk as a torch in their hand; that they would walk in darkness and would expel that darkness with that light that is within them. And, they would proclaim MY Word, MY message to this World. For MY church has grown cold in these last hours. I say, the torch has gone out, of many of the hands of MY disciples. Of MY followers, I say this day, that torch is not lit.
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