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Word from the Holy Spirit, March 31, 2001

MY people, thou must come and learn to wait upon your God. Thou must not come unto thine own wishful thinking, or processing the thinking of thy life through thoughts. But I say this day, MY people must come and trust *ME*, because I say before this people, yea those that are in this room, and those round about this World today, are living in very perilous times. I say, you will look to the right, to the left, that you will see that there is lovers of flesh. There is parents that do not really, truly love their children. And vice versa: there is children that do not love their parents.
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Word from the Holy Spirit, March 24, 2001

….I say man in this World and many of my followers do not see that Day coming. But I say, those signs are everywhere, beholding my coming. I say, cannot thou seeth the wickedness that is upon this Land? Does not thou see all the terrible atrocities that is coming this way? I say, there is plagues of damnableness that is coming upon this Land.
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